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The Tire Swing by Zach McClure

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He gazed across
The wind-swept meadow
To a lone tree
Standing there

Its jagged, silhouette
Surrendered ‘neath
A sky more firey embered
Than his flaming hair
Which crowned him then

But it was neither tree nor sky
That stole his youthful eye.
It was the tire swing
Whispering, promising,
“With-me, you can fly!”

The boy lept across the meadow
Like a deer panting for water,
Till at last
He climbed aboard his dream.
His round, black, holed
Flying machine.

Then, holding tight,
And bending to and fro
With all his might
Began to drive
Began to glide against
The sinking sun
Till it was night outside

Across the starry littered sky
Beneath the moon’s soft lullaby
Ascending ever higher
Make believing
He’s a flyer,
He smiles,
As he tips a wing.
He is an aviator.
He is the sky king!
And all because of one,
Old tire swing.


Whatszit called?

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                What is the dot over the i called?







She Wears the Crown Well

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Queen E.She became the Queen of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Her Other Realms and Territories on June 2, 1953. at age 25.  

as per news.bbc.co.uk/cbbcnews:

When she was born in 1926 no-one expected Princess Elizabeth to become Queen.

Her father George was not the King and he didn’t think he ever would be.

George had an older brother called Edward. Because Edward was the eldest son he would get to be King.

 Things changed when Edward fell in love with an American woman. She had already been married and divorced. Because of this she could never be Queen.

Edward gave up the throne so he could marry the woman he loved.

Princess Elizabeth’s father took over the job and became King George VI.

King George led the country through the second world war but in 1952 he died of lung cancer.

Princess Elizabeth was his eldest child. She became Queen Elizabeth II.

Ask Mr. Know it All – Traffic Violations

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What are the top five traffic violations that cause traffic collisions?

According to my source ( The Los Angeles Police Dept.) The five top traffic violations which cause traffic collisions are:

21703 (a) VC
Following too close. 

You must follow the vehicle in front of you a distance that allows you to stop, no matter how quickly that vehicle stops. The three (3) second rule will allow you to easily judge this distance. The three second rule indicates that if you see the vehicle in front of you pass a object (i.e. cross walk line, light pole, etc) you should not pass that same object in less than three seconds.

21453 (a) VC
Failing to stop for red signal lights.
California law recently doubled the fine for red light violations.23152 (a) VC
Driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.

22350 VC
In excess of the posted speed limit, or driving at any speed that is unsafe, based on the conditions present (rain, fog and other conditions may dictate that even the posted speed is not safe.)

21801 (a) VC
Left turns.
A driver may not negotiate a left turn when another vehicle is approaching head on, that is so close as to be a hazard.


Dreams Do Come True

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I am a boy from Hope, Arkansas and she is the Queen of England.

I am a boy from Hope, Arkansas and she is the Queen of England?

I am a boy from Hope, Arkansas and she is the Queen of England!

Robert Bowlin “Maybelle”

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Ralph E. Boy

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REBI made myself sad today thinking about Ralphie.  Yeah, I know, he was just a dog.  Just 16 lbs of wiggling, barking, demanding energy. But he also accepted people without reservation and had no limit to his affection. AND . . . he thought I was the center of the universe, and looked fabulous even when I rolled out of bed tossed and tumbled.  How do I know that he thought that?  Why he told me.  Would a dog lie?   

Ask Myra: Does Hair Color Make a Difference in Tolerance for Pain?

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Myra, why do women with ‘natural’ red hair sometimes need more anesthesia than dark-haired women?


Well Sweetie, from what I’ve read, a mutation in a gene that affects hair color may be to blame. Researchers believe this increased pain sensitivity may make many redheads more anxious about going to the dentist. Men and women with red hair are twice as likely to avoid dental care as people with dark hair, according to a study in The Journal of the American Dental Association.  You Clairol induced redheads have nothing to worry about, except of course that you are Clairol induced redheads. Just kidding, dahling!


When you need answers about your animal’s behavior – aspc.org

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Offer from ASPCA.org

Now you can get pet-behavior advice from ASPCA experts 24 hours a day. Our nationally recognized team of animal behaviorists offers possible solutions to a wide range of issues at no charge. With our easy-to-use database, you’ll receive step-by-step advice—without leaving home.

Is your pet driving you crazy? Many behaviors that are completely natural for dogs and cats—like barking or meowing, scratching, biting, digging, chewing, escaping and running away—just don’t go over well with their human companions. Changing or managing those undesirable behaviors isn’t always easy. Although advice abounds in the form of popular TV shows, books and well-meaning friends and family, the best and most efficient way to resolve your pet’s behavior problems is to seek assistance from a qualified professional. Professionals in the pet-behavior field fall into four main categories:

  • Trainers
  • Certified Professional Dog Trainers (CPDTs)
  • Applied animal behaviorists, Certified Applied Animal Behaviorists (CAABs) and Associate Certified Applied Animal Behaviorists (ACAABs)
  • Diplomates of the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists (Dip ACVBs)

 to learn about each category, go to aspca.org

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