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Dr. Harwood and the Magnificent Chromodorid

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Magnificent Chromodorid, Chromodoris magnifica, Photo taken off of Borneo, Malaysia, by Randy Harwood.

1. The Magnificent Chromodoris (Chromodoris magnifica) can be found occurring throughout the Indo-Western Pacific region and has been found in the warm tropical waters of Indonesia, Malayasia, Philippines, Papua New Guinea and Queensland in Australia.

2. This species can be recognised by the orange mantle edge which has a thin white stripe at the edge, the pale blue colouration in the middle of the mantle and the dark blue/black stripes. The gills and rhinophores are both coloured orange.

3. Can be found living on coral reefs from depths of 5 metres to at least 30 metres.

4.  Is known to feed on sponges. In the Philippines it has been observed feeding on an orange sponge.

5. Grows to at least 6cm in length.

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State Bird of Arkansas – A Peek at the Brilliant Nest-Architecture and Eggs

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From a Birder in Arkansas:
“I had to work fast to snap this photo of my resident Mocking Bird’s nest while Mom and Dad were away. They were not as far away as I thought and I was scolded!!! But, I was so impressed with the nest, an intricate cone of weaved sticks with soft grass for the interior for the eggs. ”

I’m impressed too!
Please visit the link below to learn more interesting facts about Arkansas’ entertaining state bird.

A Walk, A Prayer, and A Friend – All Good for the Soul!

May 30th, 2012 2 comments

Mary T. on the move . . .

Situations requiring decisions  were pressuring me and weighing heavily on my mind.   I laced up my Skechers and headed out to walk off the frustration I was feeling.

Before I got very far I saw Jim Mentzer, a neighbor and good friend to this website. We walked a short distance together as I confided in him of my angst and  need for prayer.

It was good to be able to share with this Christian brother. He assured me he would pray for my concerns. I left him at his house, and continued walking for another 30 minutes , feeling much better than when I started.

Was it a coincidence that I  met up with Jim as I did?  I don’t think so. God is good. Thank you God, and thank you Jim.

Best Wishes to Jody McAdams, a new ‘hipster’.

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Best wishes for a speedy recovery go out to Jody, my friend from college days.   

At ASU Jody used to talk about her great horse and how she missed him; so I was delighted to see this picture  of my Mississippi friend, the way I remember her from 50 years ago. She is on the left and her sister Connie is on the right.

Jody has always been a very athletic woman and that has continued into her senior years as she has played softball on championship teams.  I am sure that a little something like a having a hip replaced will not slow her down!

With love and prayers! 

Faces by Mary Taylor

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“You forgot me!”

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A little story, by Mary Taylor.

“Hi Honey, I’m home.”

“I’m in the kitchen.”  Tracy, peeling potatoes, leaned toward Ben to get a kiss.  “Where’s Sammy?”

“Didn’t you get him?” Ben asked.

“No.  I told you I had a faculty meeting and it would run late.  You were supposed to pick him up!”

Ben groaned, winced, and said, “That’s right.  Now I remember.  I’d better hurry, they closed fifteen minutes ago.”

Rushing into the day care center,  Ben saw Sammy and Mrs. Counters sitting together. Neither looked happy.

“Where have you been Dad?” The five year old complained.

“Sorry little man, sorry Mrs. Counters.  We had a miscommunication.  I thought my wife was picking him up.”

“Mr. Toner, you know our policy.  This is your third  time this month.  A fee will be attached to your bill.”

“I know, Mrs. Counters.  I’m really sorry.”

“My family is waiting on me to get home Mr. Toner.  When you are late, it throws other people off their schedules too.”

“I completely understand and we’ll do better, I promise.”

“Okay.  Sam, we’ll see you tomorrow.”  She hugged the small boy before he ran to the door and out to the car.

“Did you have a good day?” Ben asked.

Youforgot me!” Sammy answered angrily.

“I didn’t forget you.  I thought your mother was picking you up!”

“But I heard her tell you to pick me up.  You forgot me Dad!”

Ben pulled the car to the curb.  “I said I am sorry, now let it go. Besides, I didn’t forget YOU, I forgot to pick you up.  There is a difference.”  He pulled back into the street.

Sam wiped a tear from his eye and said, “Well, it feels like you forgot ME!”

“Flowering Garden” by Elodie Cazes, Mouth Painter

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Go Ahead, Take That Siesta!

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WebMD says “A siesta is standard in many parts of the world, and now there’s scientific evidence that napping may help you live longer. A recent study with 24,000 participants suggests that regular nappers are 37% less likely to die from heart disease than occasional nappers. Researchers think naps might help your heart by keeping stress hormones down.”

This makes me feel a little better about my inclination to doze off while watching recorded movies  in the afternoon.  I have slept through “The Third Man” at least three times.  I really want to see it, but Mr. Sandman pulls that little blanky over my legs and reclines my chair just enough to lull me into lalaland.  Yes, it is true, I’ve been sleeping with Joseph Cotten and  Orson Welles, all in 1940’s black and white.  Ahhh – the best naps ever!

A thousand pieces, one piece at a time . . .

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9) Can You Name This U.S. City?

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