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Nature’s Fancy

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Isn’t this unusual and pretty?

It looks as if it could start dancing across the lawn at any moment.

Wistful Wisteria.

Hold My Place Please

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From my bookmark collection:

Words Live On: Tomorrow’s Woman

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A couple of years ago my reading ‘buddy’ was absent, so the teacher selected a sweet little girl named Kayla to take her place. Before we read together, we chatted. Kayla more than held her own.

With a lilt to her voice the second grader spoke lovingly of her family, but included that her thirteen year old brother sometimes teased her. I asked what she did in return. She said without hesitation,

“I tell him that love is the answer to hate.”

“Really Kayla? Who taught you that?” I asked.

She replied brightly, “Dr. Martin Luther King said that. Love is the answer to hate.”

What impressed me the most was the truth she gave to the words. In Kayla, Dr. King’s message lives on. Maybe her generation will live to see love triumph over hate. It is a big order, but with more children growing up with Kayla’s attitude, there’s hope.

We continued our talk for a while before reading a wonderfully warm family story titled, The Patchwork Quilt, by Valerie Flouroy and illustrated beautifully by Jerry Pinkney.

Thanks Kayla for reminding us that children are listening, and that our positive (or negative) words have an impact for the future, as well as today.

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