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Baseball Chapel

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Sometimes we get pretty disgusted with the arrogance of our sports figures.  They seem to feel, as many celebrities do, that the rules don’t apply to them.  They somehow are entitled to do whatever they want to do, whenever and wherever they chose.

We have seen many of them take a terrible fall and end up apologizing to the world (at the urging of their handlers).  I don’t want to hear their phony excuses any more myself, because I doubt their sincerity or motivation.

So, it is refreshing for me to read about the ones who hold themselves to  high standards.  Some of these guys are the ones who gather on Sunday mornings wherever they are playing baseball, from the start of spring training until the end of winter ball.

In an article by Kevin Baxter for the LA Times, he says that the men, many wearing uniform pants beneath untucked T-shirts and shower sandals over baseball socks, will bow their heads, open their Bibles and pray. The service lasts for about 20 minutes.

Baxter quoted Torii Hunter, Angels outfielder, as saying in 18 professional seasons he has only missed the Sunday services twice.

Baseball Chapel became a formal part of professional baseball in 1974. Reporters and photographers are banned from the makeshift chapels where they meet for privacy reasons.

When they are away from home it proves to be especially beneficial.  As one player said, “Being away from home there are a lot of temptations, and it is good to have someone to call when you get lonely or need to talk.  The Chaplain is there by phone no matter what time it is.”  There has to be a deep element of trust between the players and the Chaplain and that comes with time.

I think it is a great idea and I wish more of the athletes would participate, in every sport.  Everyone needs to be grounded, to be held accountable.  Good guys can sometimes go wrong if they don’t have support.  No one should feel entitled to break the rules!

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