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Another One Bites the Dust!

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In The News:

Maria and Arnold have separated after 25 years of marriage.

I am less surprised that she is leaving him than the fact that she

was ever with him.

Austrian National Library, Vienna, Austria

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The first libraries were composed for the most part, of unpublished records, a particular type of library called archives. Archaeological findings from the ancient city-states of Sumer have revealed temple rooms full of clay tablets in cuneiform script.

These archives were made up almost completely of the records of commercial transactions or inventories, with only a few documentstouching theological matters, historical records or legends.

Things were much the same in the government and temple records on papyrus of Ancient Egypt.

To take a panoramic view of the library:

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What’s His Name?

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Naming a child is a big deal. He or she will be stuck with it forever.

People with difficult names regularly hear: What was that?  Spell it for me. Of course names such as Apple or Tree are joke fodder, as was ‘a boy named Sue’.

The worst choice of names that I encountered as a teacher was given to a cute little boy.  He didn’t understand why kids were so mean to him, taunting and teasing him constantly.  His first name was Hitler and he was in a fight every day.

I was part of the team who met with his parents to discuss the problems generated by his name. We asked the parents to consider a name change for the six year old.  The father adamantly refused. The mother didn’t speak as her husband ranted that it was his child and he could name him anything he wanted to!

Parents usually look for a name with a nice ring to it, that goes well with their surname.  Family, Biblical, and celebrity names are always popular.

These are  some of the most popular names for this generation of boys – the men of tomorrow.

United States – Jacob

Czech, Poland – Jakub

Iraq – Ali

Japan- Hiroto

Philippines – Joshua

Denmark – Lucas

Germany – Maximilian

Italy – Francesco

Mexico – Miguel Angel

Switzerland – Tim

Australia, England, Wales, No. Ireland – Jack

France – Nathan

Let’s pray for our baby boys, they have a big responsibility waiting for them, no matter where they live or what they are called.

Another Look at Tai Chi

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For a very good look at Tai Chi as I am being taught.  Take a look at this youTube video.

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