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Texas Bluebonnets

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Even Mother Nature loves Texas!  Just take a drive down Highway 306 from New Braunfels to Purgatory Road (almost to Canyon Lake )   There are Bluebonnets everywhere!  Yeah, she’s showin’ off, Texas style!


Thanks to the Browns for passing on the photo.


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Lorraine lives up the block from me.  I had seen her many, many times and wondered, not only why, but how she could endure the hours of sitting in that hunchover position. It seemed every time I walked by she was working on her yard, on her hands and knees.

I stopped one day when she was bent low pulling weeds in her front yard, and asked her why she worked so very hard at the back breaking job.

Her answer was simple, “I want a pretty yard and I don’t want weeds.  If I were not working on my own yard, I’d be down at the wetlands helping them there.  I like to be in touch with nature.”

I’ve seen her yard transformed several times due to her unending devotion.

In April I approached her with my camera and after talking a few minutes, I asked permission to take a picture.  She agreed.  I again asked her how she was managing to stay in that bent position, telling her my back would never allow me to do that.  Lorraine said her back hurt  terribly, but she was determined to do what she wanted to do and she wanted to remove a grass that spread in large spider like ways instead of what she had expected from the new seeds.

She added that it was also therapy for her.  I had known that John, her husband, had been ill for some time, but I didn’t know he had passed away the week before. He was 85 and they’d been married over 60 years.

A couple of neighbors stopped by while I was talking with her.  They extended their condolences and offers of  help.

Ater they left we picked up our conversation: Lorraine said that she needed to be doing what she was doing, until her kids and grandkids came to spend some time. I asked how she would make it alone, and she realistically said, “We’ll see.”

We talked for a few minutes more before I continued my walk around the block, and she continued digging up weeds with a vengeance.

Say a prayer for Lorraine as she starts this phase of her life, will you please?  There may be lots of stubborn weeds in her future.

Ain’t it the truth!

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