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Why Pray?

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Seven days without prayer,

makes one weak.

Mr. Know it All: Church Attendance

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How many Christian churches in the United States are growing in attendance?

That would be: out of  the 400,000 churches only 15% are growing.

Which means 85% are standing still or losing attendance.

hmmm, Not good.

John Meets the Pope: Part 2 of 3

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Guest Writer: John Hayter

The guide said, ” We have time to see a church in a nearby suburb I think you will be interested in.”

It was a rather unremarkable but very nice smallish church with a Medieval ambulatory surrounding a small square lawn with a well in the middle.  As we were looking around, a tall thin priest wearing a black cassock and zuchetta (a small skullcap) strolled slowly around the ambulatory, reading his Bible.

The guide asked, “Who does he look like, to you?”

“Hmm….he looks an awful lot like The Pope.”

Well, he did look like the Pontiff, but it wasn’t him. That’s when the guide said, “If you like, the Pope has an audience at 5 PM and I know someone there and I can get you in.”

“By ALL means, let’s get me to the “audience.”

We went back, and inside St. Peters,  my guide conferred with his friend who gave me a ticket. I profusely thanked my guide.  He left and the man took me to the audience hall.  It was a Semi-Private Audience,  in a hall about 40 yards long and 10 wide, one of the smaller ones in the Vatican.  It was in baroque style with doors about 12 feet high, a red velvet carpet running down the middle and a throne at the end.  There were brass poles and a red velvet rope on both sides of the carpet.

At the appointed time the huge doors were thrown open, the Camerlango (the Papal Master of Ceremonies) stepped in, struck his staff three times on the marble floor and announced in Italian, “His Holiness Pope Pius XII.”  He was carried in on what is called a Gestatorial Chair. It was carried on the shoulders of 8 handsome young men dressed in white satin 18th Century Court Costumes.  The Pope was wearing a white cassock, white shoes, and a white zuchetta  skullcap.

They carried him down the aisle to his throne and set the chair down, while the ‘audience,’ mostly apparently Italians, were all cheering lustily.  He ascended the three steps to the throne and they carried the chair out.

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