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Cindy Bratcher’s Collections of all things Coca Cola!

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This is Cindy and her ever-growing collection of all things Coca Cola.

She says that most of the tins have been purchased at garage sales over the years and on E-Bay .

Like many collections, hers  started innocently enough but soon started taking over the place, as family, friends, and even strangers added to her growing collection.

Her home is so interesting that some say it is like visiting a museum. Kids really love it.

Thanks Cindy.

So, what do YOU collect?  Send me a picture!

Quote: Joan Rivers

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“Thank God we’re living in a country where the sky’s the limit.


The stores are open late

and you can shop in bed thanks to television.”



photo: Wikipedia commons

Miss Minnie

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Miss Minnie:

She could see teenagers Sam and Ty at her front door.

“Come in boys.”

“Hi Miss Minnie, would you like for us to rake up your leaves?”

” I sure would appreciate it.  The rakes are in the shed. When you finish I’ll have you a cool drink.”

Minnie watched through the window.  When they had raked and sacked the leaves she called to them. “Come on in boys, you must be getting hot out there. She poured tall glasses of icy lemonade  and sat out a plate of sugar cookies.”

They washed their hands before sitting at the small round kitchen table.

” How much do I owe you?”

“We don’t want any money, do we Ty?” Sam said.

“Well . . . no ma’am.  Mom said to do it  for nothin’.”

“She’s a good neighbor. I hope when you’re old some boy will rake your leaves for you.”

They looked at each other and grinned.

“That’s called Karma.  You get back what you give out, or something like that.”

They nodded as if they understood.

“Tell you what, boys, there’s some stuff for a garage sale in that box over there.  Do you want it?”

“What kind of stuff?” Ty asked.

“Small appliances mostly.  Folks give me more than I can use. I don’t need two of everything!  I cleaned out my kitchen good.”

Ty looked at Sam and said, “Sure, why not?”

They lugged the big box to the truck . Ty said,  “Man, look at all this stuff!”

Sam looked and said, ” I’ll be right back.”

He knocked on the door. “Miss Minnie.  You could sell that stuff yourself, are you sure you want to give it away?”

“I’m more than sure Sam, now give your Mama my regards and tell her you did a great job.”

He stood taller, “Yes ma’m I will.”

As she closed the door, she heard him give a whoop and yell,  ” SELL IT AGAIN STORE, here we come! “

Family Tree – The Niberts

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One of the joys of this blog for me is that I can share with you the wonderful people in my life. This is my sister Martha, her husband Bobby, son Don, and daughter Suzanne.  Their family has grown to include 3 grands and four great grandchildren. They are a loving, fun branch of our family tree.

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