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Emily, Grandma’s Girl!

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Guest Writer: Pam Hicks Thomason

We have seven grand daughters,  each is very special and precious, but my dear Emily is really a grandma’s girl.

She is in sixth grade, twelve years old going on twenty five.  Not only has she been blessed with talent: straight A’s since first grade,  in the talented and gifted classes, scored  highest in her school in math and science  (Idaho State Accessment Scores Test), but she also loves to sing and learned to play the piano on her own, and takes art classes at the State College here a couple times a year.

She finds everything a challenge and is very competitive, mostly with herself.  She is an avid reader, spends time volunteering in the summer at the local library helping younger children to read.  Loves to go fishing with grandpa.  Emily asks a million questions all the time.  She has always been such a compassionate child and wants to be a pediatrician and writer when she grows up.

Emily told me the other day she can’t wait for next year to be in junior high, when she can take a creative writing class.  I’ve read some of her stories she has written this year and I was so amazed at her every detail.

Her teacher had a simple picture that he showed to the class, of a house with a porch and naked trees in the yard. The class had to write a story based on that picture, at least one page long.  Emily wrote fifteen pages and detailed all the people she had living in this house, who they were, what they were doing, etc.

It was really incredible.  The teacher has kept  all of Emily’s stories she has written this year.  He said she is so gifted with words and imagination far beyond her years.

Our youngest grand daughter Sammie, Emily’s cousin, is very much like Emily.  She is just seven.  Despite the age difference they spend time together, reading and swapping stories.  Our other grand daughters are all teenagers and you know how that is, they don’t really have time away from their friends to spend with grandma and grandpa.

Thank you Pam. Emily sounds like a wonderful girl, lots of fun and well balanced. The future will be in good hands with more Emilys in the world.

Emily’s First Quilt!

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Twelve year old Emily is learning the fun, the challenge, and the addictive power of choosing the right fabric , cutting the shapes and stitching them together, block after block.

It is one addiction that is encouraged by her Grandmother Pam ,who is teaching Emily the fine points of quilting.

It is a warm and lovely time between the two, and  a memory maker for both.

From all reports, Emily is well on her way to completing her first masterpiece.


I think it is a wonderful skill  for a girl to learn   from her grandmother!

Pam and Emily, please send a picture when the colorful quilt is finished. We want to enjoy it with you!

Neolithic Gum Found by Student in 2007

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How long does gum last?  I don’t mean until the sugar is gone and we spit it out – but how long does it stay in the environment?  Here’s a hint.
In 2007, 23 year old Sarah Pickin, A UK college  archaeology student,  discovered a 5,000-year-old,  dime-sized wad of gum .  She found it while as a volunteer on an archaeological excavation of Kierikki, a wooded area in Finland that contained a settlement more than 7,000 years ago.
Made by heating, boiling, and cooling birch bark, the tar has little taste. Trevor Brown, Ms Pickin’s tutor at the University of Derby, said: “It’s particularly significant because well-defined tooth imprints were found on the gum that Sarah discovered.”

The gum’s age was determined by radio carbon dating,” says Miska Sliden, museum curatorat the Kierikki Stone Age Centre in Finland, where the gum is on display.

Experts believe Neolithic people used the sticky substance to treat gum infections as well as secure arrowheads onto sticks and to repair broken pots.
Sarah Pickin said: “I was delighted to find the gum and was very excited to learn more about the history. I am keen to work in this area in the future so the experience has stood me in good stead.”

sources: The London Times, August 20, 200;

The Pentagon: Statistically Speaking

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I like stats, so finding out more about the Pentagon, Headquarters of the Department of Defense, was fun for me.

Some stats:

The Pentagon has approximately 23,000 employees

200 acres of lawn

16 parking lots for 8,770 cars

131 stairways

19 escalators

3,705,793 square feet of office space

4,200 clocks

691 water fountains

284 restrooms

230 restaurant staff: 1 dining room 2 cafeterias, 6 snack bars, 1 outdoor snack bar,

over 200,000 telephone calls are made daily through phones connected by 100,000 miles of telephone cable.

It has 17.5 miles of corridors.

I could go on, but that’s enough for now.  No wonder the bad guys wanted to take it out.


Don’t be tricked by marketing tricks!

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How Come?

That’s the question that has me up on my soapbox.  Why are women charged more than men for similar items?

Put two products side by side.  One marketed toward men, the other toward women.  Now compare prices.

The product for women is almost always more expensive.

For instance, a can of men’s Barbasol Shaving Cream costs $1.69.  A skinnier can of the women’s version contains less product, yet sells for $2.49.

Nivea Body Wash for men is $5.49; the same size container of the women’s product is $7.49.

If the only difference is a little fragrance, then why not use the men’s unscented and save money?  Don’t be tricked by marketing tricks!


source: Spirit Magazine

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