Gomer and Pope Francis – Do they look alike?

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Do you see it? The twinkling eyes. The good-natured grins. The way they wear a uniform. And that’s not all the Pontiff and the private have in common. Check out these biographical connections… 

Actor Jim Nabors, who created the lovable hillbilly Gomer Pyle first on The Andy Griffith Show and later on his own spinoff, was born in Sylacauga, Alabama in 1930, just six years before Jorge Mario Bergoglio, a.k.a. the Pope, was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  

Both struggled with health issues as kids. Nabors had severe asthma, which may have been a blessing in disguise – it prevented him from playing sports and so he turned to performing. His Argentine doppelganger Bergoglio had a serious respiratory infection as a teen and underwent surgery to remove part of his lung, which may have something to do with his priestly calling to help the sick. 

More coinkydinks? They both had odd jobs before they found their higher purpose: Nabors was a typist at the United Nations, and Bergoglio was a nightclub bouncer at a Buenos Aires club. (Yes, a nightclub bouncer!) 

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George Washington and the Golden Pheasant

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The Golden Pheasant is unsurpassed among pheasants in its brilliance, beauty, and desirability. This pheasant was first brought to Europe at least by the 18th Century, a
nd George Washington was the first American known to have kept and raised Golden Pheasants, which he did at Mt. Vernon.

This gorgeous pheasant has easy care requirements and breeds readily on the game farm. Shown at right are three males and a female, with the males courting and displaying for the favor of a female!

Considering their great beauty, the Golden Phesant is very affordable and always available for sale in the Game Bird Gazette magazine classified ads.

The Chinese have recognized the golden pheasant for centuries in art, literature and mythology. Few people would question that this pheasant is among the most intriguing creatures ever to enliven and beautify the earth. 

A Blue Laced Red Wyandotte – Hello Gorgeous!

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The Blue Laced Red is a mahogany red color with blue around the edge of every feather. The Blue Laced Red has the genetics of the Andalusian Blue which will result in the colorations of blue, black, and splash from breeding this variation. The base color of mahogany should not change.



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Love for the Trans Am – Celebrating 32 years together – Lori Hershey

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Lori transam
Happy Anniversary to me…. and Brown Sugar. June 18th 32 years ago, I bought my Trans Am from my Dad. I’m holding the original bill of sale as we stop for the night on our way to start the 2014 Bandit Run.— at Baltimore, MD.

Happy Birthday Lori! May you and Brown Sugar travel many more safe miles together.

Betty Thompson, no time to sit and rock for her!

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My 10438346_10203375147492054_5148956880215678059_n“Who said retirement was a time to sit and rock? Today I used the weed trimmer, pulled beets and canned them, picked raspberries, cut okra, set out some rhubarb, pulled weeds out of the garden, sharpened my hoe and used it some………..the day isn’t over either. Fun day! ” 

  Betty F. Thompson, posted July 5 ’14 FB

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(Flashback to 2012). Ralphie Protests!

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“This is just wrong,

WRONG I say!

What’s happened to you?

Have you become Stepford Dogs?

Did some costuming clown attack

you in the middle of the night?

Run boys, run, while you still know how!”

“Just Being Jana”

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Jana20-150x150While going to show a home in Hoxie today my phone made a high pitched howling sound I had never heard. Freaking out I pulled over to the side of the road to read an alert from the Emergency Alert System telling me I was dangerously close to a “Flash Flood Area”. I had no idea my phone did that and they have no idea how close I came to having a flash flood of my own….


Jana Caldwell can be found on FB; Sales Associate with Carter City and County Realty;  and janascaldwell@yahoo.com

If you enjoy Jana’s humor, check out her book, “Thursday Night Confessions” available on Amazon.


God’s Beautiful Artwork in Living Color

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How beautiful! This is a gypsy horse, a draft horse bred with a horse with pinto color. Just magnificent!

Deb Aguilar  (Pure Nature, FB)

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