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Update on Baby Hummingbirds

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Thanks to Jim Mentzer for the cool update on the baby Hummingbirds from Calvary Presbyterian Church in Hawthorne, CA.

Since you posted my comment on the original hummingbird story, (Presbyterian Hummingbirds) I am sending you three pictures from the last church newsletter, which you may want to post with the updated story.

  • Eggs in the nest.
  • Babies in Nest  the day before they flew. Almost too big for the nest.
  • Mother feeding the babies in Nest

  • Thanks Jim! They are very cool little birds indeed.
  • Kudos to the church for their compassionate hearts.

Clarence and Joe

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Honey is mad at me again Clarence.

What’d you do this time Joe?

Well she kept bugging me to take her some place expensive.

Did you?

Yeah, the gas station. That woman has no sense of humor Clarence!


Dragon Challenge: Universal Studios’ Islands of Adventure, Orlando, Florida

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When the trains are loaded, they are weighed as they are being dispatched in order to properly time the near-miss points.

During the aerial combat between dragons – the suspended coasters – there are three times that guests will come within 18 inches (46 cm) of their opponent.

Y’all go on.  I’ll sit right here and eat my funnel cake.


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Big and strong, impressive , it reminds me of a muscle-bound bully.  Who is gonna mess with a Hum dinger like him?

hmmm No wonder ‘Arnold’ drives one.

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