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Mr. Know it All: England

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What profession in England has the highest rate of suicide?

According to CNN, that would be Veterinary.

Ralphie, Ralphie

May 13th, 2010 Comments off

This is Ralphie with the object of his adoration.   I call her Bessie Mae, after the song Beseme Mucho.

He is crazy about ‘her’. When we go for walks he eagerly runs back to the house to ‘play’ with Bessie Mae.

Sometimes I get tired of seeing his display of affection and I toss the well worn cushion into the garage.  He forgets about her for a while but then the urge returns and he starts a high pitch whining, and nothing will cause him to stop except Bessie Mae.  I try to understand, knowing that all of us need a soft place to fall, but sometimes his show of affection can be down right embarrassing.

He got on the couch once and tried to explain, but it all sounded too much like, ‘blame the mother’ sort of thing so I said to save it for the therapist.  Yeah, he has an appointment next week with a Freudian specializing in canine infatuations.  I figure it is a good investment in his mental well being, if he is ever going to make it in an Ivy League School. I mean, I have to think of his future, right?

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