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Dangers of the Dance

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Did you watch Dancing With the Stars?  

Did you see the accident Kym Johnson took, falling on her head/neck in a tricky dance move with Hines Ward?

She is lucky not to be paralyzed for life from that fall.  It was painful just to watch, wasn’t it?  Thank God she is okay.  I think we take those twirls and lifts for granted because the dancers make them look easy, but many of them are dangerous.

The program has definitely helped everyone  to understand that dancing at that level is a lot of work and takes athleticism to do well.  I am constantly amazed , especially at the older Stars who can survive such a work out week after week.

I got the biggest kick out of Cloris Leachman and laughed at everything she said and did.  I didn’t want her, or any of them, to get hurt.  I expected it less of the young professionals, but this accident shows that they all are at risk.

Dancing is a wonderful way to move the body and get in shape.  I know I will die without having danced as much as I would have wanted.   My Mr. Rights were never dancers.

Oh well.  Maybe there will be a Holy dance floor in Heaven where I can dance to my heart’s content some day.

What is Consciousness? Inner Workings of the Brain.

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What is consciousness?

Dr. Antonio Damasio, a neuroscientist and director of the Brain and Creativity Institute at USC says it is this ability that we have to look out on the world and grasp it.

He adds that one of the things that is most important in this field is to understand the relationship between the mind and an organism.

” There is no such thing as a disembodied mind.  The mind is implanted in the brain, and the brain is implanted in the body. Most of the attention has been given to the cerebral cortex. Over the years I’ve become convinced that if there is a lion’s share to be given in terms of the origins of consciousness, it has to go to the brain stem, which regulates our basic bodily functions and is really the hinge point between the body and the rest of the brain.”

Interested in learning more?  You can get his latest work, “Self Comes to Mind” which extends his theories.

Source: Eryn Brown Science File LATimes

El Escorial Library, San Lorenzo, Spain

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Apart from its great beauty, the library of the Escorial was also renowned for the size and quality of its collection of codices and incunabula.[books printed before 1501].

The collection suffered badly in 1671, when a great fire destroyed nearly 4,000 codices, including 2,000 Arabic manuscripts.

But the library still has an extremely rich collection, which includes Arab and Hebrew manuscripts, and the personal library of Felipe II. Alfonso X’s Cantigas de Santa María, the Book of Hours of the Catholic monarchs, Santa Teresa’s manuscripts and diary, the gold-scrolled Aureus Codex (1039), and an 11th century Commentary on the Apocalypse by Beato de Liébana are just a few of the manuscripts

I’m sure these collections are much more meaningful to scholars than to me, but  I am impressed that they exist and housed in such a beautiful place.

Rosemary, Oh Rosemary! Can you really help me to remember?

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Health Magazine and  Leslie Barrie, think Rosemary is just great.  One suggestion for using the herb …….

Need to memorize a speech?

Smelling rosemary beforehand may help new info sink in better, reports a study in the International Journal of Neuroscience.

“Rosemary’s aroma contains compounds that appear to act on the neurotransmitter systems involved with memory,” explains the study’s lead author, Mark Moss, PhD, head of the department of psychology at Northumbria University, United Kingdom.  Pour some essential oil into a diffuser the next time you’re in learning mode.

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