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Dear Friends,

Mama had a beautiful ‘Homegoing’ today. Jamie organized the service and music just as Mama would have wanted it.Tim, Alice and I got to ‘be there’ thanks to nieces Mandy and Suzanne who connected us by Facetime.

Pastor Randy Scott spoke of Mama’s family, her faith and her future. Pastor Terry Miller shared the close connection that he had with Mama, as well as the lifelong friendship between his grandparents and my parents.

Both pastors clearly appreciated the woman of faith and family that was our Mother. She was a blessing in life and in her memory she continues to bless us.

We thank you God for Mama, we know she is now with You.

Treasured Memories

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Mama-ME-225x300 I had a wonderful relationship with Mama and it will remain with me forever. This selfie was taken when she was 101. I was there for 6 wks to be with Jamie during his illness, but got to visit Mama every day. She couldn’t hear well so I wrote questions on a white board and she entertained me with her answers. She kept me laughing. It was a great gift to me and I treasure those times. Today, during her funeral service, I will be honoring her in my home, in an attitude of prayer and remembrance of a woman I was blessed to call “Mama”.

Easter: Take Time to Remember What it is all About.

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It is time to contemplate the horrific crucifixion, and the glorious resurrection; three
days that would change the world forever.

It is sobering to think of the death of our Lord.  If he had remained in that grave, if it had been the end, then we would have no hope of an eternal life.  But he lived.

More than 500 people saw him at one time.  The disciples saw him, and talked with the resurrected Jesus. Because they had no doubt, they lived the rest of their lives devoted to him and all but John died a martyr’s death, refusing to deny him.  

Join me in prayer: Almighty God, our Father, it is hard for us to comprehend how it is possible for a man to be all man and all God, but we believe Jesus was that person.  God incarnate. We believe he was resurrected from the grave and lived, returning to you as he said he would.  We believe his Holy Spirit resides within us when we accept him as our Lord.  We bow our hearts to him with love, Amen

Eastern Arkansas Audubon Society

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A New Chapter of the Audubon Society  started in Eastern Arkansas in 2011. It is wonderful to see the beautiful birds of that beautiful state.

This is the Cattle Egret, Helena, Arkansas.

Photo: Susan Winston

Gathering of the Family

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My family is gathering in Arkansas for my Mother’s farewell tomorrow.  I want to be there with them but I can’t.  

My trip home involves a couple of hours at the airport, then the 4  plus hours (if nonstop)  to get to Memphis, then another couple of hours by car to get to my hometown.  When I am well it is just a long day and I’ve done it more times than I can count, but feeling sick, an airplane is no place to be.

I’ve had a recurring problem that has remained undiagnosed and it flared up when I was in MO with my sister a couple of weeks ago.  This time it has got the upper hand for now and I have to pay attention.

All my life I have been close at heart with my Mama, even at two thousand miles away.  That will never change.  There is a category on this website called, “I love you Mama”. Every room in my house has pictures of her.  She will always remain with me.

I know one of the songs she wanted sung was “Till The Storm Passes By”.  Vestal Goodman was one of her favorite singers, so I have posted it.  It makes me smile to think that Mama and Vestal may be sitting side by side now, sharing those wonderful songs of praise.

Thank you Father for the promise of Glory.

One of Mama’s Favorite Songs

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Why is such a violent day called, ‘Good Friday’?

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Good Friday is the day commemorating Jesus Christ’s death on the Cross, which is probably to be dated April 3, A.D. 33.
In the liturgical calendar of the Western church, it is the Friday before Easter.
The exact origins of the name are uncertain; some argue it stems from the use of “Good” as an adjective applied to the day, which is an Old English synonym for “holy.”
Others argue it is a corruption of the word “God,” in the same way that “Good Bye” comes from the phrase “God be with ye.” Christians believe the day is “good” because the message of Easter is of Christ’s victory over sin, death, and the devil; as the Apostle Paul wrote: “Christ our Passover is sacrificed for us.”
It is believed that, in Jesus’ death on the Cross, He took once and for all the sins of all mankind upon Himself, in our place. This gift He extends to everyone who will believe in Him. Believing in the Good News of the Gospel is our hope. Jesus, the Son of God, who died for our sins, was raised again for our justification, we who believe being made in right stead with God. However, the term “Good Friday” is only used by Western Christians, and not by Eastern Orthodox Christians. The Orthodox refer to this sacred day as “Great and Holy Friday.”
 source: answers.com
Photo of the Cross in the Woods in Indian River, Michigan, the world’s largest crucifix, © Scott P. Richert)

The Most Sacred Day

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The most sacred of all days in Christianity is Easter. Without Easter, when our Lord rose from the dead, we would not be able to proclaim “Because He lives, we will live also.”

As we enter into this season of the year, we reflect with a wide range of emotions, the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Many have become hardened to the story and no longer shed tears when hearing of the brutal treatment and agonizing death of our Lord.

Let’s pray this Easter that we will get more in touch with what a sacrifice it was for the man part of God to be led “to the slaughter as an innocent lamb”.  More importantly, let us contemplate why God felt it was necessary to sacrifice his only son in such a way.

No matter how long we have heard the story, no matter how many times we have read the Bible’s description, we still have much to learn on a personal level as to what it meant for the Son of God to come to Earth to redeem us of sin.

Lori and Grandma

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10264908_10152674927631729_9220867499222237514_nThis is one of my favorite pictures… it’s me and my Grandma when I was pregnant with Hannah. To me it visually shows the close, loving relationship I have always had with her.

Yesterday my precious Grandma took her last breath here on earth and her next one in Heaven.

While I am heartbroken, at nearly 102 she gave us so many, many years of wonderful memories, hugs and freshly baked rolls.


Grandma, I love you and you will be so missed here, but I KNOW you will be watching over all of us. You won’t have it any other way.

Hug Grandpa for me and hug my Daddy for me… oh, and please make him some peach fried pies. 

A Loving Tribute by Mandy Borland, “Grandma”

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Yesterday morning my sweet, sweet Grandma Ward passed away. She was a few months shy of turning 102!

Even though she lived a long, wonderful life, it still hurts our hearts to have to say goodbye.

I am so proud that she was my grandma. She was such a loving, talented woman that loved the Lord and I know that she is smiling down on us today.

My grandma made the BEST sausage and gravy, homemade rolls, chicken and dumplings, and grilled cheese sandwiches that I have ever put in my mouth. Along with her many other creations, she smocked countless dresses for her babies, grandbabies, great-grandbabies, great-great grandbabies, neighbors, and friends. I am lucky enough to still have several of these priceless dresses.This picture of Katelyn wearing one of her smocked dresses will always be a treasure to me.

Please pray for my family this weekend as we travel to Arkansas to say goodbye to this special lady. She will be forever remembered and terribly missed.

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