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Quote: Zsa Zsa

May 28th, 2010 Comments off

“I want a man who’s kind and understanding.

Is that too much to ask of a millionaire?”

– Zsa Zsa Gabor

I’m with you dahling!

Mr. Know it All: Multiple Births

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Which state has the highest birth rate of triplets?

That would be, the state of Nebraska.


May 27th, 2010 1 comment

5167_1117022450512_1375509566_30407566_5937564_sSeveral years ago I painted this fellow.  When I look at it now, I wonder why I stopped painting.

Lack of inspiration I guess, lost the passion.

I’ve been told that I like to do too many things, and don’t settle on one long enough to become proficient.

Hmmm, could be right.

The Waiting Game

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So What Do YOU Collect?

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So, what do YOU collect? That’s the new name for the Collectibles category.

I don’t actively collect anything at the moment.  That is, I don’t go out looking for bookmarks, unicorns, coins, stamps, or abaci.  But if I happen to see something that strikes my fancy and fits into one of those collections, I just might get it.

When I became ‘caught up’ with using an abacus, I carried one in my car and at stoplights I would give myself problems to solve.  No Oprah, I did not abacus and drive!

Years have passed and I have replaced the abacus with many other interests.  But, when I hold one in my hand, I am still fascinated.  I will be sharing my small abaci collection with you as time goes by.

Mr. Know it All: 13 Colonies

May 27th, 2010 Comments off

What are the names of the 13 original Colonies?

They would be:

  1. Delaware
  2. Pennsylvania
  3. NewJersey
  4. Georgia
  5. Connecticut
  6. Massachusetts
  7. Maryland
  8. South Carolina
  9. New Hampshire
  10. Virginia
  11. New York
  12. North Carolina
  13. Rhode Island

(good memory assignment


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The poet confided in the passing breeze,

whispering the deepest yearnings of his heart.

In time the message he expressed was returned to him.

How could it not, once spoken on the wind?


Read and enjoy Jimmy L. Simpson’s

Message On the Wind

Message On the Wind

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Message On the Wind

Before you came I walked alone,

Propelled toward a great unknown,

That beckoned like a safety net,

Away from sorry and regret;

And as I fled the fear and doubt,

I left my wishes strewn about,

With spoken words of love that I,

Conveyed to breezes passing by,

In whispers that in time woud be,

The message you returned to me.

As pathways only we could find,

Became forever intertwined,

For passing days cannot rescind,

A message spoken on the wind.

March, 2010                                               Jimmy L. Simpson

Advice: Dr. Crank E. Shrink

May 26th, 2010 Comments off

Dear Dr. Shrink,

I’m 45 years old and my parents are always telling me what to do, how to dress, how to spend my money.  Man, if they don’t leave me alone I’m going to move out!


Harassed Harry from Hoboken


Dear Harry,

Get to packin’ you big baby!

C.E.  Shrink


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I am not very good at chess but I like the game very much.  The computer beats me every time but I keep trying.  It is a challenge to protect the King from all opposing men, who are allowed to move in specific directions. Thinking ahead, not only of your move, but projecting your opponent’s move, keeps one intent on the action.  Do you play?

From Wikipedia I learned the history:

The history of chess, specifically that of Western Chess, spans some 1500 years. The earliest predecessors of the game originated in India in the 6th century AD and spread to Persia.

When the Arabs conquered Persia, chess was taken up by the Muslim world and subsequently, through the Moorish conquest of Spain, spread to Southern Europe. In Europe, the game evolved into its current form in the 15th century.

In the second half of the 19th century, modern tournament play began, and the first world chess championship was held in 1886.

The 20th century saw great leaps forward in chess theory and the establishment of the World Chess Federation (FIDE).

Developments in the 21st century include the employment of computers for analysis, team consultations, and online gaming.

Photographs of real-size resin reproductions of the 12th centuryLewis Chessmen. The top row shows king, queen, and bishop. The bottom row shows knight, rook, and pawn.

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