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A Gift for the Moms

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After our Bible study this week, some of us stayed to prepare 300 pots of flowers to be given to the Mothers for Mother’s Day.  It was good to put into practice the acts of generosity and service that we study about with our terrific leader, Perry.

A Different Point of View

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Isn’t this a beautiful day Gertie?

The pollen is awful bad.

Look at that Robin sitting on the mailbox, pretty as you please.  I love my Robins.

Probably make a mess on that mailbox, then it won’t be so pretty.

I don’t worry about that.  Say, your kids coming to visit you this weekend?

I’m afraid so.


Well, I’m glad to see them if they just won’t stay too long.

How long is too long?

Long enough to mess up the place.  I think they’d do just as well to stay down the street in that  fine motel.  Ive told them so too.


I know you think that’s terrible ’cause  you always gather folks in like a mother hen with her chicks.  Well, that’s you and this is me.


Is that all you can say Sonia? hmmmmm?

Some times, Gert, friends have to know when to keep their mouths shut, and this one of them times.


Outlook? Sunny!

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Gather ’round folks, I’m on my soap box again!


Do you knowBrad Montgomery, the motivational speaker?  He’s a funny guy, but he’s serious when he says, “Optimists aren’t always right. But they are always happier.”

I agree with Brad.  I looked at life through negative lens for a long time and all it produced was anxiety, fear, discord and unhappiness.

One of my goals for the rest of my journey is to project the positive, look for the good, try to hold on to an optimistic view of life, no matter what it holds.

Someone accused me of ‘sugar coating’ things.  I guess it bothered her that I would counteract negative outlook with the positive side.  The person who said it has a different point of view than I do and she has a right to that.  But she worries all the time and I try very hard NOT to do that.

It doesn’t mean that I am pollyannish.  It doesn’t mean that my head is in the sand and I refuse to acknowledge things that are going badly, of course not.  It just means that where I have a choice, I will choose to think optimistically.

When I allow myself to get anxious, fearful, or worried, it seems that I have consumed a bitter acid.  Why shouldn’t I want a sweet taste in my mouth?  That sweet taste comes from faith in Someone bigger than me who is in charge.

It is a challenge to be optimistic in today’s world, but I pray to be that way.  How about you?


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from my bookmark collection

This bookmark, with a sweet comment on the back,

was given to me in 1985 by a person I still consider a true friend

although we rarely see each other any more.

Yes, June is someone I know I could call in time of need or in time of joy .

I thank God for such a friend.

Cracking Wise

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A shinbone is for finding furniture

in the middle of the night

and I have the bruises to prove it!

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