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Congratulations to Karina Russell for her new book: The List Maker

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The List Maker

The List Maker was written by my friend Karina Russell,  who is also  author of a website I have recommended to you several times.

Catherine Palmer has the perfect life with her husband Edward until one fateful day when her life is forever altered. She escapes to New Hampshire to clear her head and decide what to do with the next chapter in her life. When she returns to Tennessee, an opportunity presents itself that changes her life again, but this time in a good way.

With style, humor, faith, and determination, she forges forward. Her talents for decorating and art keep her mind occupied while her heart heals. Through it all she learns what is most important in life and just how wide her heart can open to love.

This is an e-book and it is available at in the U.S.; in the U.K. ; and in Germany.

Congratulations, Karina!

Did He say ALL?

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My God will meet all your needs

according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4:19

Our Royalty?

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With all the talk of the Royal family, someone sent me this picture of the Queen.  I had forgotten how pretty she was when she was young.  She is still an attractive woman.  What a life she has led.  I imagine it is difficult on many levels, being a living symbol for a nation. There is no one, absolutely no one who has been there before her.  She is unique.  I hope she has been happy. I’m not sure how I feel about the monarchy, a family set aside to carry on a tradition.  I have to think about that.

In this picture Queen Elizabeth is with President and Mrs. Kennedy, the closest thing to royalty that we had.  Unfortunately, like Camelot, it was a fantasy.  It is not easy to maintain what the British have done for centuries.  I don’t know any family in this country who would be willing to toe the mark, walk the line, play the game as well as the Brits.

Singing Praises for Rosemary

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Health Magazine and author Leslie Barrie, think Rosemary is just great.  One suggestion:

Using rosemary to prep your burgers and steaks could make them safer to eat. Why? Grilling meat causes potentially carcinogenic chemicals to form, and rosemary’s natural antioxidants may reduce the levels of these compounds by up to 92%, suggests a study in the journal of Food Science.

Try adding fresh, chopped rosemary to your own marinade or mixing the chopped herb into your hamburger patties, says J. Scott Smith, PhD, the study’s senior author and professor of food chemistry at Kansas State University.

It’ll perk up the flavor, too!

Book Club: Shana Alexander

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Do you remember the Scarsdale Diet and Dr. Herman Tarnower who was killed by Jean Harris?  Shana Alexander, attended every day of the trial and wrote an amazing account of the events.  If you are interested, as I was, this book written in 1983 will help answer a lot of questions. I have not read the other books mentioned but would like to.

Mrs. Harris’ time in prison may have been miserable but it was spent quite usefully.  She published three books while behind bars: Stranger in Two Worlds, They Always Call Us Ladies, andMarking Time.

The first book was her autobiography.  It dealt with her entire life up to that point including some of her experiences in prison. They Always Call Us Ladies was entirely about her experiences in prison, her observations about the prison system, and includes a brief history of that system. Marking Time consists of letters the imprisoned Harris wrote to Shana Alexander.  The two became friends while Alexander was writing Very Much A Lady, a book that Harris deliberately did not ever read.

Jean Harris spent much of her time in prison working at the Bedford Prison Children’s Center and helping to give parenting classes to inmate moms.  As she points out in her books, people tend to lose sight of the fact that convicts are often also mothers and fathers and, indeed, that many mothers give birth while incarcerated.

Her attorneys appealed the verdict three times but lost.  She petitioned for clemency and was repeatedly denied but finally, on December 29, 1992, after serving twelve years behind bars and suffering two heart attacks while in prison, her sentence was commuted by then-Governor of New York, Mario Cuomo.

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