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Mother’s Day, 2010

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On Mother’s Day my brother arranged telephone calls to me and the other sisters who live far away.  The days of newsy hour long calls are gone, but Mama enjoys hearing from us and it is wonderful to hear her voice.

Here is Mama with her roommate, Nina Bottoms;  with Jamie; on the phone; and opening a gift from Linda.Yes, I know how fortunate I am, at 67, to still be able to call my Mama and tell her how much I love her.

Thanks Jamie for the pictures.

St. Timothy’s

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For a time I drove by St. Timothy’s every week. It is located on Pico and Beverly Glen, in Los Angeles. Naturally it caught my attention because of the name. My son was a little boy at the time and seeing his name on a church always made me smile.

May I do a little preachin’ today?  For Mother’s Day? Thank you.

Paul the apostle called Timothy ‘My true son in the faith’. We have a record of two letters he wrote to him, giving solid advice to the young man about many areas of life.  You can tell Paul was counting on him to carry on the work.

In 2 Timothy 6 Paul refers to two women who had influenced Timothy’s life: his grandmother Lois and his mother Eunice.  Paul said he knew of their sincere faith and he believed they had passed that on to Timothy, but he needed to ‘stir up’ or fan the flame of his belief, and not to be afraid.  He added something that has become a source of strength for many people, including me:

KJ: For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power and of love, and of a sound mind.  Be not thou therefore ashamed of the testimony of our Lord . . .NIV: For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline. So do not be ashamed to testify about our Lord . . .

This admonition is, of course, not just for boys named Timothy, but for all of us.  And, Eunice and Lois were not the only women who are called to instill faith in our children, we all are.  Even when they doubt and pull away under other influences we must continue to pray for their safe return.

On Mother’s Day we usually sit back and are honored, but Moms, don’t forget to add your blessing to your children and grandchildren. It is our greatest honor and responsibility.

Happy Mother’s Day, every day, and thanks for listening.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mother Nature

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Parrot Tulip

We often call the creative, dynamic side of God, Mother Nature.

Look at her strutting her stuff at John Hayter’s home in Illinois.

She’s working her magic, bringing back perennials in a glorious show of beauty.

This is one side of the old girl that we truly love!


A Son Remembers With Appreciation

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Guest Writer: Stanley Hicks
I think we may all kind of take our Moms & Dads for granted until we become Moms & Dads.
This feeling I think occurs mostly in our teen years when we start to think we know it all and sure don’t need all those rules and regulations that parents hand down.
Then the time comes for you to leave the nest and all of a sudden you have to start thinking and doing for your self. You soon realize how many hats Mom had to wear to get you where you are now.
I think this is the time we start to look back to all those times when Mom was always taking care of the family needs and she always had to be last in line for so many things.
Back in my day most mothers did not work out side of the home. In fact Moms of that era had no other training except house work and raising a family. I am sure that being a house wife helped to hold family’s together simply by the fact that house work was all they had ever done.
Mom lived with us her last 18 months and even though we knew that she sure didn’t want to interfere with her children’s life (and she didn’t) it was our turn to take care of her.
I never will forget the first words out of her mouth the day she fell and broke her hip,
Oh, Stanley I am so sorry still thinking she was making it hard on us.
She will soon be gone three years and there is not a day goes by that I don’t see or think of something that brings Mom to my thoughts: some funny, some sad, but all filled with love.

Aging Parents

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Much to my mother’s  regret, she never learned to drive a car.  She felt the full impact of it  after Daddy became ill and could no longer drive.

During the years that my brother worked at the radio station and was gone all day, my sister Norma Sue became Mama’s main source of transportation.

Although I know it had to have been hard for Norma to always work Mama into her busy schedule, she did. They had at least one day a week together, ‘running around’ taking care of errands, buying groceries and keeping the cupboards filled. If Mama ever wanted to go any place any other day, all she had to do was ask.

After Daddy passed and Jamie retired, he was able to take care of the grocery shopping and other things that Mama could no longer manage.  Norma visited for a couple of hours a day to keep Mama company,  sharing things that only daughters and mothers can share.  It was a special time for both.

The children who live the closest to aging parents usually carry the brunt of responsibility in meeting their daily needs. I am deeply grateful to Norma for all she did, and for Jamie assuming the caretaker role.

Martha& Bobby (MO) and Linda & Sidney (GA) were wonderful to visit often and care for the house: painting, papering, refreshing, carpet cleaning etc.   They cooked, cleaned, brought  supplies and tried to anticipate Mama’s needs.  She appreciated their help and looked forward to their visits.  The laughter and fun they brought with them lifted her spirits.

One of the problems associated with having parents live into their late nineties is that the children are getting older too.  In my family, we are all seniors, ranging from 80’s to  60’s. Each one of us has our own health issues, some of them serious.  It is the time in life when we have to receive our own help.  That is why we are so grateful that Mama is receiving excellent care in Randolph Home.

As a family we can send her cards, letters and pictures, and tell her we love her when we see her, but nothing is as it once was, nor will ever be again.  It is sad, but a reality of life.  I want to thank my siblings for everything they have done for Mama and Daddy. May you receive as richly as you hve given of yourself.  I love you all.

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