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Saying Goodbye to Dolly and Cupcake

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Okay, I admit it, I call myself ‘Mommy’ to Ralphie.

To anyone who does not have a furry companion that probably sounds utterly ridiculous. I am surprised at myself how much I love that little critter.  What can I say?  He makes me happy.  He never holds a grudge, is so good natured, protective, eager to please, and he makes me laugh.  He has become part of the family.

I’m sure that is how Bernice and her family feel about Dolly and Cupcake too. That’s why the grief they are feeling this week is very real.  Dolly and Cupcake died within days of each other.  They had led long, happy lives, and they are already greatly missed in the Betroni home.  From all of us at . . . Rest in peace Little Ones.


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Puerto Rico, Cool Vacation

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Rincón, Puerto Rico has a population of about 17,000 and is the third richest municipality only after Carolina and San Juan. It is located in the Western Coastal Valley, and is home to many of the best surfing beaches in Puerto Rico.

In March, a friend from High School days, Freeda Carolyn Osofsky,  took her daughter Kirsten, and her two grandsons on a week long trip to that beautiful spot.  Seven year old Griffin is out of sight at the moment, but  two year old Luke is pictured here,  sitting with grandma, on their balcony located right on this beautiful beach.

Carolyn’s good friend built a house there last year, so I have a feeling she will be seeing more of the friend, and more of Puerto Rico in the future!  Enjoy.

Luke doesn’t care where he is, as long as he is with grandma!

Cat’s Meow!

May 10th, 2010 2 comments

My neighborhood has gone to the dogs.

Let me restate that. There are  twenty dogs within our section of 35 homes on our block. Ralphie is just one of them.

Since I rarely see a cat any more,  I was surprised to see a stray kitty prancing around, belonging to no one.

He was hungry . I wanted to feed him but I didn’t because I knew he’d think he had found a new home and I just couldn’t take him in.  Ralphie is enough of a responsibility. But when he started sleeping on the comfy cushion in the chair by my front door, I felt better at least knowing he had a safe place at night.

Ralphie got upset, but was instructed to “Leave the cat alone!”  He adjusted rather quickly seeing that the intruder was not allowed in the house.

The  cat’s beautiful blue eyes were sad, he cried, and was obviously homeless. My heart was touched,  but I knew that I just could not invite him to join our little family.

I heard that the neighbors across the street were interested in him and when they put out the welcome mat he eagerly accepted their kindness and good food.  He even tolerated a flea bath, a trip to the vet and the other feline who lived there.  With a full tummy he  filled out and became quite a handsome fellow.

When he came over a few days later  to walk the wall and talk a little, I took his picture. He walked confidently with a cool swagger and said not only did he have a new blue collar, but he had a new name too.

He says his new family, Lisa, Mike and Amy had christened him  . . . Bubba!

I told him how happy I was for his good fortune, that his life had taken a change for the better.  He stretched, licked his paws, winked a blue eye and  meowed,

Yeah, Bubba’s got it made now, Baby!”

Advice: Dr. Crank E. Shrink

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Dear Dr. Shrink,

I am in a relationship with a wonderful girl but I am afraid she thinks I am better than I am.  She has me on a pedestal of sorts and I am afraid when she sees that I am just an ordinary guy, with problems of my own that she won’t like me.  What can I do?

Signed, Leonard

Dear Leonard,

With all the problems in the world you bother me with stupid questions like this?  If she thinks you are so hot she must be as nutty as you are.  Pack up your pedestal and get out of here!

C.E. Shrink

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