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Thad and Tender

November 30th, 2009 Comments off


Wake up Thad, you’re snoring.

What?  Musta dozed off watching the news.

I don’t know why you watch CNN all day.  With those banners, you don’t just hear it but you read it over and over.

Yeah, well.

Want some coffee?

I’ll get it.  You want a cup?

No thanks.  That Thanksgiving dinner at St. Paul’s was something, wasn’t it?  People who never asked for help before coming for free food, looking down at their feet, so embarrassed.  I felt sorry for them.

I did too.  Father Baltz said he would talk with the city council and other pastors to see what they can do to help them through the winter months.  

Thank the Lord that we don’t have to worry about Sonny or Sissy. They both are doing well. 

Tender, you know Steven and Susan don’t want to be called those pet names any more. 

Oh, They just say that!  Thad, didn’t you think Claire and Andrew looked cute together?


Well, they looked good together, comfortable, like they belonged together.  I just know they are going to see each other again.

You know that do you?

Well, I hope so. If Claire will just allow herself to have fun again.  She said she feels guilty for enjoying life without Buddy.  This is the first time she has as much as looked at another man in two years.  

 Some people take a long time to get over losing someone.

Would you?

Would I what?

Don’t play dumb, would you take a long time getting over me?

Oh, a day and half at least.

Thad!  I’m serious.  I bet you’d be looking around at the funeral.

Now Tender, we’ve had this discussion before.

I know it and I never get satisfaction that you’d grieve for me a respectable amount of time.

And how long is that?  

I don’t know, but a respectable amount of time, ten or fifteen years.

Ten or fifteen years?  Do you know how old I’d be by then?

laughing – Yes, I do!

Why don’t you just plan on sticking around and then neither one of us will have to worry about it.  Okay?

I guess. mumbling I still would feel better if you’d just come out and say you’d never look at another woman.

Shhh, Tender, Wolf is back on.




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img730 Elva, is a student of Flamenco dancing. (see her in art/photo/dance.)  I saw her dance beautifully  in a recent performance of the CZ Flamenco Dance Company.

The intimate Morgan Wixson Theatre in Santa Monica, CA was filled with family and friends of the dancers, including my son, who invited me along to see his girl friend dance.

I was intrigued since the last time I saw Flamenco dancing in person was forty years ago in Spain.  (I don’t get out much do I?)

The dancers were striking in their brightly colored long dresses, sleek hair styles and posture.  As each entered and exited the stage, she moved slowly, confidently, with aloofness that said :  “I am a strong gypsy woman, and I’m calling the shots. ”

When they danced they came alive and you could feel the power of even the most petite woman. They moved with elegance, their arms and hands flowing gracefully as they swished their skirts, clapped their hands dramatically (called palmas) or clicked castanets.

The accompanists included the traditional heart and soul of the performance, the Spanish singing cantaor; an outstanding flamenco guitarist;  and a drummer who sat on a box-like drum called the cajon.  The three men were on stage throughout the performance interacting with the dancers through the music.

It was an exciting evening watching the small groups of mostly young women, mixing elegant turns and twists with graceful hand gestures, and energetic, vigorous, rhythmic stamping of heels in the dance style originated by Spanish Andalusian gypsies.

The dance instructor, Celina Zombon,  pictured on the cover of the program, gave two solo performances, demonstrating her professional status and skill as a flamenco dancer.  When she took center stage and began dancing on the special flooring, her feet were amazingly fast, and she kept up the hard, loud pace until  I was worn out, exhausted, just watching.  Couldn’t help but wisecrack about the lithe and limber  Celina, “No wonder she weighs 60 lbs.”

Ah, to be young again, like Elva, and brave enough to dance like a Andalusian gypsy, and have a good looking boy friend waiting at the stage door afterwards with a dozen red roses.

Oh well, guess I’ll have to settle for a boot scootin’ line dance in the family room with a dawg named Ralph E. Boy.

Tim and Mom

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    Lunch with my son at historic Olvera Street . . . priceless!    (You are paying, aren’t you?)


Photo: Linda Simpkins

News Flash!

November 28th, 2009 Comments off

A thief broke into the local police station and stole all the toilets and urinals, leaving no clues.

A spokesperson was quoted as saying, “We have absolutely nothing to go on.”

Passion Pill

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A woman complained to the doctor about her husband’s lack of passion.

“Give him one of these pills,” instructed the doctor,” and the problem should be


The next day the woman returned. “I gave my husband a pill and we waited,

but nothing happened.  So he took a second pill and within minutes was crazed

with passion. He sent the dishes crashing to the floor as he swept  the table clear

with one hand and flung me onto it with the other. You  cured him, but it was

more than I expected!”

“Oh, dear,” lamented the doctor, “I meant to warn you about taking more than

one pill at a time.  It’s my fault, the least I can do is pay for your dishes.”

“Thanks,” said the woman, “but it really isn’t necessary.

We’re never going back to that restaurant again.”

No Alarm ‘Marm

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Photo 156

You caught me!  Slugging down a cup of pretend coffee

and checking on the schoolmarm while still in my jams

at 10:00.  Why not?

After years of answering a 5:30 alarm, I don’t even

have one by my bed.


Clarence and Joe

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Clarence and Joe:

Clarence, the stress my boss puts me under is killing me. I have migraines,

my blood pressure is going through the roof, I can’t sleep at night,

I just found out I have an ulcer, and as long as I stay on this job,

the only question is whether I’ll have a stroke or a heart attack!”

“Man, why don’t you quit, Joe?”

“Are you kidding?  I have a great health plan!”

Museum Membership Drive

November 27th, 2009 Comments off

Have you visited the Randolph County Heritage Museum?  It  is a wonderful museum in downtown Pocahontas.  If you live there, or are from the area, or just want to make a donation to a worthy cause, will you consider becoming a member?

The museum is staffed by volunteers, so all donations go to the upkeep of the facility and to keep it admission-free.

My check is written, the form filled out, the envelope stamped, and addressed.  It will be in the mail tomorrow. Hope you will do the same.  This is the form that was in the Star Herald.  If you want to tell them you saw it at that is fine with me.  


Nativity Scenes

November 27th, 2009 1 comment

 img705Like most people I have traditions at Christmas. My number one tradition in home decoration, is displaying the nativity scene: it is the first thing to be put under the Christmas tree and the last thing to be removed. 

Tim, wearing a robe made by Mama,  is shown with (unlit) candles and the figurines I bought when I taught in Germany. On the back of the picture I wrote that he tried to read Baby Jesus a story one day.  

The German set lasted for many years.  Now I have several sets that I place around the house in December.  One favorite ceramic display is from  Wal-Mart in Pocahontas.   When I unwrap it, I remember being with Mama when I bought it, which adds even more meaning for me.

Another  manger scene is shown as individual ornaments hanging from the tree, another is musical, set in a rustic shed-like setting.  Some depictions are beautiful Hallmark ornaments sent over the years by my  sister, Linda. One tiny set, given to me by Sally, who was my special ed. assistant for nine years, is on display year round.  It is a reminder, not only of a dear friend, but of my dear Lord.

That does not mean that I don’t have Frosty, singing bears and walking Santas, sure I do.  I love whimsy and the fun side of the holiday, but I don’t want the true meaning to be lost among the jingling bells, as Ralphie and I go ‘rockin’ around the Christmas tree.’  

Whether we decorate or not, I think it gets down to this:  if we keep Christ in our heart on a daily basis, we certainly won’t forget him at Christmas.



On My Walk

November 26th, 2009 Comments off

I snapped a couple more pictures on my walk around the block yesterday. Is it really almost December?



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