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Ezra Jane’s May Report

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Hello Friends,

Well, I hope I’m not getting senile but I plum forgot to write you folks this month.  I have been exceedingly busy and that is my excuse.  It may not be a good one but I’m stickin’ to it.

Things are hopping around my house since I started the remodeling.  I tell you, I’ve had to double up on my Clairol!

Now, the boys doing the job are just wonderful and I couldn’t be happier with them.  Ernestine recommended her brother Calvin and his sons, the Lodi Brothers.  So far they have been here on time and stayed late.  The problem I have is that they don’t seem to get as much done in a day’s time as I expect.  They are good, but slow, if you take to my meaning.

But like I say, Ernestine, I am not complaining, yet.

Don’t forget the dinner party at the Elks Lodge for Memorial Day.  Folks are encouraged to wear their uniforms from their military service, if they can still get into them.  Those of us who never served are to wear black arm bands in memory of those who went in our place.

Music will be provided by Earl, Roy, George and Eddie, the barbershop quartet from Marmaduke.  They will sing songs from different war eras.  I hear they are just delightful.

The weather is turning hot and it is about time.  We had more snow and rain this past winter than I can remember. A few months of hot, sticky, scorching, breath taking weather will run up the electric bill, but it will feel good for a change.  Of course we’ll be complaining pretty soon, guess we’re never satisfied.

That’s it for now.  Whenever Calvin and the Lodi Brothers get my house ready, which I hope is soon, I’ll have y’all over.

Yours Truly,

Ezra Jane Sparrow, reporter at large

Hartford, Connecticut

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The Mark Twain House and Museum – Once the home of Samuel Clemens, the house is now a museum, located in Nook Farm, now part of the Asylum Hill neighborhood, on Farmington Avenue, Hartford, Connecticut. Have you been there?

From what I’ve read, Samuel Clemens designed it himself and the family thoroughly enjoyed living there. It looks like a house that a creative mind would plan, doesn’t it?

Mark Twain was a multi-talented man, that’s for sure. I’m glad the house is preserved as a musuem, so everyone can take a look and imagine what it must have been like to have lived and played there.

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From my bookmark collection:

The Elusive 3

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Photo 143

I still keep track of which states have come to visit this website.   The last three either have not been recorded accurately, or they simply have not found me.  I would like to be found by someone in all 50 states.

Montana is a huge state but low population; Connecticut is a small state with low population; I don’t know much about West Virginia, but I wish someone from there would stop by for a look-see.

The Elusive 3: South Dakota        Connecticut             West Virginia

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