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Book Club: Bebe Moore Campbell

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In 1992 Bebe Moore Campbell wrote her first novel. It is a powerful reflection of the racial climate in this country from the ’50s to the late ’80s.

Even though much has changed in Civil Rights since that time, things are far from ‘right’.  From some of the emails I get, and comments I read on Facebook, even in coded language, I know all too well that progress in this area is on a slippery slope.

I worked with minority children for almost 40 years, and it is naive of me to think my race didn’t matter.  No matter how kind or helpful I was, no doubt I was seen first and foremost as a white woman in a place of authority.  Although I established what I considered strong bonds with adults and children, I no longer fool myself into thinking there was ever complete trust.  I’m not sure if it is possible to totally earn it in the eyes of some people because motives will always be questioned, but I know my heart.

Reading books like this can be painful;  the truth hurts, but I don’t want to fool myself any more.  I need to know how I may be perceived in the eyes of those I meet.  God help us all to see beyond our differences.  We really are more alike than different, if we could just focus on that.

Time Magazine’s review: Remarkable . . . In clean elegant prose, Campbell offers a powerful reminder that racism is a crime for which everyone pays. “

Bebe Moore Campbell: 1950-2006

Glue is Glue

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Clarence and Joe:

You know Clarence, I hear that if you use Super Glue on your face it’ll clean up them little black heads and stuff.

No, Joe, No!  That’s ELMER’s Glue, NOT Super Glue.  Super Glue would be a very BAD idea!

Well I guess I better be goin’.  I told the wife about it and I saw her with the glue.

Hurry Joe, hurry!

Lordy, lordy, she’s gonna kill that boy.

Quote: Amelia Earhart

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Never interrupt someone doing

what you said couldn’t be done.

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