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Google Says . . .

February 24th, 2009 Comments off

Google tells me that I have had readers from 25 states after just one month.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.                                                                 img032

Please continue passing the word to your address book.  

I’d love to reach all 48 states.   (Just kidding, I know there are 49)

Still just kidding.

Thanks again, and please keep coming back to class.

The Schoolmarm, also known as:  Mrs. Taylor, Mary, Mare, Mary Etta, Aunt Etta, Mom or Hey Lady . . .

Update:  as of April 26th (after 13 weeks) we’ve been picked up by 35 states, 12 countries and had 996 hits!  

Now, in the world of blogging that does not mean that everyone who has dropped by has spent time reading my writing.  Some, as expected, bounced right off, but they at least found me, and perhaps will return another day.  I hope so.

Jack Russell Likes Chocolate Too

February 24th, 2009 2 comments

I asked Dean from Georgia if I could share her email with you.  It might just save your chocolate loving furry friend some day.

“Your story about Ralph eating the chocolate reminded me of what happened about a month after Casey, our little 12 lb. Jack Russell, found us.

My husband, Angier, loves chocolate, and a friend had given him about a quarter pound box of chocolate -we think it was dark chocolate  [potentially fatal to dogs, especially small dogs].  We don’t really know because we had put it under the Christmas tree, still wrapped.  When we got up Christmas morning there were little paper cups here and there all over the place, and Casey’s breath smelled suspiciously like chocolate.

There was ice on the roads so I couldn’t take him to the vet, so I called and he said to give him three tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide.  I poured it down him, and about fifteen minutes he vomited, and it smelled delicious. (I don’t usually say that, about vomitus.)

He is so small that I think if we had done nothing it might have been a sad story.  We are very careful around chocolate now.  I read the other day that sugarless gum is toxic to dogs.  I’m sure you know that raisins, grapes, almonds and onions are also bad.

Thanks Dean.  This is an additional list I found of things never to feed your pet:

Alcohol               Apple Cores          Avocado                 Bones              Caffeine

Cheese                 Dough                    Fat                          Garlic                Ham

Liver                      Milk                     Mushrooms          Potato peels      Tuna

Moldy foods


En Español

Pregunté a Decano de Georgia si podría compartir su correo electrónico con usted.

“Mi marido, Angier, adora chocolate, y un amigo lo había dado acerca de una caja cuarta de libra de chocolate -pensamos que fue chocolate amargo [potencialmente fatal a perros, perros especialmente pequeños]. Nosotros no sabemos realmente porque nosotros lo habíamos puesto bajo el árbol de Navidad, todavía envuelto. Navidad había pedazoes pequeñas aquí y allá por todas partes el lugar, y el aliento de Casey olido sospechosamente como chocolate.

doctor de veterinaria dijo darle tres cuchara de agua oxigenada. Yo lo vertí abajo él, y aproximadamente quince minutos que él vomitó, y olió delicioso. (Yo no digo generalmente eso, acerca de vomitus). El es tan pequeño que pienso si nosotros no habíamos hecho nada que quizás había sido una historia triste. Somos muy cuidadosos alrededor de chocolate ahora.

Gracias Decano.

Reading and Miss Katie Brown

February 24th, 2009 Comments off

 Reading is a not just a necessity, it is a joy.  It expands our world.  As a 21 year old student teacher, I tried to put it into words for  Miss Katie’s third grade class.img287 (Katie Brown, what a wonderful mentor and friend.)

   The Joy of Reading  


                                              Fly a Jet?

                                                     Sail?  You bet!

                                                            Wrestle a lion, if you choose.

                                                                  Just pick up a book

                                                                         And take a good look.

                                                                                These things can happen to you!


February 23rd, 2009 Comments off



                         Walk quietly in any direction                                                              img206

                         and taste the freedom of the mountain air.

                        Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows.


                                                John Muir




Film Buff’s Big Scene

February 21st, 2009 Comments off

My son Timothy, has grown up in Los Angeles, where the entertainment industry is a large part of the economy; some 250,000 people are employed in one way or another.  So, we are in a sense, a company town.

