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Dr. Crank E. Shrink

April 30th, 2010 Comments off

Dear Dr. Shrink,

I’ve been saying for sixty years that life wasn’t worth living and people are no good. See, I’m right.  I’m all by myself and no body comes to see me.

Signed, Minnie from Milwaukee



Dear Minnie,

Sounds like you’re getting what you’ve been giving., you grumpy old thing!

I know, I know, it takes one to know one!

C.E.  Shrink

World War II

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Japanese Ace Hiroyoshi Nishizawa shot down over 80 planes.

He died while a passenger on a cargo plane.

Ambassador of Goodwill

April 29th, 2010 Comments off

Ralph E. Boy is a loving little Cockapoo.  Even though he is around 7 years of age, he still looks like a puppy.

Here he is with Sandy, who has become part of Ralphie’s circle of friends.  When he sees Sandy, he runs to meet him, jumps up and down and shows great excitement.

It brings a laugh to the 85 year old, and as we know, that is good medicine.  I tell Ralphie he is an Ambassador of Goodwill, and I believe Sandy would agree.

Emails With Whiskers

April 29th, 2010 1 comment

When I first got online, several years ago, I printed out a lot of interesting things I received.  I was looking through them recently.

I couldn’t believe how many of them, going back to  2000,  are  still being circulated today.  They seem to have taken on a life of their own.  Some are clever, funny, cute or poignant, but others are just as misguided and false as they were a decade ago.

Don’t you think we are all growing in our sophistication of this electronic world?  No longer do we automatically accept as fact what we read.  By quickly checking or similar sites we more often than not find the word false in bold red print.  Some of the misinformation is harmless enough, but some is intended to defame and degrade.  That’s the stuff that rattles my cage.

Even with the craziness that is out there, the misuse that invariably happens, there is still so much to learn, so many good things to share . . . it makes for an exciting world, full of possiblities.

Wow, wonder what the next ten years will bring!

Ben Said . . .

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Genius is nothing but a greater aptitude for patience.

Ben Franklin

Analogy Anyone?

April 28th, 2010 1 comment

I decided that this oleander needed to be trimmed down to below the wires from the telephone pole.  I was trying to prevent a problem with the lines.  Unfortunately, I pruned it so severely that it must have gone into shock.  In time it died and had to be removed.  It had been a beautiful addition to my backyard and my neighbor liked the added privacy it offered.

There have to be analogies to life in this little incident, anyone care to offer up one?


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Jimmy Simpson is a man familiar with the natural world’s

callingto solace and healing. He brings this vivid awareness

to his poetry, as he takes us into a dark place made brighter

by connecting to that primal source.

Let him take you there, in Pathways to Peace.

The Poet: Pathways of Peace

April 27th, 2010 Comments off

Pathways Of  Peace


by Jimmy L. Simpson


Now lost in time but rendered no less sweet

My heart and soul remember yesterday

When meadows passed beneath my shoeless feet

Like verdant waves that carried me away;

To hidden glades in forests cool and wide

That told of passing time and God’s own lore

While merry streams traversed the countryside

From rugged mountain face to valley floor.

Though life was hard and home a barren land

Of endless pain that offered no release

The God of Heaven held me in His hand

Along each perfect avenue of peace.

Those times were mine alone to profit by

As I became a part of earth and sky.



photo: M. Taylor

Button, Button

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Tom’s California Oranges

April 27th, 2010 1 comment

Tom lives on the next street over from me.  When I met him he immediately captured my attention because he had a song in his heart, and he had written it!  He sang it for me as we walked around the block, and it was very good. That was just one of many he had written.

Tom is a man with many interests and even though he isn’t in the greatest health, his 85th year of life, he still has a broad smile and a cheerful countenance.  I enjoy sharing with him and the twinkle in his eye says he enjoys talking with me too.

I hoped he would be outside raking the leaves, as he often is.  I had my camera to take his picture.  Yay!  There he was under the orange tree, working away.  Friendly as ever, he agreed for me to take his picture and to post it on the website.  I told him I wanted to show his orange tree.  He had me to pick a couple so I could evaluate them and tell him what I thought of their flavor.  I’m sure they’ll be delicious.

I noticed his hand was bandaged; he explained. Two days earlier he was taking his daily walk to mass at St. Jerome’s Catholic Church, three or four blocks away, when a dog attacked him.  I knew exactly who he was talking about; it was the big dog with the homeless guy  at the off ramp of the San Diego Fwy.  The two of them look really rough, but they are there regularly hoping for donations from drivers.

Tom said he just walked by and the dog lunged at him, leaving him in a pool of blood while the ambulance came and took him to the emergency hospital for fifteen stitches.  He was in sight of the church, but he didn’t make it this time.

The oranges became secondary to the story at that point.  I asked to say a prayer with him and he said sure.

As a Rabbi wrote in his book, bad things do happen to good people.  This is just another example of that.  I’ll give the oranges a taste, but more  importantly, I’ll keep praying for my friend, Tom.  Guess I’d better pray for the homeless guy too.

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