God Still Performs Miracles

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In 1981 Dodie Osteen, wife of the late John Osteen and mother of Joel Osteen, was diagnosed in Houston with metastatic cancer of the liver.  Doctors told her and her family there was nothing they could do for her and she had only a few weeks to live. They offered her chemo but with no hope of cure or survival.  She said to the Doctors, “This is what faith is for!”  She left the doctors’ care and turned to God for a miracle.

 33 years later she is celebrating her 81st birthday and looks great.  If you want to hear the experience from Dodie herself, go to:


Be careful now . . .

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Oh Yeah, this could do it!

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Helen Keller

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I have wondered if Helen Keller ever knew a special love.  Since I now know she has had companion dogs, I know the answer is yes.  If you have never known love, I suggest you get a dog. It perhaps is the most unconditional love one can find in this life. Besides the love of God of course.


Love my sister Norma Sue’s sense of humor . . .

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When niece Lori and family came home they found the inflated halloween mummy had toppled over.  Lori’s mother, Norma Sue, seeing the humor in it  had added a note:

“I’ve fallen . . . & I can’t get up.”

Something different for breakfast? This sounds good to me.

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Lay the Baked Potato on it’s side, cut off the top 3rd – then hollow out with a spoon. Put a little butter inside and fill with Eggs, Bacon, and Cheese (and any other toppings you like) Then bake at 350 for about 20-25 minutes until the eggs are set! Done!

More details here – http://myfridgefood.com/recipes/breakfast/breakfast-potatoes/

That Champagne diet is really working for the neighbors.

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Someone must have asked!

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From the Lens of Bill Stice – Beautiful Munising Falls

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1654419_848077368556379_2272737021674868120_n“Munising Falls on the Pictured 293367_245847018779420_2765964_nRocks National Lakeshore in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. I love the variety of colors.”
Bill Stice


Finding out if it’s really bullet proof. . . Now THAT’s scary!

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