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Rose Deficiency? Inhale this Beauty.

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Thanks to Marty Greenberger for the photo, “Sprinkled Rose”

Arrivederci Afrodite

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Each year 400,000 people visit the Getty Museum in Malibu.  One of the attractions was the massive statue of Aphrodite.

When it was discovered that Aphrodite had been obtained illegally from Italy, it had to be returned. (It had been purchased by Getty in 1988 for $18 million dollars in spite of the fact that it had been recently looted and smuggled out of Italy.)

Now about 10,000 visitors a year will gaze upon the magnificent statute, in its new home at the museum in Aidone, Italy, near Sicily. They are hoping to increase the number tenfold since the lady has returned.

I’m glad I got to see Aphrodite when she was in Malibu.  Standing next to the enormous 7 foot tall goddess of limestone and marble, I talked with one of the guards and he told me that she would be leaving.

I was sorry to hear we were losing her, but not as sorry as if it had been the Getty Bronze – ” Victorious Youth”.

The young athlete has his own climate controlled room and he stands at the ready to run a great race.

The male figure at its most beautiful,  in the early twenties, healthy, perfectly formed and beautifully captured by an artist 100-300 BC, is captivating to view up close.

I imagine Adam would have looked much like this when he was first created, while innocence surrounded him in the garden of Eden.

Source : LATimes  photo credit:Aphrodite by Ralph Frammolino

Photo: Getty Youth by Wtin Wikipedia Commons

Not a Good Idea!

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My parents were saying goodbye to friends who were in their car ready to leave.   While they were talking at the car windows, my eight year old brother  and I had a brilliant idea:  we thought it would be great fun to hold on to the bumper of the car until  it started moving.

Apparently no one noticed as we knelt and held on to the back bumper. When the car engine started to rumble my brother let go as planned.  I, on the other hand,  ‘froze’ clinging to the bumper.  I could not let go. (Obviously not a well thought-out plan by five year old me.)


As I was being dragged down the rough asphalt street, I heard everyone screaming for the car to stop.  It did, but not before my knees had taken a beating and I was asking myself what had happened.

I don’t remember much more about the incident except  for Daddy physically carrying me to and from the doctor. (We didn’t have a car.) On the half-mile walk he reassured me that I would be okay.  He was right, there did not appear to be any permanent damage.

On my long list of ‘dumb things I have done’, this tops the list.  Of course there is still time . . .


Rejection Increases Inflammation

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Isn’t it a terrible feeling to be snubbed, ignored, made to feel small and insignificant? Rejection cuts into our self-esteem and ‘hurts’.

Now we learn that being snubbed in social situations increases the same inflammatory proteins that drive conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, depression, and cardiovascular disease.

For the study, 124 participants were put into two situations designed to create the feeling of being rejected by other people.  In the first, a difficult public speaking task, two researchers dressed in lab coats expressed frustration and disapproval at participants’ abilities.  In the second, participants were dropped from what they thought was a group video game.

Before and after the experiments, blood tests measured inflammatory proteins and MRI scans measured brain activity in areas related to feeling stressed and rejected.

Rejection increased levels of tumor necrosis factor alpha and interleukin-6, proteins that spur body-wide inflammation.

“The way you think about the world can have very serious implications for your personal health and well-being,” says study author G.M.Slavich, PhD, a postdoctoral fellow at UCLA Cousins Center for Psychoneuroimmunology.

source: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, published online Aug,2,2010

Whenever you feel this way, remember that God loves you and that is the greatest love of all.  He will never snub you, or make you feel anything but precious, in the Bible he calls you ‘the apple of his eye.’

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