“Happy Birthday Bill” (all three Taylors have birthdays in Oct.)

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Come on boy, let’s go . . . Grrrrrrr arf arf that was fast!

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Baby Common Goldeneye Ducks taking flight for the first time. Cool.

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Still good for developing eye-hand coordination in kids.

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hot pads

When Linda and I were little, we had a weaving loom like this.  Did you?  Making potholders was a fun activity that many kids enjoyed.  It was one of the first Do It Yourself kits that I can remember.  It was easy and produced pretty little works of art, just right for a gift.  I’m sure Mama had more than she could use, but knowing her she accepted each one with appreciation, making us feel very important.

So that’s where the scary music is coming from . . .

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‘Faces’ by Mary Taylor – David Hershey

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Speechless . . . Who, ME?

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ME Jun 14I went with my son Tim and his wife Alice to see the baby in ultrasound. I had seen pictures and also a video, but was very anxious to see the little lady for myself. It is hard to explain how I felt. It was almost too private to write about,  it produced one of the moments that I will long remember, where I was speechless.

A beautiful little head and profile, couple of times she put her thumb in her mouth, and she was swinging her arm. The nurse commented on her flexibility to have a leg and arm in the position that they were. Looking at the still developing body of my grandchild, I was filled with awe at the creativity of Almighty God. How could anyone deny that we were made by intelligence, not chance?

I love that baby so much it almost hurts. Maybe you know what I mean.

Photography Play

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creative mirror positioning

C’mon Pop, Let’s Play!

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Arkansas News Flashback: KTHV Little Rock, credited for saving lives during the 1997 Tornado outbreak in Arkansas

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KTHV, virtual channel 11 (VHF digital channel 12), is a CBS-affiliated television station located in Little RockArkansasUnited States


On March 1, 1997, KTHV chief meteorologist Ed Buckner went on the air to cover a significant tornado outbreak that caused damage to much of Arkansas, and produced two destructive F4 tornadoes (out of three that touched down in the state that day): one that touched down near Beirne and struck Arkadelphia, and another that hit the southern and eastern suburbs of Little Rock (causing severe damage in Benton).

The outbreak, which produced 19 tornadoes that day, killed 26 people, although it is believed that the death toll would have been much higher without the advance warning provided by Buckner and the rest of the KTHV weather staff.

In 2002, KTHV became the first television station in the Little Rock market to erect a digital antenna and the first broadcast a digital television signal.


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