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God’s Positioning System

We have to learn to listen to the small voice inside our heads.  Too often we ignore it and follow our own inclinations instead.

That’s when we get into trouble saying or doing too much, or not enough.  Misunderstandings and hurt feelings ’cause calm waters to become rough.

The voice is there to guide us, if we listen and heed.  It’s the GPS for believers,  the one we desperately need.

But we must tune in to the right channel, obey with open heart and inner ears,  to avoid wrong turns, confusion, and a lifetime of needless fears.



Fewer Trips to See Mickey

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When I first moved to So.California, we went several times to the various amusement parks:  Disneyland and Knotts’  Berry Farm were among our favorites.

After a few years we decided to save the trips for when someone came for a visit, that way it was as much a treat for us as it was for them.  One such guest was my sister Audrey, shown here next to the big man himself.  Under the LA Dodger cap was Tim. We had a wonderful day and loved sharing the experience with her as we had other family members.


These days, with prices so high and my energy level so low,  I am more inclined to say,

“You guys go and have fun, I’ll see you when you get back!

photo: M. Taylor

Hi Mama,

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I used to call Mama from wherever I was. This picture shows her talking to me one day in a conversation that went something like this:

 Mama Phoning ME May 07Hi Mama,  It’s Mary Etta,

Well hi there,  how are you doing today, all the way out  there in California? 

I’m fine.  I just wanted to hear your voice. I’m not going to talk but a minute, I’m outside of Target sitting in the sunshine. I just called you on an impulse.

I’m glad you did.  I always like to know what you are up to. Wish I could see you, but this is the next best thing.

Yeah, thank God for telephones, huh?

My yes.  How’s Tim?

We’re both fine Mama.  He’s working hard and I’m taking it easy.

You deserve to.  You taught school a long time.

It seems like a dream now. I sure like being at home and having my freedom.

I always did too.

Guess I’d better hush and get my shopping done. I’ll talk to you in a day or two.

Thanks for calling.  Even tho’ you are a long way off, we can still be close at heart.

I know.  I love you Mama,

I love you too.

Bye for now.

Bye Bye.

photo: J. Ward

Mama’s Jokes

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My mother used to tell a stream of jokes: funny, clean and filled  with southern humor.  She would have us howling with laughter, more in the way she told them than in the joke itself. I was reminded of one today:

This ole guy got saved and insisted on being baptized in the river immediately.  Since it was the dead of winter they tried to talk him out of it but he wouldn’t hear of waiting.So the preacher and a few folks gathered on the banks of the  almost frozen river.   They walked out a few feet and the preacher dipped the  fella down and brought him up again.

                             “Are you cold?” the preacher asked.

                             “No sir, I’m not cold,” he answered.

The preacher said, ” I gotta put you under again, boy,  ’cause you’re  still lying!”


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Timo was a student at UCLA when he was photographed standing tall at the UCLA Crew Team’s docking space at Playa del Rey.

With that background I couldn’t help but think, the sky’s the limit, my boy!

He was probably thinking, Go Bruins!



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One of my favorite sounds of the whole school year was the reaction the kids had when the last bell of the year rang out and they were free at last.

The  whoo hoo hooooray  was wonderful to hear and I always made sure I was on the playground at dismissal  so I wouldn’t miss it.

The smiles on young faces were almost as great as the smiles on the the faces of their exhausted teachers.

The parents waiting to receive the running, shouting, joyous children probably had mixed emotions,  but for the moment, they celebrated too!    

I’m sure that was repeated all over the country again this year.

So here is to another great summer. Enjoy it one and all, and be safe out there!    

Whoo hoo hoooray . . . for Summertime!   





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The rocker pressed firmly against the soft carpet, retracing its path.

It, like Ruth’s life, in motion but going no where.

The large window framed the stillness of the night.

The full moon in a cloudless sky gave it a brightness that defied the midnight hour.

No cars or people passed to interrupt the photo-like view.

The only movement was the cadence of the chair,

rocking a counterpoint to the beating of her heart.

MWT, 1987

Farewell, Moonwalker

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Did you know?

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                                          California’s economy is so large . . .

                                          “HOW LARGE IS IT?”  You may ask.

                                          It is so large that if it were a country,

                                          it would rank seventh in the entire world.     


                                          No wonder we’re about to go belly-up!




Little Girl Me

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As an adult I got to know my first grade teacher, Mrs.Earl Smith.  I asked her what she remembered about me as a little girl.  Without hesitating she said, “You were always smiling.”

When I see this picture of me with Linda, I see the happy child I was, and the smile that my teacher remembered.

Oh little girl that I used to be live on inside of me.

With your loving heart and smiling face

Forever young time leaves no trace.

Keep the joy alive and strong,

I want to hear your  laughing song.

Oh little girl, sweet little girl, live on inside of me.

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