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After Decades . . . Facebook Reconnects Roommates

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Looking at this picture of  one of the last times I saw my two best friends from college, (Carolyn with daughter Leslie and Alice with her son Mark),  I can’t understand how we could have lost touch with each other for so many years.  Actually, I can understand, we  got busy with our own lives and with me being 2,000 miles away it got harder and harder to maintain an involvement in each other’s lives.  What I can’t understand is why we allowed that to happen.

Through the years I have  wondered many times about them: where they lived,  if they were still married, if they had more kids, if they were happy.  As we got older I wondered if their parents were still living, if they were retired, if they were grandparents, and if they were in good health.

Thanks to Facebook some of those questions have been answered because I  have reconnected with Carolyn. I was delighted to learn that she is still married to the same great guy, she has  grandchildren, and sounds happy and healthy.  

I’ve talked with her a few times and plan on more conversations.  If possible I will see her again the next time I go ‘home’.  From what I can tell, she is still the same friendly, extroverted, good humored girl I knew way back then!

I still haven’t heard from Alice, but now that Carolyn and I have reconnected, maybe we can track her down too. Social networking has worked for me again and I am grateful.

Thanks young Mr. Zuckerberg!


Susie’s Snippets

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Susie’s Snippet:

Miracle drugs are nothing new.

Moses had two tablets that could cure all the ills of the world

Laughing Yoga?

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It is true.

There are laughing yoga classes

(go to to find a class near you)

The best thing for your abs is laughing, according to Pilates Expert, Kristin McGee, “Every time you laugh it strengthens your abs.”

I’m glad to hear it because I love a good laugh. Oh my, but my abs got a great work out the day these pictures were snapped.

Unfortunately, they are no longer with us.

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Peters Variety Store “Joe Pete’s”

August 30th, 2011 6 comments

I have no idea who started calling Peters Variety Store “Joe Pete’s” –  but whether the owners wanted it to or not, it stuck.  When anyone who grew up in the area talks about the quirky store on the corner, it is affectionately remembered by its nickname.

As would be expected, different people remember it for different reasons. A big favorite with almost everyone, however, was the display of  penny candy.

My what a wonderful selection of every dentist-defying flavor of sugar, right before your eyes.  The clerks would patiently wait for kids ( hardly as high as the counter and taller ones too) to fill a small paper sack with the sweets.  It seemed money could go very far there and it was so much fun to pick them out penny at a time.

On the same wall the adults could find tobacco pipes, fireworks in a glass showcase, pocket knives, cigarettes, Prince Albert and Sir Walter Raleigh tobacco, Old Joe Twist tobacco, Copenhagen and Garrett snuff.  After a feller got his ‘chaw’ he might  pick up some Remington ammunition and stop to admire Joseph P. Peters’ antique rifle and shotgun collection. The kids were usually more interested in his neatly arranged display of arrowheads.

If you wanted a magazine or comic book Mr. Peters had the best selection in town or anywhere around. It was always very quiet in the store, you could almost hear yourself breathe.  It took on the silence of a library, with whispered conversations, but you couldn’t wait to go there,  just to see the latest editions.


And what about the soda fountain?  Mrs. Catherine Peters Baty was a regular clerk in the store. She was there to help but never rushed you or imposed herself on your browsing time.

From the Peters Variety Store FB page I learned that in the ’40’s, after prohibition and before Pocahontas went ‘dry’, Peters served beer from their marble topped bar.

This picture of the unadorned store,  betrays the appeal that it held, especially for kids.   But the adults depended on it too, for some of the practical, every day tools and gadgets, from needles to rakes.  Most would tell you that whatever odd little thing you needed, you probably could find it there.

The town didn’t have many places of interest, of quaint attraction, a blend of helpful items and fun, so Joe Pete’s was refreshingly different. No wonder  it still holds a place of affection in the hearts of those who walked through its squeaky doors.  


‘The Greatest’ Clowning Around With the ‘Fab Four’

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Not Just for Eating Any More . . . Getting Creative With Food

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Mommy and Baby Kitty doing fine.

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Kitty Daddy?  He’s out of town on business.

Wish I Could Tell Grandma . . .

August 29th, 2011 1 comment

My grandmother was the stepchild to a man who made a big difference in how he treated his birth child and her. The story handed down for years has been of him peeling apples and giving his little girl the inside and giving my grandmother the peels.

Well, as demeaning as that might have felt, and for its intent, it was cruel, Grandma actually got the healthiest part of the apple.  We are told that 2/3 of the fiber in an apple is in the peel. The peel also contains most of the antioxidants, which may help fight inflammation.

Grandma lived a long life, but not long enough to hear that bit of good news.  Somehow I don’t think it would have mattered to her little girl’s heart, who felt discounted and unloved.

A lifetime of coke for a tripped out baby? What were they thinking? Oh yeah . . . money!

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