And that’s why we teach spelling!

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Carpinteria, CA Photo by June Sheets

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Forever Seven by Jimmy Simpson

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        Forever Seven

I heard some verse from olden time,

A classic poem to relate,

For it was such a touching rhyme,

About a tender girl of eight,

That Wordsworth met and noted fair,

With thick hair clustered ‘round her head;

And so he asked her to declare,

“How many more are you?” He said.

“We total seven” she replied,

Two still at home, two more at sea,

While in the churchyard two reside,

Which makes us seven, counting me”.

Then Wordsworth said, “How can you tell,

Of seven all with two at sea,

If two remain at home to dwell;

And two are resting peacefully?”

“Oh master!” was her quick reply,

You forgot the two in Heaven,

Because six other souls and I,

Will forevermore make seven!”



JLS – 2/26/2015


Still Studying, Still Learning, Still Growing!

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Not all our ladies were present on the day Rudy decided to take a picture of us, but here we are, the Thursday Women’s Bible Study group at University Christian Church.

Our teacher is Rudy Hagood, and we are challenged weekly by his excellent teaching. He is much younger than his students, but bridges the gap with knowledge and caring.   I have been in the group for 5 years, but some have been in the class for decades.  It is a great gathering each week.

I am on the left, Linda is looking through, Jackie is beside me, and Pat is between her and Carol.  Then we have Rudy, Susie, Barbara, and Jackie.  In front are Beverly and Freddie.

Not only do we study and discuss scripture, but we share our prayer requests and pray.  I have asked for prayer for my family and friends many times and they have been wonderful to show love and concern. I am grateful for each member of my church family, especially Rudy and this group of women.


In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight . . .

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Taking it literally . . .

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A kindergarten teacher was helping one of her students choose the child’s best schoolwork for a portfolio to give to the first-grade teacher.  After the kindergarten teacher encouraged the child to ‘put her best foot forward,” the little girl asked,  “What should I do with my other foot?”


From Daniel Kelly, ‘Warning! Cute Kid Stories Ahead!’

Valentino and Jadaan

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Rudolph Valentino and the Arabian stallion Jadaan are pictured in full desert regalia, ready for a dash over the sands for cameras recording “The Son of the Sheik.” This costume and the Jadaan trappings are still on display in the tackroom of the W.K.Kellogg ranch at Pomona.

Jadaan had natural beauty, poise, grace and a vibrant personality.  His head and shoulder poses were described by some of Hollywood’s top cameramen as the most impressive they had ever photographed.

Valentino first saw him in Palm Springs.  Jadaan was in his prime and in his element, the sandy desert. Valentino was immediately interested in the prancing stallion.  The price was $3,000 at the time. Valentino was about to make another desert film and he wanted to ride the ten year old horse in the movie. Although he wanted very much to own Jadaan, the studio decided to rent the animal instead.  The movie ran long and it cost more money than they thought to use him.

It wasn’t very long after the final sheik film that Valentino died.  His idolizing, mourning  fans turned their affection to this magnificent Arabian Stallion and made him the most famous horse in the world at that time.


Gloomy Weather?

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Gloomy weather on the outside?  

Turn on some music, do a little dancing around, a little exercise, swaying to the tunes, get your mojo going!  

We usually have to combat depression, negative thinking, more when it is dark and damp than when it is sunny and bright. I know in some areas folks are getting sick and tired of winter and are really, really ready for Spring.  Well hang on friends, it will get here!

 Let’s pray:  Dear Father, you made our weather just the way it is for a reason.  Help us to adjust to the seasonal and daily changes in our environment.  Give us joy in our hearts that will come to the surface no matter what the thermometer reads.  We love you Lord for caring so much for us.  

Your Children, Amen

Celebrate Women – Good Links

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For books for children and teens about women engaged civically whether as political leaders, government officials, or social activists, visit A Mighty Girl’s “Civics & Government” section at a wonderful picture book biography about another current U.S. Supreme Court Justice, we recommend the bilingual English/Spanish book “Sonia Sotomayor: A Judge Grows in the Bronx / La juez que crecio en el Bronx” for readers 4 to 8 years old at

For hundreds of true stories of trailblazing female role models, visit our “Biography” section at


Jane Goodall and Prosopagnosia

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Jane Goodall‘s interest in chimps started as a small child, and at 80 she is still as devoted as ever to the scientific work of the animal world and what we can do to preserve it.

Most of us know her from the National Geographic stories and pictures of her in the brush with the chimps, back in the 60’s, hair pulled back, no makeup, the naturalist.   What a life she has led.  She certainly is a woman who broke through many barriers to follow her dreams, and now she is an inspiration for her knowledge and willingness to teach others to carry on the work.

After watching Bill Moyers’ interview with Jane Goodall, I looked up her biography and was surprised to learn that she and her sister have prosopagnosia, the inability to recognize people by looking at their faces, also called face blindness.

I followed up by reading an article by the Prosopagnosia Research Center at Harvard University.  If you would like to learn more about it, go to   It is very interesting.

To learn more about Jane Goodall’s amazing fifty years of wildlife research,  go to

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