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Too Cute to Miss

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Okay, the cute meter just went crazy!

Katelyn and big brother Patrick were all set

to go trick or treatin’ in Georgia.

(grandchildren of sister Linda)

Halloween Fun 2010

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Woman With Frog on Head . . . News at 11:00

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Happy Halloween

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Book Club: Miracles by Charles Sellier

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This book was written in 1994. The covers says: “The marvelous events described in this book actually happened.  In story after story you will discover how the lives of ordinary people are saved-or changed forever-by the intervention of something that can only be called a miracle.  Beginning with the author’s own moving experience in the mountains of Utah to mysterious feats that defy time and death itself, all of the real-life accounts brought to you here are strange, wondrous . . . and true!”

You may remember the television show, with Richard Thomas, that was made based on the miracles written about in the book.  Oprah has had more than one show on the subject, interviewing Richard Thomas, the author Charles Sellier, and some of the people who have experienced miracles.

The book is intriguing. Do you believe in miracles?  Have you or anyone you loved witnessed a miracle?

Pastor Rick: Sunday Study

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Hello There, Glad you made it for Bible Study today ,

I want to share a writing with you by Abraham Kuyper (1837-1920) a famed Dutch Calvinist theologian and statesmen. It gives us a lot to think about.  Just call the church if you want to talk to me about it later.  God Bless, Pastor Rick

No one on earth has ever fathomed his own being.  Until we die we remain to ourselves the deepest mystery.  But this then is the glory that awaits us after dying – that the veil will be taken away from our face, and as in a clear mirror God will show us our own being. (1 Cor. 13:12)  (Romans 8:28-34)

Then only.  Not before.  And herein is grace.  If here on earth we were ever to have a sight of our own being as we actually are, we would be terrified at ourselves.  Even as the loving wife, hastening to the hospital to see her husband who had been wounded on the field of battle – when she saw his misshapen, bandaged face, involuntarily recoiled; so would our soul shrink back from ourselves if we were to see in clearness our own being soiled by sin and enwound by grace.

And therefore Jesus tarries. And he will only let you see yourself when the latest trace of sin is gone and the last bandage has been removed and you can see yourself as a model of Christ’s redeeming love, altogether sound and altogether healed.

Then the mystery of your person falls away from before you.  And God who alone knows your being, because he himself has forordained and created you and has kept you and has restored you, will then discover you to yourself, reveal your own being to you and in your own being, for God’s sake, make you rich.

What Are These Things Brother?

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Terry and Kaylee had a great day at the Florida Pumpkin Patch.

Mom Naomi and Dad Matt lugged home seven of the orange punkins!

Dear Ralph E. Boy

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Dear Mr. Boy,

My name is Princess Mirabella (but YOU may call me Bella).  I live in Arizona.

You may also tell by the look in my eyes that I have been costumed against my wishes . . .  and me a princess! (I  had my heart set on being acheerleader!)

Say,  if you are ever in the Phoenix area, give me a ‘woof woof.’ I am just craazy about intellectual types – you know – you blogger dawgs!

Your biggest fan,

Bella, Bella, Bella


October 30th, 2010 1 comment

These fragrant roses Timothy gave me for my birthday  keep opening up more and more and becoming even more beautiful.  They remind me of some people; the passage of time only enhances their true beauty.

Ralphie and Butch

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Butch, Butch, not you too!

This Halloween thing has gotten way outta control!

I gotta call someone!  But who?

Betty White?  Yeah,  she loves animals,

but she’s way too ‘hot’  these days, dawg.

Hang in there, pal.  It will be over soon.

hmmm Actually dude, you do look kinda

cool , did they have that in a size 2?

Oh NO!

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