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Albi Cathedral, Albi, France

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Sunday Feature: Churches of the World




The present cathedral was preceded by other buildings.

The first: fourth century, was destroyed by fire in 666.

The second, 920, was replaced in the thirteenth century by a stone Romanesque cathedral.

The Gothic cathedral which we see today was constructed in brick between 1282 to 1480 in the wake of the Albigensian heresy and the brutal crusade which suppressed it, with great loss of life.

In the aftermath of the bloodshed, the cathedral’s dominant presence and fortress-like exterior were intended to convey the power and authority of the Christian faith.

photo and text: wikipedia commons

Two of a Kind

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These bright and handsome fellas have the same captivating blue eyes and pretty blond hair. Why, they even have a similar taste in fashion. Not only that, but they share the same first name.

I’ll give you a hint: it is the same as the boy who climbed up the beanstalk; the boy who was so nimble he jumped over the candle stick; and the boy who climbed the hill with a girl named Jill, to fetch a pail of water.

That’s right. Meet two Jacks!

Younger Jack, on the left, is growing up in Texas, and his counterpart Jack is doing  great in Missouri. We think they are terrific little boys and we are happy to have them as part of the Schoolmarm family.

Now be careful out there, Jack and Jack,  don’t go climbing up beanstalks, jumping over candles or going up steep hills with the girls. We want to keep you safe and sound!

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