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Get Out the Red, White and Blue!

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photo from John Hayter, IL

Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

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In 1988 a friend sent me a card from her vacation in Utah:

Dear Mary:  The different shapes and textures of the rock formations are spectacular, a sculptor’s dream.  Yesterday, hiking along the rim, a thunderstorm suddenly broke out.  Its been cloudy on and off which has helped with the heat and made the skies more interesting. N.

The information on the card says: Thor’s Hammer and the Temple of Osiris glow orange in the sunrise light on the Navajo Trail.  Under some conditions, Bryce’s limestone appears to glow with its own light.

Photo: Margaret Littlejohn

Announcement, By George

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The Sermon topic for tonight is ‘What is hell?’ Come early and listen to the choir warm up.

Jerry, Mary, and John 4

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Jerry Schlotthauer

Jerry  was a great guy and a good friend. He was the choir director in our church, with a beautiful baritone voice.

We worked together on many Easter and Christmas cantatas during the 70’s. He encouraged my creativity and was always ready to hear my ideas.

One idea came as I studied John 4 , which is a conversation between Jesus and an outcast woman of Samaria.  I began singing the words, both of the Lord and of the woman.  I sang it for days and then recorded it.

I gave Jerry the tape, and waited nervously for his opinion.  He shared it with the assistant director, who was a music teacher, as I recall.  They agreed that we should present it to the church.

Jerry worked diligently to memorize his part from the tape. img749I hadn’t been a soloist, but the words were embedded in me and God blessed my effort.img748

Dave Sheets supported the project by faithfully painting the backdrop, a challenge for our very small stage.

The only prop was a clay water jar that I had made a few months earlier.

We sang without accompaniment, every word coming directly from the KJ Bible. That portion of scripture came alive to me as none ever had.  This was a woman being taught personally by Jesus.  He was breaking a social barrier of the time to invite her to drink of  the ‘living water’.

I will always appreciate Jerry’s faith in me, and his generosity in performing it with such truth and dedication.

Jerry passed away a few years ago. I miss him:  his voice, his positive outlook and his ever present smile.  I know there are many others who feel the same sense of loss, but like me they feel blessed to have known him at all.

Mr. Know it All: Tap Dancing

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Where did tap dancing originate?

That would be New York in the early 1800’s. The many dancehalls brought together the Irish and African-Americans who had a large population in the area.  A combination of the Irish jig or reel and the African-American shuffle became known as Tap Dancing.

Keukenhof Lisse-Holland

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Message on card: Billy, We are staying on the North Sea. Wooden shoes and tulips, guess I’ve seen Holland.  It is a lovely place.  The all night bus ride was a bit rough although I feel pretty good considering.  My love, Mary


Druk: Planeta – Haarlem- Holland Foto L. Blak

Clarence and Joe

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Clarence and Joe:

I was  always a pretty good speller in school, Clarence.

You were Joe?  Well, how about spelling Mississippi?

Which one, the river or the state?

Double Orange Daylily: Spectacular

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Photo: John Hayter, IL

Who Should Pay?

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The city of Los Angeles, when developing our area in the 50’s, planted street after street of beautiful trees. We love the large, shady, pretty trees.

BUT,  many are ficus which have a root sytem that can reduce concrete to rubble. Thus, the large number of damaged, cracked and broken sidewalks.

Although the city owns and maintains the trees, what about the sidewalks?

They do not take responsibility for the damage done by their trees.  If the sidewalk needs to be replaced,  the home owner is stuck with getting it done and for paying the bill.

A neighbor on the next street over, Terri, is shown patching up an elevated area that has cracked.  She is trying to tastefully match the concrete, unlike what the city did.  Look at the glob of black asphalt covering a crack.  Another brilliant decision.

Sure it is cheaper than repairing it the right way, but it looks terrible.   Terri knows she’ll have to pay to correct their unsightly effort to remedy the problem.

I’ll have to give her the name of the guy who replaced a large section of sidewalk for me, ’cause I know all about it.

Yakety Yak

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I was so wound up yesterday when I saw my son, that I couldn’t seem to shut up.

He was watching the World Cup and I was bouncing around, chattering about a dozen different things.

When I apologized today for talking so much yesterday, he said, “Oh, I didn’t notice.”

Does that mean he didn’t hear me or it didn’t bother him?  Either way, I’m going to try to give his ears a rest the next time.

Yeah, right!

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