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Jake Olson

January 31st, 2010 Comments off

Jake is a good looking thirteen year old boy from Huntington Beach, CA.   Emma, is his cute twin sister. They were guests at University Christian Church today, along with their parents.  The pastor, Scott Julian, is a friend of the family.

Maybe you saw a *video on Espn about Jake and his unusual involvement with the University of Southern California’s Football team.   Jake is a huge fans of USC, so one of his requests before losing his sight to cancer, was to see another USC game.  The Trojans invited  Jake and his family to a practice, with a visit to the locker room to meet the players.

An incredible friendship developed between Jake and the members of the team, and coach Pete Carroll.   They looked at this brave teenage boy with admiration, knowing if he could maintain a positive attitude  after all he had gone through, he was their kind of guy. They were inspired, and wanted to know where he got his hope in the face of such adversity.

img807On this subject,  Jake, who looks like a true California kid, is solid as a rock.  He gave his heart to Jesus as a very young child and his faith is still firmly intact. His answer for those who wonder how he can still have faith is:  “I believe God has a plan for my life.”

His family could be the folks next door.  They sit and answer questions sincerely and from the heart. They acknowledge how difficult it has been, but they believe God loves them, and that He will see them through.  

 Jake has a powerful partner in Emma, and great parents to lead the way.  I just know God is going to use them all for his glory. He works in mysterious ways, you know.




To get a book about Jake :  “My Life with Cancer Holding Jesus’ Hand“, send a donation of ten dollars to: 

Institute For Families          

1300 N. Vermont Ave. Suite 305         

Los Angeles,CA 90027

(The Institute for Families offers counseling and support to families facing the devastating diagnosis of visual impairment in their child.)

*To view the video of Jake’s story, go to and search for Jake Olson.  


On The Other Hand . . .

January 31st, 2010 1 comment

img788Since I passed on the word to delete the addresses before forwarding, I have kinda missed seeing all of those names, especially of people I know.  I am always wondering if the addresses have changed and they forgot to let me know.

I hadn’t mentioned that, since I was on my soap box saying, DELETE ALREADY!   I hate to be wishy washy , which  I don’t admire, but find myself being from time to time.

But, the following email made me say, ‘on the other hand.’

There are pros and cons to this action. If you want to contact someone from the past, an email is good. I can search your email for their contact. But, if there is no list, then an opportunity is lost.

I can monitor my email and I get a lot.
Just a thought.  If you were sending State secrets or slander, then you might not want to know who is on the list.

I answered that I didn’t think it was the State secrets or slander that had been a problem, but the concern was over the viruses that can hitch a ride on some of the addresses.

Do you have any additional thoughts to add to the discussion?  Please join in.

Goodbye January 2010

January 30th, 2010 Comments off

Goodbye, goodbye January .

It seems just yesterday that you were a day old and we were all celebrating your arrival.  Now, you are almost over.  You have made quite an impact.  It hasn’t been easy.  The world has known disasters and problems that will take many, many years to fix.

Go on then, go on with your bad self, let February dance in, shorter, brighter, filled with talk of love. Yeah, goodbye January, we need a fresh start.

Don’t worry, we’ll see you again, way too soon.


Peggy Digs Out!

January 30th, 2010 Comments off





Thanks Peggy for the picture, and congratulations for having a wonderful neighbor!



Live WebCam in Pocahontas

January 30th, 2010 Comments off


The Randolph County Heritage Museum has added a webcam to their facility.  If you go to their site you can get a view of part of the square.  For those who know the town, you will see in a distance the ‘new’ courthouse and up closer you will see the corner of the ‘old courthouse.

The museum is hoping to increase the viewing capability of the webcam and show more of the square, but for now, it is very cool to get a glimpse of my hometown.

Not much going on now, but traffic can be seen going through to connect with the highway.  For someone like me, 2,000 miles from home, it is a sweet sight.

I joined the museum and I hope you will support them too.  It is expensive to run any operation, and depending on donations is tough in these times.


Another Rescue: China is Adopted

January 30th, 2010 Comments off



Abandoned in the Vet’s office,

China tugged at the heart of

Toto’s dear friend  and loving companion, Wanda.

After a long discussion with Toto, as how it would4709_1088811145033_1369099793_30253726_5710259_n

be to share his very cozy accommodations,

Toto cautiously agreed with adding a sister to the family .  

China thanks them both with her sweet, playful personality, and says,

Just wait and see, you’ll be glad you adopted me!”  


Snowy South: Paragould, Arkansas

January 29th, 2010 Comments off


Winter has definitely come to the South, as shown in these pictures from Paragould, Arkansas.  

I love the fact that the Arkansans who live here are not just admiring the beauty of their fine feathered friends through the window, but they are providing for them. Look at that bird feeder, full of nutritional food.  

It must please the Creator, because as we know, He keeps track of the Sparrows, too. (Luke 12:6  Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies? Yet not one of them is forgotten by God.) This is a another example of how we are His hands extended on this earth.


New Country Song

January 29th, 2010 Comments off



                “She was only a whiskey maker, but he loved her still.”




Jeff Archer Parodies a Warning

January 29th, 2010 1 comment



                                 Randy Scott on Facebook quoted his friend Jeff Archer and

                                 I’m quoting  him here for all you good folks who need to slow

                                 down out there!


                                  Ice on the ground—Ice on the ground—-

                                  Drivin’ like a fool when there is ice on the ground—

                                  look at you now—car spinnin’ around—

                                  drivin’ like a fool when there’s ice on the ground!!!



Thanks  Randy and Jeff, in Southern California we need to slow down in the rain.  Hydroplaning is not a fun way to fly.

Soap Box: Forwarding

January 29th, 2010 1 comment

img788 In regard to the blog I shared about using the Bcc (blind copy) for mass mailing: someone wrote to me that they had received the same    email, and the person who forwarded it, had all the addresses exposed. He hadn’t deleted one!  Did he even read it before he hit forward?  Makes you wonder.

Some people just forward every thing that comes their way and frankly they become a nuisance. My friends are selective in what they forward, and so I get really cool stuff which I often pass on to you. Anything related to art, beauty, creativity, humor, I love to get.

However, I’ve had my fill of anything imploring me to send it to ten friends so I will get a great reward for doing it, usually in the next hour.

I will say, now while that I am perched on this soap box, that I don’t wish to receive any political emails, pro or con.  I especially  don’t want to receive any that spew hate: they just make me think less of the person who sent it.

Well, I feel better.  Every house needs a cleaning, so does our cyber home.  Let’s keep it uplifting and beneficial, and feel free to send this on to your overly -generous- with -the-forwarding button – friends, acquaintances and relatives. They mean well.

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