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Early Wake Up Call

September 30th, 2009 Comments off


                      I read that when Jell-o is hooked up to an EEG,

                      it registers movements virtually idential

                      to the brain waves of a healthy adult.  I can believe that.

                      This morning, at 3:00 a.m. when my cell phone’s low

                      battery reminder  pierced through my deep sleep,

                      startling me into consciousness,

                      I bet my brain power was about the functioning level of

                      a big bowl of the quivering gelatin.


Future Super Model?

September 29th, 2009 1 comment


9426_1223736626449_1019994929_721786_7072547_nThis is Katelyn.  She is ten months old today. 

Wouldn’t she  be a super model for baby products?

I’m not sure what her parents, Mandy and Devin, will think of the idea, but I’m proposin’ that she move to L.A.  

Auntie M.  will become her agent, and  Ralph E. Boy will be her body guard.  

You know, to fight off the paparazzi!  

 Yeah, Katelyn, let’s do lunch.  I’ll bring the sippy cups!


My Special Kids

September 29th, 2009 3 comments


I was being ‘Stulled’ as a Resource Specialist Teacher.  That means the principal was evaluating me.  Many teachers hate being stulled, but I rather liked someone coming in and seeing what we were doing to help the children with learning disabilities. 

For the group of kids shown here,  I had built a unit of study around bears, (reading, writing, spelling, art, music,science, ) They enjoyed the theme and so did I.  

The administrator was Steve Siry (the one with the beard). The kids read poems and stories for him about bears, demonstrated their spelling of bear related words and even sang the ‘Fuzzy Wuzzy’ bear song.   Since that was the last day for the topic, the kids were encouraged to bring their own teddy bears to class as our culminating activity. img533

Mr Siry unexpectedly got into the spirit of the presentation and went  to his office and brought back an aviator bear that someone had given him, because he was a pilot. For a man who was extremely shy, it was a gracious act.

The kids loved his involvement and he said he had a lot of fun too. He gave me a very nice evaluation, which I appreciated.

Flavia, front row on the far right,  was at my retirement party.  Her brother, Adalid was in another group and he came too. It was wonderful to have them there.

This dear young woman is married and lives in the central valley of California. When we have one of our long phone conversations, as we did recently, she mentions how I taught them over and over to never give up (our class motto.)  She says it has helped her through some rough times.

Flavia is very kind and always tells me that she loves me and is praying for me.   She represents all the kids I worked with in my 40 years in Special Education . I hope their memories of me are equally generous and loving.

Holding Hands in Black Rock, Arkansas

September 29th, 2009 3 comments

Black Rock, Arkansas, c.1940

My brother was always popular with the girls and from this picture I see it started when he was quite young!  

Even with a wild haircut and bare feet, he had the situation under control.  I have a feeling someone said, “Now Jamie, hold Pauline’s hand.”

With her tongue planted firmly in her cheek, little Pauline was having thoughts of her own.  I’ve always wondered just what she was thinking.  

I would love a cute caption to go with the picture, if you can come up with one, please send it as a comment.

Pope Benedict XVI and Aretha, Queen of Soul

September 27th, 2009 Comments off


While Pope Benedict XVI was speaking in the Czech Republic of Prague, at the Medieval Prague Castle’s Spanish Hall, a spider crawled up his white robe all the way up to his face.  He swatted it away when it reached his ear, but it reappeared on his left shoulder and scampered down his robe.

Now I ask you, how many of those politicians and diplomats heard a word he said?  That spider stole the show.

It reminded me of a summer festival I attended in Milwaukee to see Aretha Franklin in concert.  Although she was once a skinny young person,  she had become a very large woman, carrying a lot of weight in her chest.

As if to accentuate this feminine feature, she was wearing a very low cut gown,  displaying an alarming amount of cleavage. Her chest was being hoisted upwards by two thin spaghetti straps, one of which kept falling off her shoulder.  Like a spider climbing up the Pope’s spotless white garment, it was, shall we say, distracting.  

It was terribly hot, and Aretha was trying to belt out her top hits to a mass of overheated folks slugging down cold drinks in the open-air arena. Although she didn’t seem to notice,  there were bets being placed all over the crowd as to how long the single strap could hold ’em.

The audience was filled with families, some hearing the Queen of Soul for the first time. Parents who had wanted to expose their children to this music legend  were holding their breaths that they wouldn’t be exposed to far more than they had anticipated.

Frankly, I was relieved when it was over, probably like the folks in Prague were when the pontiff walked away from the spider, later seen perched smartly on a web. (the spider, not the Pope.)

Lest you think I was being prudish about Aretha’s dress, the Milwaukee Journal reviewed the concert, and the reporter had been equally concerned about the massive strain on that single piece of fabric .  

Well, as they say, all is well that ends well: the Pope wasn’t bitten, and Aretha didn’t send shock waves throughout the midwest sausage festival.  Whew, that was a close one!

Schoolmarm Offended by Crossword Puzzle

September 26th, 2009 Comments off

The crossword puzzle clue for the four letter word was “schoolmarmish”.Photo 75

The answer?  prim

According to Roget’s Thesaurus prim means: stuffy, smug, old-maidish, priggish, overmodest, straitlaced, stiff-necked, narrow, consorious, sanctimonious, puritanical.

Hey!  I object!

I’m gonna have to write that puzzle maker and complain in my most smug, sanctimonious and puritanical way, and insist that the four letter word for Schoolmarmish should be changed to  . . . COOL!


Blogging is really expanding my mind. (photo fun)

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Photo 152

What?  Too much gel? 

Big Sister

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Because Linda and I were the ‘babies’ of the  family,

we were treated with much love and attention from

our older siblings.

This is Martha and me having a laugh as we posed

for her future husband, Bobby, to take our picture.

I loved the attention, and I loved them.  (and still do)






Cut Backs

September 25th, 2009 Comments off

img515The reflection in the executive bathroom mirror stared back in disbelief.  His job was gone. Just like that, his security had vanished.

He loosened his tie.  Splashing cold water on his face he dried it with a snowy white towel.

How could he go home and tell her?

He held the wet towel to his eyes.

What should he do next?

The door opened and without speaking the guy leaned down to the sink, and splashed water on his face.

Without a word they knew what the other was feeling.


One Man’s Woodpile

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It is said that you can tell something about a man by the way he keeps his woodpile.  hmmm

If you say that this one looks like the work of an organized, thoughtful, intelligent person,  someone who likes things kept in order,  someone who will go to great lengths to do things as well as possible, you would be right!

Well, well, well, I guess you can tell,  some things about a man’s style . . . just by looking at his woodpile!


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