Johnnie Mazetti – Memories of PHS

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Our HomeEconomics class, under the intense direction of ‘Miss’ Mary Sallee, had a yearly fundraiser.  The main dish was called Johnnie Mazetti, served with a green salad and and french bread.

I’m sure you’ll want to cut this in half or less, for a family  of six.  

3 lbs. ground beef

1 lb. chopped onion

1 lb. chopped bell pepper

1 bunch chopped celery

1 large can V-8 Juice

1 Can Cream of Tomato Soup

2 large pks. noodles (cook as directed)

2 cans Tomato sauce

1 large bottle stuffed olives, sliced

1 can mushrooms

1 lb. grated cheese


 1. Cook meat in a little oil, till color changes. Strain out fat. 

2. Cook onions, peppers and celery in oil, until clear

3. Combine all juices, soups, sauces, stir till blended

4. Cook liquids, meat and vegetables about 10 minutes

5. Cook noodles in boiling water till tender

6. Add noodles to juice and meat

7. Pour 1/2 of meat into a layer in large baking pan

8. Pour olive juice over all of this

9. Add layer of grated cheese and sliced olives

10. Add rest of recipe and cover again with cheese, olives and mushrooms

11. Add more olive juice.

Cook 1 hour at 350 degrees or 1 1/2 hours at 325


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Photo 125


Pride cometh before a fall

Oh Lord, don’t let me feel

An arrogance or sense of pride

To make me less than real.




M. Taylor


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img562Tessa had paid the price for her bad decisions of the past. She was now living as decently as she knew how.

She was determined to change: slowly, deliberately, honestly.  No matter who doubted her sincerity, she knew in her heart that this time would be different.  She was looking for progress, not perfection and more importantly, she was learning to turn it over to God instead of seeking a numbing escape.

“One day at a time, old girl,” she said to the sleeping calico cat next to her.

“One day at a time.”


Sushi Anyone?

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I am not a sushi eater but I have friends who love it.  Here are some popular sushi dishes. How about you?  Do you enjoy Sushi?  What’s your favorite? 

Food Definition
California Roll consists of avocado, kani kama  (imitation crab/crab stick) (also can contain real crab in ‘premium’ varieties), cucumber and tobiko often made uramaki (with rice on the outside, nori on the inside)

Dynamite roll

includes yellowtail  (hamachi) and/or prawn tempura, and fillings such as bean sprouts, carrots, avocado, cucumber, chili and spicy mayonnaise

Spider Roll

includes fried soft shell crab  and other fillings such as cucumber, avocado, daikon sprouts or lettuce, roe, and sometimes spicy mayonnaise.

Philadelphia roll

consists of raw or smoked salmon, cream cheese, cucumber or avocado, and/or onion.

Seattle roll

consists of cucumber, avocado, and raw or smoked salmon.

B.C. roll

contains grilled or barbecued salmon skin, cucumber, sweet sauce, sometimes with roe.  Also sometimes referred to as salmon skin rolls outside of British Columbia, Canada.

Alaska roll

a variant of the  California roll  with raw salmon in the inside, or layered on the outside.

Hawaiian roll

contains shoyu tuna (canned), tamago, kanpyo, kamaboko, and the distinctive red and green hana ebi  (shrimp powder).

Punctuating the Stages of Life

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Photo on 2014-02-28 at 09.03 #3When we are young our lives are filled with questions: what will I do? Where will I go? When will I meet someone? Will I have kids? Will I be successful? Will I be happy?

As we get older, our lives become filled with exclamations: My schedule is crazy! Oh, for just five minutes to myself!  Something has got to give! I never knew life was going to be like this!

And then, quick as a wink our questions change: Will my money last As long as I do? How long will I be healthy? Will I lose my mind? Will anyone remember me when I’m gone? What time is the early bird special?


Beautiful Bell Peppers

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Bell Peppers characteristically have 3 or 4 bumps, right?  But do you know what they mean?  Well, I’ve heard that:3sweeter bet2eat 4 stronger flavor

3 bumps mean a sweeter eating pepper

and 4 bumps mean stronger flavor.

So choose the pepper according to use.

They sure are pretty, aren’t they?

Beautiful Wood Duck

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Wood Duck, Mammoth Springs, Arkansas

Wood ducks breed across most of the central and eastern United States, southeastern Canada and along the Pacific coast from California to British Columbia. The highest breeding densities occur in the Mississippi Alluvial Valley. In recent decades, the breeding range has expanded westward into the Great Plains region following development of wooded riparian corridors. Wood ducks prefer riparian habitats, wooded swamps and freshwater marshes. Females nest in tree cavities or nest boxes and lay an average of 12 bone-white eggs.

 Photo: Pam Liebhaber

A novel Idea from the Netherlands.

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As long as they thoroughly check out the students to know they have the right intent, I think this is a pretty good idea.  (If the residents agree, and I bet most would because they miss being around younger, able-bodied friends.)


A nursing home in the Netherlands allows college students to live rent-free alongside the elderly residents under two conditions: Be a good neighbor and do notbe a nuisance to the seniors. The students are required to do a variety of activities with the older residents, including watching sports, celebrating birthdays and offering companionship when seniors fall ill. The program is aimed at warding off the negative effects of aging.

Who else could benefit from this kind of program?

Read more via PBS NewsHour :


For ‘Thin Man’ Fans: Nora – Myrna Loy

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Movie star Myrna Loy made more than 120 pictures, including all six of the Thin Man movies, in which she played Nora Charles opposite actor William Powell.
Born on August 2, 1905, in Radersburg, Montana, Myrna Loy was typecast as an “exotic” at Warner Bros. until 1934, when director W.S. Van Dyke paired her with actor William Powell in bothManhattan Melodrama and The Thin Man (in which she played Nora Charles). Powell and Loy were a huge hit, making 14 movies together.

During World War II, Loy worked for the Red Cross, beginning a second career in activism and philanthropy. She died in New York City in 1993.


From the Lens of Bill Stice

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Bill Stice“A multi-colored Hibiscus Flower, the most colorful I’ve ever seen. It was taken at Bellingrath Gardens near Mobile, Alabama.”

Bill Stice
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