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A Son Says Thanks for Helping His Mom

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My elderly neighbor often needs someone to take her to appointments and to help her make phone calls, etc. In getting to know her, she and I have become friends.  I try to be available to help her, remembering the times a friend named Hattie stepped in to help my mother. Since I couldn’t be there to help Mama, I feel helping my neighbor is kinda ‘payback’ for not being there for Mama.

My friend’s son may feel the same way. To show his appreciation for my helping his mother he sent me an absolutely gorgeous bouquet.  They were delivered unbloomed, so I  have had the fun of watching the bouquet come to life.

Ten deep blue Irises standing 20″ tall filled the clear vase that came with it. Beautiful!

I wasn’t sure what the other flowers were; they didn’t bloom until the Irises started to fade.   But when they did . . . Wow! Stargazer Lilies burst forth with amazing color and I had the surprise of a second bouquet.

The box had on it in large letters.  I must say I am impressed with the quality of their flowers.  Not only am I grateful to the generous son who gave me the flowers, but I am happy to know of such a great place to order flowers.

I will name as a cool site, and a man named Eddie as a cool son. Thanks to both.

Dr. Crank E. Shrink

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Dear Dr. Shrink,

I’m worried about my memory.  What should I do?


Frank from Fort Wayne, Indiana



Dear Frank,

Do what I do, just forget about it!

C.E.  Shrink

Book Club: Ann Packer

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As the back of the cover asks, “How much do we owe the people we love?  Is it a sign of strength or weakness to walk away from someone in need?  These questions lie at the heart of Ann Packer’s intimate and emotionally thrilling new novel . . . when her fiance Mike is paralyzed in a diving accident , leaving seems unforgivable – and yet more necessary than ever. The Dive from Clausen’s Pier animates this dilemma – and Carrie’s startling response to it . . .”

Glamour:  “Ambitious . . . Both a colorful chronicle of life in Wisconsin and New York City . . . and a serious, moving meditation on the nature of love and loyalty.”

Who Said That?

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Clarence and Joe:

Hi Joe, who’d I see you talking with over there?

That was Elmer’s son Delmer.  He is is one sad sack.  As a guy said, some people cause happiness    wherever they go; others whenever they go.

That was Oscar Wilde, wasn’t it?

No, it was Jim down at the barber shop.

Who’s on First?

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Guest Writer: Jonnie Cline

My son Jake is the coach of a Pee Wee baseball team.  I just got in from watching them play. They won. I had forgotten how funny they can be.

One little feller looked to be about 3 feet tall, and a right hand batter, ran up to the plate and got in the left hand batter’s box.  He had his knees bent, his little butt swishing side to side, and the top of his bat circling around.

Jake was yelling at him, trying to get him to get in the right spot,  but he didn’t understand; finally  Jake yelled, “Where is home plate?”

The little guy looked down, then looked at Jake and shrugged like , ‘I don’t know’.

The ump picked him up, and put him in the right spot.  He looked down, saw home plate and yelled to Jake “I found it coach“.  Everyone cracked up.

The whole game was like that.  Four players ending up in a pile trying to get a ball that rolled right past them to the out field.  Jake yelled,  “Call the ball guys, call the ball!”

One of the bewildered six year olds yelled back,  “Call it what coach?”

Most of Jake’s team are 6 year olds who have never played before, but they sure have a good time.

Thanks Jonnie for sharing with us about Jake’s team.  It is a wonderful age. A team sport is often the first experience some kids get at following rules of a game, learning the give and take of a group effort, and learning that there is more to playing than winning the game.

Thanks Jake for coaching.  We need good men out there to lead the way because once in a while we all need someone to help us find our way back ‘home’.

P.S. Jake, if you’ll send me a picture of your team, I’ll add it to the blog.  Mary    

A Star in His Eyes

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A dog doesn’t have a lot to do, so maybe that is why one of Ralphie’s favorite things is to watch me cook dinner.  He stretches out full length in the family room, and props his head up on the step leading to the kitchen.  With such a great view he settles in to enjoy his own private reality show.

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