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Kim Williams: “Arkansas Turns 175”

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Guest Writer: Kim Williams, Dept. of Tourism, State of ARKANSAS

Arkansas Turns 175!

May 4, 2011 9:17 AM

Kimberly J. Williams

Wow!! Did you know that Arkansas, our great state, turns 175 this year? That’s something!!

Back 25 years ago, when The Natural State turned a spry 150, we had the sesquicentennial celebration. Now, we’re looking for a “name” for the 175th celebration…and we want and need YOUR help!!

Log on to to place your vote for the official title of the birthday celebration. Starting today, you can vote for your favorite until May 8. The winning “name” will be revealed on May 10.

This also coincides with Arkansas’s celebration of National Tourism Week on May 7-15. The Natural State welcomed almost 23 million visitors in 2010…and those guests spent an unbelievable $5.5 billion dollars, making tourism one of the state’s largest industries! National Tourism Week is an opportunity for ALL Arkansans to share our pride, our love and our appreciation for our great state with others!

So get moving!! Head to to vote NOW!! You can vote ONE time per day!

Fosters Freeze and Memories

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I grew up with a Dairy Queen and Tastee Freeze,  but Bill, a California boy, grew up with Fosters Freeze.  So that was one of the places he loved to go for ice cream when we were first married.

As so many places do these days,  combining two businesses in the same take-out facility, like KFC and Taco Bell, one of my favorite places ,El Pollo Loco, also has Foster’s Freeze.

The other day I treated myself to a small cone, which I had to ask if it was really the small one since it was so big.  It was, and it was delicious.

Couldn’t help but think of Bill and those youthful years when we were skinny enough and healthy enough  not to worry about the calories.

Mouth and Foot Painting Artists

May 4th, 2011 2 comments

Seasonal Joy, from an original  mouth paiting by Natalina Marcantoni

Mouth and Foot Painting Artists, 2070 Peachtree Court, Atlanta, GA 30341

What an amazing group of artists!  I would encourage you to write to them for more information about their products.  This is from a post card.  Over the years I have purchased greeting cards, Christmas cards, bookmarks, jigsaw puzzles and calendars from them.

This is not a charity, it is a business.  I am sure the artists take pride in being self-supporting.  Although physically challenged, called disabled, I am sure you will agree that as artists they are more than able.

Grandma’s Baby Boy

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Did you see the woman on Oprah who had given birth to her owngrandson?  Even though she was 10 years into menopause, through the wonders of modern medicine she served as a surrogate for  her daughter and son-in-law.

The sixty year old woman after just two months looked great and seemed to have survived the Ceasaran operation just fine.  One of the reasons that she did so well may be that when she retired  she started getting in better shape, riding a bicycle and watching her diet.  She had no idea that one day that would play such a big part in her life.

As unconventional as it was, everyone seemed thrilled with the baby boy.  They will explain it to him some day and by that time who knows what will be happening in our ever changing society.

Strange as it may be, I refuse to discount a life, because each one is precious.  I wish the family love, happiness and wonderful health.

Looking at this woman it almost made me believe that 60 was indeed the new 50. For me, 60 was 60, but that’s another story!

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