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Ralph E. Boy

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I think it was George Burns, when he was nearing 100 years, who said that at his age he didn’t even buy green bananas

I find myself projecting just a bit too, when I think of buying something that might outlive me.

Little Ralphie was given a bleak outlook on life eight months ago, and was not expected to live long, but congestive heart failure or not, he is still with us and doing well.  If I didn’t know the truth, that he has the serious problem, I wouldn’t know it from the way he acts.

The only time he is really stressed, unhappy and at risk is when he has to go to the Cardiologist.  Then he  freaks out!

Since he was diagnosed I have been buying smaller amounts of  the expensive flea medication. Today, I optimistically bought a box to last six more months.

I told him I expect him to stick around to use every bit of it!  He said he’d do his best.

That’s my good boy!

World Asthma Day: What is Asthma?

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Dr. Johathan L. Gelfand MD

Asthma is a chronic condition affecting the airways of the lungs. The hallmark symptoms of asthma are wheezing and difficulty breathing, but intermittent cough or chest tightness may be the only symptom. These respiratory symptoms usually come in episodes set off by various environmental or emotional “triggers.” Triggers include — but aren’t limited to — chemicals, pollution, pollen, animal dander, exercise, and smoke.

Most people with asthma have only mild and infrequent episodes. For them, the condition is an occasional inconvenience. For others, episodes can be frequent, serious, and even life-threatening. They may need emergency medical treatment. If you have asthma, you should have regular checkups by a doctor.

An asthma exacerbation (asthma attack) may pass quickly or last more than a day. Sometimes symptoms recur suddenly and with surprising intensity. This “second wave” attack can be more severe and dangerous than the initial episode and may last days or even weeks.

Asthma affects more than 20 million Americans of all ages, including more than 6 million children. Asthma is the leading cause of school absenteeism and pediatric hospital admission. Although asthma is seldom fatal, it is quite serious. If you have asthma, there are excellent (safe and effective) prescription medications to control it, so you should seek the help of a doctor before trying alternative therapies.

Spring Allergies – KERCHOO!

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Do you recognize this East Tennessee City?  Maybe it is because your eyes are watering and you are about to sneeze.  It is the #1 city for Spring allergies.  Check out the others, starting with #10:

This year’s top ten worst cities for Spring allergies:

10.   Madison, Wisconsin

09.   McAllen, Texas

08.   Richmond, Virginia

07.   Dayton, Ohio

06.   Birmingham, Alabama

05.  Chattanooga, Tennessee

04.   Jackson, Mississippi

03.   Charlotte, North Carolina

02.   Louisville, Kentucky

and now . . . drum roll please . . .yes,  coming in at #1 is the charming and scenic Knoxville, Tennessee !

Pass the Kleenex, please

Cool Site

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An American Housewife

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