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The pharmacist asked me my birth date again today. 
I’m pretty sure he’s 
going to get me something. 


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If I make you breakfast in bed, a simple

“Thank you” is all I need . . .

not all this,

“How did you get into my house?” business

Those Rolls guys must be slow!

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Juliana’s first Visit to Disneyland, Yes, it was fun. It was on Daddy’s 43rd birthday

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My 60 year kindergarten reunion is coming up soon

and I’m worried about the 175 pounds I’ve gained since then!

Now that’s loud!

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Can’t prove it by me!

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The Man From Camelot by Jimmy Simpson

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The Man from Camelot

Now long ago and far away,

There was a man called JFK,

Who left a nation beaten down,

When shots rang out in Dallas town;

And to this day, reflectively,

The loss remains the same for me.

Those thousand days of glory gained,

That for one timeless moment reigned,

Saw hopes and expectations grand,

Be empty dreams throughout the land,

While one great leader, young and brave,

Marched onward to an early grave.

So many years have passed since then,

With pledges made by other men,

Some overstated, some untrue,

Each touting greater things to do;

And through it all I noted not,

One like the man from Camelot.


JLS – 5/10/17

Disneyland, First Time for Juliana – Happy Birthday Timothy!

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Disneyland is a wonderful place to visit, not sure I’d want to live there!

We were blessed with free passes on Timothy’s 43rd birthday!  Knowing the price of the tickets these days, you’ll understand what a great gift it was!

Juliana will be 3 in December.  This was good timing on taking her because much younger and it is all too overwhelming.

Alice, Tim and I enjoyed the day as much through Juliana’s eyes as our own.  Of course for me it was reminding me of days past when I would be holding little Tim’s hand to get him through the crowds.  This time, I will admit, I was holding on to him!

Tim was given a badge for his Birthday, Juliana got one for it being her 1st time there. Alice and I restrained ourselves from buying all the cute ‘stuff’ that is readily available.  

Although I may not go there again any time soon, I’m glad I went, if only to hear Mr. Lincoln’s speech and to be reminded that we had such a man as president of our country!  I pray we will find another of his caliber. 

Been to the doctor . . .

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Hello There,

How’s it going with you?  I had to go to the doctor with problems with my foot.  Seems Plantar fasciitis is the most common cause of heel pain.  I was relieved to know it wasn’t my achilles heel which would have been a more serious condition.

 I had just started walking for exercise, around the block,  when the pain started, giving me a good excuse to become more inactive.  Bad.

My blood pressure is up and I’m not surprised.  Hearing a daily barrage of news from Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dumm (white house and No. K) threats of war, floods, violence, etc.  Whose blood pressure isn’t up, I want to know?

I can exercise my aching foot, but what can I do about the mounting affect of an unstable novice in the WH leading us toward war?   I am praying God will bring rational thinking to a 70 year old spoiled child, and prevent him from giving in to his natural instincts and neuroses.

Please join me in asking God to intervene and save our nation and renew its rightful place in the world!



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