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A Reminder

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From my Bookmark Collection:

Distributed by Intouch Ministries, Dr. Charles Stanley, Atlanta, GA

Book Club: The Sacred Echo

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This is a book that I highly recommend for insight into your prayer life. I’m studying it with a group at church, but it is well worth reading on your own.

Margaret Feinberg addresses many issues with prayer that we often feel but never express.  She is quick to admit that she doesn’t have all the answers, and it makes her more believable.

Dr. Gary Smalley wrote:  Margaet Feinberg’s the Sacred Echo gave me a new perspective on prayer.  Very well written and thought-provoking, it helped me see prayer in a fresh new light.  Simply a must-read if your prayer life is stuck or in a rut.

Craig L. Blomberg, PhD wrote:  An exuberant introduction to the quiet but profound ways God speaks most of the time to most people, laced with delightful personal illustrations, yet solidly and biblically grounded.

Mary Taylor, Schoolmarm, This is a good book to read and discuss with another person.  Why not ask your spouse, your friend or significant other to read it with you? Learning more about a part of life that we rarely discuss or understand will surely draw you closer to God and to each other.

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