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Say What?

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Dude, I’ve heard of marijane but not ezrajane.

                            Is that something new?


Welcome Ezra Jane Sparrow

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Please welcome Ezra Jane Sparrow to the website.  She has recently come into some money and, well, she’ll explain more about it.  I think I’ll just read along with you.   Mary

1) Ezra Jane Sparrow Speaks Her Mind

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Good fortune befalls Ezra Jane Sparrow, not so good for Mr. Winelund.

img378As some of you may know, I have been the recipient of  a great kindness, of the monetary sort, from that dear old Mr. Winelund, may he rest in peace.

No, a hundred times no, there was no hanky-panky going on between me and Mr. Winelund.   But I did feel sorry for him.

Poor thing. He was sick a long time and his son, Mr. Winelund, Jr.  lived out of town and hardly ever came around.  So I would go over to see him and take him some sugar cookies from  I. Marie’s Sugar Shoppe.   He loved those cookies.

Most of all I called him every night after supper for just about 5 minutes. He was such a lonely old soul.

As I’m sure you have heard, he left almost all he had to his son, even if he didn’t come to see him.  Now, I swear, and the Lord knows it is true, that I did not know he was giving me a red cent. I was shocked outta my socks, as you might imagine, at his generosity.

I figured it took a lot of his dough just to keep that nice lady  there taking care of him 24/7. I hear he left her a goodly sum too. I’m sure it was as big a surprise to her as it was to me.

I’m not sure what she did, but I handed in my notice at the  Pickle Packing Plant.   If I never see another pickle in all my life it will be too soon!   The boys at the plant had a good time being stupid at my ‘going away coffee break’ (10 mins after 15 years, boy howdy!)

Harold said, “What’s the dill with you and old man Winelund, EzraJane?”  yuk yukimg386

Artie yelled, “Guess he got you out of a pickle, huh, EJ?”

They thought that was hysterical.  I’ve had more than my share of pickles and pickle jokes, thank you very much.  But I’ll miss those silly jerks, they’re doing the best they can.   I hope their ship  comes in some day like mine did. Bless Mr. Winelund’s heart.

More later, Ezra Jane

2) Money Problems?

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Now that I have it, what do I do with it?

As I said last time, I was left considerable money by the dearly departed Mr. Winelund, in spite of the fact he left most of his hard earned money to his son who hardly ever showed his face at his front door.  But, that is that and I shouldn’t dwell on it.  I just can’t help it.  


Anyway, I am now doing good materially speaking, but don’t quite know what to do with what I’ve been given.  Since it was put in the bank for me I’ve just left it there but some folks are telling me I need to invest it.  I’ve never had this problem before.  My money never stayed in the bank long enough to get comfortable.

One woman said she had put in with a man named Bernie, but no longer recommends him to her acquaintances.  Seems she has lost all of her money and most of her friends because of  him.  I won’t worry about it today.

I’m going to be extravagant and buy me a few things. Oh, nothing much.  Fred always said I’d not know what to do with money if I had it and I guess he was right.  Well, he had to be right about something, some time.   Now Fred, if you read this, don’t get torn up over it, I’m just kiddin’ you cause we’re friends and friends can do that.

I’ll write more later.  Ezra Jane

3) Ezra Jane: Enough advice, thank you!

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Enough advice has been received, thank you, please don’t send me any more!

I didn’t know that I would get so much attention over this money or how many people think that if I don’t know what to do with it, just to give it to them and they’ll do plenty with it.

Now people, I am not a billionaire, so please don’t ask me for any more money.  Why some folks been coming by the place and leaving me the saddest looking pictures and stories of why I should give them old Mr. Winelund’s money.  I’m telling you now that I’ve stopped reading them cause they are making me lose all trust in human beings.  Some of them are down right lies and others are so truthful they break my heart.

So, the matter of my money is closed as of now.  I’ll do with it as I see fit a little at a time.

Now, for a more uplifting report:  I have decided to take a small vacation with Carlene and CarlaSue, the Carter twins.  img387Carlene is the heavier of the two. They are always full of fun and we are sure to have a good time.  We haven’t decided for sure where to go, so if you have any ideas let me know.  

No, wait a second, don’t let me know.  I’ll decide for myself.  I don’t have time to take half of you with me and I know that’s what I’d be hearing.  Don’t mean to offend anyone so hope no offense is taken, but some of you need to repent for some of the things you’ve been writin’ me.

That’s it for today.   EzraJane



4) Ezra Jane: Money Matters

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People act funny towards me now that I have money.

I’m sorry I ever told anyone about the money that poor old Mr. Winelund left me.  Why you’d think I was an Astor or Rockyfeller or  a Walton, but I’m not!

When I went to Barley’s Butcher Shop,   that boy that works there, img396Todd or Ted or something with a T, fell all over himself waiting on me, was going to take me before the widow woman, Maisie  Sinkins who was ahead of me.  I said no, no, go ahead Mrs. Sinkins.  He sure never acted like that before.

And, my newspaper has suddenly been appearing by my front door, instead of under the shrub or porch. Funny how that kid never could get it near the door before.  I used to stand out front and wait for him and he still wouldn’t get it near me. I could have reported him to his boss or at least to his Mama, but he’s not a bad kid.  When he comes to get his pay he’s got a grin from ear to ear so I’ve been giving him some extra.  Maybe he’ll grow up and learn to do things right for the right reasons, but I’m not sure.

