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Happy Birthday Vera Henry James

May 7th, 2011 2 comments

Happy Birthday Vera !

If you were reading our Loving Couples series in February, then you read about Vera and her husband Wade.  This year they celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary!

I was acquainted with the James family through their daughter Wadene, who was a dear friend of mine in High School.

I know Wadene would want me to wish her Mother a wonderful birthday and to remind her of how very much she is, was, and always will be loved.

Happy Birthday Vera, may you continue in good health and happiness, receiving all the strength and courage you need from God as you take on another year of life.

Bookmarked by Gifted Artists

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Recent additions to my bookmark collection include these two, with paintings by:

The Mouth and Foot Painting Artists of Atlanta, GA.

Picasso Portrait to Be Auctioned

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Christie’s said that it would offer a Pablo Picasso portrait of his lover Marie-Therese Walter at auction June 21, 2011, on behalf of the University of Sydney.

“Jeune fille endormie,” estimated to be worth between $15 million and $20 million, was given to the university by an anonymous donor on condition that it be sold and that the proceeds be spent on scientific research into obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Last year, Christie’s sold another Marie-Therese portrait titled “Nude, GreenLeaves and Bust for $106.5 million, a world auction record for any work of art.

Source: Reuters

My View:

I’m glad the money will go to such a good cause, but I can’t help but wish that more people with money to spend on art would also help support living artists who are struggling to survive.  I don’t consider creative contribution to our society as frivolous, but necessary and important. Art and music in our schools get thrown out early in budget cutting. That leaves it up to the individual teachers to provide art instruction and inspiration to children, when they are already overloaded.  We do our children an injustice when we deprive them of this source of enrichment that feeds the soul.

Where’d it go? Myra Explains

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Myrna, I know this is a dumb question, but I just lost a lot of weight.  Where did it go?

It is not so dumb, dahling.  Health Magazine explains it this way: It may look like your body is literally disappearing , but what’s really happening is this: When you eat fewer calories than you need to power your daily activities, your body begins burning stored fat.  you don’t actually lose fat cells – the cells merely shrink as the fat inside them is broken down to generate energy.  The end products of this process are water, which you lose in the forms of seat and urine and carbon dioxide, which you breathe out.  good-bye, extra pounds!

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