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Butterflies for Norma Sue

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Love My Sister!



Chad and Michelle: Soon to be “The Robinsons”

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Chad and Michelle will be married June 4, 2011.  Don’t they make a beautiful couple?  I bet they’ve heard that before.

Their home will be in Waco, TX where she will be a labor and delivery nurse  and he will work in real estate and marketing.

Michelle’s parents, Scott and Julie Brown, and Chad’s parents Gordon and Valerie Robinson couldn’t be happier.  Michelle’s Grandparents, Betty and Bob Brown, are family friends, so I already know the great love they have for their only granddaughter, and their deep admiration for Chad.

Along with prayers for a long and happy life together,  all involved are also praying for the weather to cooperate so they can have their picturesque outdoor ranch wedding as they have planned.

Whether indoors or out, Rev. (Uncle) Rick Brown will perform the ceremony and assures them the knot will be securely tied!

Best wishes Chad and Michelle, may your love continue to grow along with your devotion to God.   The best advice the Schoolmarm can give you is to learn to forgive quickly and completely. Neither of you is perfect, so don’t expect perfection from the other.  Oh yeah, and don’t ever forget the love that brought you together in the first place.

An ‘Epie’ Thank You

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As a thank you from the Ballards for featuring  their incredible collection of 500 Epiphyllums,  they gave me this beautiful, fragrant Epiphyllum.  It is gorgeous!

Now,  according to a recent inventory, they will have only  1,199 of the jungle  flower blooms left!

Thank you, Pat and Keith, for the beautiful thank you !

Myrna Shares a Laugh

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Dahlings, I overheard two women talking  the other day,

“It is I who made my husband a millionaire,” one said proudly.

“Really?” asked the other, “and what was he before you married him?”

“A multi-millionaire!”

Jambalaya Festival, Gonzales, Louisiana May 26-29

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Hank Williams used to sing about  it, but what is Jambalaya?

Similar in many ways to Spanish paella, the term “jambalaya” is derived from the Spanish jamon for ham. It’s pronuced “jahm-buh-LIE-uh” or “jum-buh-LIE-uh”. 

Jambalaya found its way into Creole cookery in the late 1700’s where it soon took on the flavor of added local ingredients.There are other stories of the jambalaya “myth,” but the favorite comes from the Webster’s dictionary which defines the word as French Louisiana for a mixture of diverse elements.

What is Jambalaya? Today it is a Cajun/Creole dish made from a mixture of meats, rice and seasonings blended to produce a delicious dish. It can be made (separately or all together) with ham, chicken, sausage, fresh pork, shrimp and oysters, to which is added shortening, rice, onion, garlic, pepper and other seasonings.

Starting with church fairs, which were the largest public gatherings at the turn of the century, Jambalaya emerged from small quantity indoor cooking to become the ideal dish for outdoor cooking over hardwood fires.

Big black cast iron pots made preparation so easy and economical for church use that Jambalaya was rapidly adapted for political rallies, weddings, family reunions and other affairs. No fair or political rally around Gonzales is complete without Jambalaya cooking.

The Jambalaya Festival and World Champion Jambalaya Cooking contest is held annually in Gonzales, Louisiana. Jambalaya is economical to prepare and can be cooked in a one quart pot indoors or in a 30 gallon black pot.

Jambalaya cooking is an art that must be perfected to acquire a superb blend of flavor with proper consistency. Area cooks practice continually to perfect Jambalaya that will win the title “World Champion.” As you might imagine, competition is keen as may cooks vie for this prestigous title.

Many champions have cooked at other festivals, for foreign leaders as well as presidents of the United States. Gonzales is the Jambalaya Capital of The World.


Mr. Know it All

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What is the meaning of  ‘google’?

Google is actually a modification of the word “googol” which is defined as the number 1 with 100 zeros after it.

Book Club: Margo Howard

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I grew up reading “Ann Landers” and “Dear Abby” so reading this book was an insight into the women who wrote those columns.

It was written by Margo Howard, Ann Landers’ daughter (Eppie Lederer). With a brief explanation before each letter, we read the letters written from all over the world from mother to daughter.

“Although she turned out  365 columns a year for decades, Eppie found time to write to Margo wherever she was, from the Lincoln Bedroom in the White House or her beloved Chicago apartment, sharing behind-the-scenes moments with the powerful and famous, from Presidents Carter and Reagan to Cary Grant, Elizabeth Taylor, and Muhammad Ali.  Also included are never-before-published thoughts about her identical (and very competitive) twin sister, “Popo,” known as “Dear Abby.”

If you were a fan of the advice columns, as I was, then I imagine you would enjoy this book.  It was published in 2003 by Time Warner.

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