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American Heart Association

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New Word In English Dictionary

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Myrna, what is a locavore? n.

That, Sweetie, is one who primarily eats locally grown food.

Jane Goodall

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“Anything you do makes a difference,

and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”

Jane Goodall

God Works Through Medical Science

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New Word In English Dictionary

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Hey George, what is a cheeseball ? adj.

Why did you give this one to me? Okay. A cheeseball is one lacking taste or style.

The Schoolmarm and Murphy’s Law

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The Schoolmarm shares Murphy ‘s Teaching Laws:

Clocks will run more quickly  before school, prep time,  recess, and lunch, especially if you need to go to the bathroom, make a phone call, or grab a bite to eat!

Oral Health: Not Just Talking About It!

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As  written in the UCLA Medical paper, Vital Signs,   Winter, 2011

Poor oral health can cause everything from pain and difficulty eating to reduced self-esteem and lost school and work time. But many people don’t realize that dental healthy is also closely connected to overall health.

The oral cavity can be viewed as a window to our body both by providing early warning signs of diseases and through a connection between dental diseases and increased risk for a variety of significant medical conditions,” says David Wong, D.M.D. D. M.Sc. professor and associate dean of research at the UCLA School of Dentistry.

Dr. Wong notes that systemic diseases such as HIV and osteoporosis are often first detected through symptoms In the mouth – the appearance of hairy tongue and severe gum infection in the case of HIV and the first stages of bone loss for osteoporosis. Gum disease and other mouth infections can also contribute to problems elsewhere in the body.  Gum disease has been linked in studies to a higher risk of heart disease and stroke, as well as premature birth.  Poor oral health can also make diabetes more difficult to control.

So . . . keep flossing, brushing and going for regular cleanings.  It will give you more than just a prettier smile!

Will Rogers Asks . . .

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“Stupidity got us into this mess – then why can’t it get us out?”

Will Rogers

The Ocean: Jules Verne

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“The sea is everything.

It covers seven tenths of the terrestrial globe.

Its breath is pure and healthy.

It is an immense desert, where man is never lonely,

for he feels life stirring on all sides.”

Jules Verne

Baby Gets a Snack

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