It is no wonder that Tim has always been interested in film.  Along with baseball stats, as a teen he learned the names of every director who had won an Academy Award.  He is quite knowledgeable on the subject.

It is with this long running interest that he went to a small cinema to take in a screening of Oscar nominated Short Films.

He got to the theatre a few minutes early and went to the restroom which was totally empty. Not all bathrooms have urinals, and so he didn’t pay attention to their absence, just used a stall. 

When he came out,  a woman was standing looking at him.

“Which one of us is in the wrong restroom?” she asked.

He quickly checked the outside of the door.  Oh, no.  Embarrassed, he called to her,

“It was me.  Sorry about that.”

“That’s alright!” she called back.

With that he rushed to his seat inside the intimate-size theater.  A couple of minutes later, who would walk in but the same woman?  As she passed him, she smiled and said,

Now we get to watch the movie together!”  

Yeah, it’s L.A.  He said the short films were pretty funny too.



Langston Hughes

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                                by Langston Hughes                                                                        


                   Hold fast to dreams

                   For if dreams die

                   Life is a broken-winged bird

                   That cannot fly.

                    Hold fast to dreams

                    For when dreams go

                    Life is a barren field

                    Frozen with snow.

 Langston Hughes was born in Joplin, MO, February 2, 1902


                  Los sueños por Langston Hughes

Agárrese bien a sueños Para si sueños se mueren

La vida es un pájaro roto-alado Eso no puede volar.

Agárrese bien a sueños Para cuándo sueños van

La vida es un campo árido Congelado con la nieve.


Langston Hughes nació en Joplin, MO, el 2 de febrero de 1902

Guest Writer: Ginny Winn

February 19th, 2009 Comments off

 Ginny is a gifted professional photographer, a sensitive child and family counselor,  a proud grandmother, an agile participant of yoga, and much much more.  She remembers a dream when she turned 40.  She graciously shares it with us.  (The picture was taken by her five year old grandson, Ronan. )

This is a dream I had on turning 40:

I was in an airport about to catch a plane.  Over my arm was a plum colored paper mache basket. A matching plum colored paper mache dog with big floppy ears kept jumping in and out of the basket.

I said: No.  I can’t take you with me.  I’ll be in an airport going somewhere and you’ll jump out of the basket.  I won’t be able to find you and I’ll be torn between finding you and catching the plane and I won’t know what to do.  I can’t go through this.

The paper mache dog jumped back in to the basket and stayed.  I said:
 OK you can come with me.

I woke up and sat on my bed writing down what I thought was a cute little dream when I had this feeling that a voice looking down upon me was saying “But you’re so young.”

The next day I kept telling friends this curious dream and the feeling of that voice.  Suddenly it came to me.  The little dog was my youth and I thought that somehow, now in my 40s, I had to leave the child part of me behind, though I didn’t want to.  But the little dog jumped back in the basket and stayed.  

So you can take it with you.                  


            Lots of love – ginny

Baby Smiles

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                  At six weeks Baby grinned a grin

                     That spread from mouth to eyes to chin,

                            And Doc, the smartie, had the brass,

                                    To tell me it was only gas.




                                                  Margaret Fishback

Reading Room

February 18th, 2009 Comments off

Hello Readers, you dear hearts and gentle people.                                               img172

Do you  have any idea how happy I am that you stopped by today?

If I could bring you a cup of coffee or tea, I would.

If I could plump your pillow or adjust your chair, I would do that too.

In other words, you are my guest and it is great having you here.

I want this to be a warm, loving place with a welcome mat always out for you.

You will never come too often or stay too late.

You are as welcome as a cool drink on a hot day.

Or a hot drink on a cold day.

You get it . . .I’m happy you are here.



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                              Stoop and lace it,               img165

                               Resume stride.

               Now the other feels untied!


                                                                                                                 author unknown                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           mwt

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