The Tire Swing by Zach McClure

March 26th, 2017 No comments

He gazed across
The wind-swept meadow
To a lone tree
Standing there

Its jagged, silhouette
Surrendered ‘neath
A sky more firey embered
Than his flaming hair
Which crowned him then

But it was neither tree nor sky
That stole his youthful eye.
It was the tire swing
Whispering, promising,
“With-me, you can fly!”

The boy lept across the meadow
Like a deer panting for water,
Till at last
He climbed aboard his dream.
His round, black, holed
Flying machine.

Then, holding tight,
And bending to and fro
With all his might
Began to drive
Began to glide against
The sinking sun
Till it was night outside

Across the starry littered sky
Beneath the moon’s soft lullaby
Ascending ever higher
Make believing
He’s a flyer,
He smiles,
As he tips a wing.
He is an aviator.
He is the sky king!
And all because of one,
Old tire swing.


Randy’s Donuts

March 25th, 2017 No comments

This donut shop is known throughout the United States for its 32.5-foot  diameter donut on the roof . It has been seen in movies and in TV shows.

Randy’s was built in 1953, decades after the heydey of such architecture inSouthern California, which saw the construction of a number of buildings in the shape of the products they sold.

Randy’s is one of five remaining locations of the Big Donut chain, each of which features the distinctive giant donut, but Randy’s remains the most well-known.

It isn’t very far from where I live.  In fact, I used to take my cats to the animal hospital next door.  After the appointments it was always tempting to drive through to get a bear claw or apple fritter.

It is in an expensive little corner of real estate and I am surprised Randy’s has survived all these years. Sitting next to a freeway, I’m sure developers would love to convert it into something less kitsch and more profitable, but  I hope it stays just as it is.

Photo credit: Carol M. Highsmith

to see more novelty architecture:  novelty architecture

Thanks Cynthia

March 24th, 2017 No comments

 Thanks to our good friend Cynthia for letting me know that she still comes to the blog and that I have been neglecting it. She was checking to make sure I am OK since she lives in Arizona and I live in California.  We don’t see each other but we care for each other and I certainly appreciate her checking up on me. 

 As most of you regular readers know I have been quite upset over the election results. Yes I realize it was in November and this is March but it has had a daily effect on our lives.  I am not upset just because my party lost although I thought it would be amazing to have a first woman president however flawed she may have been. I really doubt that you can get to this level of political life without having a lot of baggage dragging along behind you. 

 Considering our choice I thought she was the most prepared for the job and I think she is basically a good person. I cannot say that about the person who won.  The possibility that  another country  May have influenced the results has captivated my attention. I also firmly believe that the FBI director cost her to lose many valuable votes.  It also hurts to know that she got more votes actual votes from citizens then DT, yet she lost. I say get rid of the electoral college. 

 One reader was very upset that I had become political but at age 74 I changed my mind whether I should speak up or not. I now care more about speaking the truth as I see it than the number of people who come to read my blog . To thine own self be true.

Please pray for our country.

Juliana takes a selfie with Grandma!

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What joy to spend the day with a two year old!  Life is exciting and fresh and fun abounds when she is around.  Another reason I know God loves me . . . my sweet Juliana!20170227_083259

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Arkansas Mine by Jimmy L. Simpson

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Arkansas Mine

God made this haven I call mine,

With many wonders, rare and fine,

From wooded slopes with trails pristine,

To thriving meadows lush and green,

Where springfed streams collect the rain,

Then send it to the delta plain,

That crops of fertile farm and field,

Might share the bounty of their yield.

Each dawn I rise with grateful zest,

For this good land that God has blessed;

And breathe untainted air He made,

In meadowland and forest glade,

As I, with pleasure, proudly scan,

This Arkansas, where I began.

Across this planet, to and fro,

Are many precious lands, I know,

No doubt providing much to they,

Who live their lives some other way;

But as for me, by right of birth,

There is no better place on earth.


JLS – 11/10/16


Cindy and Joni

March 3rd, 2017 No comments

Photo on 2017-03-03 at 09.36I got a wonderful surprise yesterday when I received in the mail this lovely book from Cindy Bratcher.  Thank you again for your thoughtfulness.

After reading the posts I have made since November, I’m sure Cindy is aware that I have been in need of more insight and guidance to accept what I can not change.

The book is titled ‘Prayers for Woman’s Soul Meditations and Prayers to Renew your Soul’. I  will be happy to add this to my devotions.

The 205 pages are filled with Psalms and other scriptures from the Bible.  They are familiar and always worthy to be read and reread.  They indeed do lift one’s soul and redirect your attention to the One who is in charge of us all.  The book also includes quotes from others, as this from Joni Eareckson Tada:

“Lord, I need to confess that I haven’t always trusted in you with all my heart.  Forgive me for leaning on my own understanding when the road gets rough.  I acknowledge today that I am not promised an easy path, just a straight one, if I trust entirely in you.  Lord with every pothole, rut, or barrier I may come across, help me to remember to lean on you.”

Thank you Cindy and thank you Joni Eareckson Tada.  If you don’t know about Joni, google her, it will be worth your time.

Fannie Flagg

March 3rd, 2017 No comments

In watching the old old old game shows it makes me sad to realize that almost everyone I’m seeing on the screen is deceased. I looked them up on Google and find out how long they lived what their lives have been like and how they died. Because  in that era 40s and 50s specially we didn’t really know the impact of cigarettes on our lives and that may be the reason that so many of these people we learn to enjoy on television succumbed to throat cancer or other smoke related illnesses.

 Two who survive are Betty White and Fanny flagg. Most are familiar with Betty white and I think she is universally  loved,  but fewer may be familiar with Fanny flag.  Apparently when she was on match game she was one of the youngest ones on the show. With flaming red hair, Alabama accent, and a wonderful sense of humor, she became a favorite. 

 More people became familiar with her when she wrote the book Fried Green Tomatoes, and it became a popular movie starring Jessica Tandy and Kathy Bates. Fanny Flagg was nominated for an Academy award for writing it. She has written other books that I have enjoyed immensely. If you haven’t read any of her books and if you like wholesome, humorous, warm southern settings then give her a try. I see she has written a new book and I hope to read it.

In reading about her today I learned that her name at birth was Patricia Neal. Since there was already a well-known actor by  that name, her father suggested she be called Fannie and a friend suggested Flagg. She is now 72 and I’m so happy that she is still with us. I hope she continues for many more years in good health and continues writing.



25th Amendment

February 21st, 2017 No comments

 If you have never read the 25th amendment you might want to read it. Although some people are hoping that it might be the answer to get DT out of the White House, it doesn’t sound very likely to me.

            I think the fact that so many people are talking about it is indicative of the deep deep concern many people have over the mental stability of the man with the nuclear codes.

I  have a feeling that many people who voted for him are now feeling some regret. I have come to believe that many many people voted for him because he was the nominee of the Republican Party. They were not voting for someone they wanted in the office they just wanted the Republicans to win because they believe more in the  republican platform.

Believing that helps me to accept  it better than to think people actually would vote for a man of his Instability.

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