Guest Writer: Bill Tracy, “Changes”

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Guest Writer: Bill Tracy

1170868_617234791670843_42266427_nI would like to thank everyone for the Happy Anniversary wishes and kind words of thought. You just wake up every morning and thank the good Lord for letting you seeing another day. The next thing you know another year has passed and another and another until then a lifetime has passed. Then it comes a time when all the things that you have collected don’t seem near as important as they once did. Then you start thinking more about the next great retirement in the hereafter. That is the one that really counts. If you aren’t ready for it now is the time to make plans for it.

I have seen a lot of changes in my lifetime when I would ride with our neighbor in his horse and buggy to go to the post office sometimes on Saturday because the mail only ran three days a week. Then swimming in the creek with the neighbor kids after a long hot summer day. Hogging fish with your hands back under the creek banks and hoping you didn’t feel a snake under there.

In the winter going hunting at night with a coal oil lantern and then graduating up to a carbide light. Also in the winter a lot of the neighbors would get together and make balls about the size of a softball out of strips of scrap cloth about an inch or so wide and sewed with heavy string after a few wraps and repeated until the ball was complete. Then they were put them in a large bucket and soaked in coal oil for a few days and then taken out and spread out for the excess oil to drain out for about a day. After that on a cold winter night we would get in a open place and take and light each ball and throw them back and forth between two groups of people. You had to grab and throw quick to keep from burning your hands. Some would use leather gloves but a lot didn’t. We called it a coal oil ball throwing. I have never seen or heard of anyone else being involved in these.

This was some of the things we as country folks did to pass time. We had no electricity or phones and carried our water from a spring down at the bottom of the hill. The dipper in the water bucket would freeze in it often on a cold winter nights. And I would set on the wood box behind the cook stove and put my socks and shoes on by the good and warm stove while mother cooked breakfast.

I wouldn’t trade the time I was born to be born in this day and time for anything. I shudder to think what this world will be like in another 75 years if it lasts that long.

The Bible says, James 4:14 “For what is your life? It is even a vapor, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away.” We are just a dash in time. Time is fading away fast. Goodnight everyone.


Cool Bookstore

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Librería El Péndulo – Mexico CityMexico

This café/bookshop managed to combine books and coffee with style – without compromising on quality. As well as browsing the shelves you can have breakfast, lunch or dinner while enjoying live music, poetry and stand-up comedy – you could easily stay here for hours.


Slow night for news?

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Good for you, Mo’Ne Davis!

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Pitcher Mo’Ne Davis, whose team will play in the Little League World Series, poses with Mamie “Peanut” Johnson, the only female pitcher in the Negro Leagues.
  • Judy Clark The news reporter (female) asked how she felt being one of 3 ( think) females to play with a male team….her response was…I wish more girls would join so you guys can stop counting how many females have played! Smart young lady.
    The World Series Tournament season will come to a conclusion with the 68th Annual Little League Baseball World Series Championship Game on Sunday, August 24 in South Williamsport, Pa. This will also mark the grand finale of Little League’s 75th Anniversary Celebration.


Happy 3rd Birthday to William Doyle Borland (One of the cutest kids I have ever seen, and he isn’t even my grandchild!)

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Sister Linda’s grandson, Will.  Isn’t he a handsome little guy?  

Poor boy, had to get his hair cut and everything! Our Elvis.

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I remember when Elvis went into the Army.  We were afraid we’d never hear him sing again, but of course we did.

It is startling to realize that Elvis was only 7 years older than me.  I was just a kid, about 14, when I began following his every move, I didn’t think about the fact that he was just a kid too. 

He was a good looking guy, wasn’t he?  Look at those pouty lips,  no wonder we fell in love with that Southern boy who could sing, play the guitar, and wiggle his hips like no one we had every seen before!  Oh my!

My one sided love affair lasted until I got married.  After that I was too busy living my real life, with a real man next to me, than to focus on someone I could never have. 

From the Lens of Bill Stice – Wow!

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293367_245847018779420_2765964_nA New Guinea Impatiens growing in my yard. This is the bud just after starting to open. I like the spiral shape.

Bill Stice

I do too Bill! God’s creativity never ceases to amaze me.  Thanks for sharing  it so that we can enjoy it along with you.

Famous Sisters

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JFontaine OdeHavilland 72 sis

Joan Fontaine and Olivia de Havilland are pictured in 1972.  According to reports they had a rocky relationship which started as children and they never  were close. (They don’t look too comfortable in this photo, do they?)  It was said that Olivia was jealous of baby Joan who came along when she was only two, and so she picked on her relentlessly. I’m sure there is much more to the story. . .

 If you care to learn more these siblings, just google them and you can read more of their unfortunate sisterhood.  Two gifted, successful women, what a shame they couldn’t just ‘get along’.

Lauren Bacall

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After I drew Robin Williams, picture, a friend asked if I planned to draw Lauren Bacall’s picture.  I decided to do that, so I drew one of her with that side glance that accentuated those amazing eyes. Then I went to a photo of her as an elderly woman, who retained a ‘classy’ look, a natural, beautiful woman in her 80′s. This is the drawing I’m sharing with you today.  


Aging With the Stars!

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August 12th I saw  the following picture of Lauren Bacall on her recent 89th birthday and  scheduled her to be seen today. Naturally I had no idea that her death which follow so quickly and that the picture would be an obituary.

 Rarely do we see a working actress at her age who has not become a plastic caricature of herself . Even if the surgery is successful, it is unnatural to see an elderly woman without a sign of her true age.

There is great pressure on a woman celebrity to remain wrinkle-free at all times for the camera, and not to show her age. We, the public, add our pressure in that we want to see them as they always were, deceiving us into believing that we haven’t aged either.  

There’s anything wrong with plastic surgery, I could use it  right now to erase some of  my many wrinkles, (increase greatly by weight loss) but I’m just saying that in this instance I’m happy to see a woman who is 89 who looks 89 and still retains her own identity and beauty, not the beauty of youth, but of maturity.  


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