Not much else going on here.  Except I am considering getting me a new car.  This one has been wheezing lately and that would be a good thing to do with some of this money that is burning a hole in my pocket.  Well, now I don’t actually keep it in my pocket, don’t want to get hit over the head for it.  Rest assured,  it is safe in the bank. My mama didn’t raise no fool.

Ezra Jane

5) EJ Business Woman

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 Marie and I may be going into business together.

Where do you get the best sugar cookies in town?  That’s right,  I. Marie’s Sugar Shoppe.  I’ve been thinking of investing in a business and what better than  I. Marie’s?  I think the world of her already.

img389She has been baking those cookies now for almost a year from her home and she’s doing real good.  But, I hear that business had fallen off a little in these times of trouble.  Funny, I’ve come into money just as so many are having problems with it.

Anyway, I visited her and her sweet family yesterday.   Robby is a teenager , Mary Elizabeth is almost grown and little Ben is just a beautiful little bonus baby.  I’ve watched that family over the years and they are just precious.

Robert is the best fix-it man anywhere in the county, maybe the state.  That young man can fix anything inside or outside of the home.  I just might have him screen in my front porch to keep the mosquitoes from carrying me off.

Anyway, I think joining up with these folks would be a good use of Mr. Winelund’s money.  It would help them in these hard times and well,  I think I’d enjoy knowing them better.

P.S.  Faye fixed my hair and  told me that she heard folks saying I’ve gone Hollywood since I got a new car and that I think I’m something now that I have money.  Now she didn’t say who said it, but I have a pretty good idea, and I think that certain someone should not spread rumors just because her brother and I broke up in tenth grade.  Lordy, let it go, Bernice!

 Ezra Jane

6) Ezra Jane: Cookies, anyone?

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Here’s the announcement I made on the local radio station today: 

Sugar Cookies are good for you . . . pass the word!

Dr. Drew might not agree with me, but I’m telling you that I’ve eaten sugar cookies all my life and I feel just fine.  

As you know,  I. Marie’s Sugar Shoppe is known for its cookies and most of you have enjoyed them either in your own home or at a function you have attended in town.

Well, I am now a part owner in the business and want to encourage all of you to double up on your sugar intake!  Well not you diabetics or border line diabetics, you know who you are.  I don’t want to kill anybody off  with our fine line of confections, but if you can handle it, I say a cookie a day is just what the doctor ordered.  Well, not Dr. Drew, but I’ve covered that already.  

 I say eat until you drop and if someone drops a crumb, you can get that while you’re down there!  Now that was a joke in case you didn’t know.  Order your cookies today, and thank you from I. Marie’s Sugar Shoppe.

Hope that helps bring in some business, we’ll see.

That’s all for today.  I’m anxious to start work delivering some of the pastries as  Marie bakes them.  I’m not real good in the kitchen, but I can box them up and take them where they belong.  The Rotary Club has a big order in for their early morning meeting.  Good thing the wives don’t go or some of those ole boys wouldn’t get to indulge the way they do.  Oh well, what happens at Rotary stays at Rotary. I know that’s an old saying, but it got to us late.

Ezra Jane

7) Who is that at my door? EJ reports

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Was I ever in for a surprise!  A big car drove up in front of my house this morning and a fine looking man  got out.  I was watching from my living room window, and couldn’t imagine who he could be.  Hoped it wasn’t someone selling insurance or anything else.img390

When I answered the door he said he was Mr. Winelund, Jr.  I was shocked.  No one has hardly seen that man since his father moved into our town five years ago.  Now he’s standing there at my door.  Lord help, now what did he want?  I was afraid he might be coming to take back what Mr. Wineland, Sr. had left me in his will.   I wasn’t sure whether to invite him in or call a lawyer.

I  invited him in and I swear he was as nice as he could be.  He sounded real sad that he and his father had been estranged for so long.  I told him that folks had wondered what had happened between them . He didn’t  say, so I didn’t push it.

He said he was going to be in town for a few days and would appreciate me helping him with a few things since I obviously had been a friend of his father’s.  

When he asked a good place to eat,  I suggested the Green Tomato Cafe, on the town square. He asked if I would go with him this evening to discuss his father’s house.  If you see us there, please don’t make a scene.  It’s just business.

Even if it is just business it might be interesting to get to know Junior a little bit better. Hope Faye can fix my hair.




8)Dinner and Mr. Winelund, Jr.

July 26th, 2009 Comments off

img472I want to thank those of you who passed by our table at the Green Tomato Cafe and did not stop to ask how I was and wait to be introduced to Mr. Winelund, Jr.   Those of you who did stop and inquire as to my health, well what can I say?

He was very complimentary about  the tasty meal and said he was glad to have found a good place to eat during his visit. I’m sure they’ll see much more of him.  

Anyway, we went over to his father’s house and discussed a few things. I guess I am the only one in town he has even a speaking acquaintance with, course that could change fast if he eats at the Green Tomato very many times.  Folks are friendly around here, especially to a good looking stranger. Oh there I go again,  I know I tend to say way too much.  

Mr. Winelund, Jr.  wants me to help put the house on the market. I had never been beyond the room where I saw Mr. Winelund, Sr., so I was surprised to see what a lovely home it is.  If you know anyone who might be interested, just let me know.

I am meeting Junior again to work out the details of what he wants for the house, etc.  I told him he should go to Johnnie’s Real Estate  but for some reason he insists on me handling it.  We’ll see. 

I hated to, but I told Marie that I wouldn’t be able to work for a while , and I called the Carter twins, and told them that I can’t plan a vacation for a while.  I could have refused him but I feel obligated to help, considering his father’s generosity to me, plus, I really find him to be most pleasant, even if he is on the quiet side.


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