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Tim Timmons Led Worship Service at UCC today. Learn more about him.

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Faces by Mary Taylor

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Matt and Kaylee Simpkins

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A good daddy will take time to play, time to teach, time to inspire his children.  

Matt is starting early in Kaylee’s life to be that source of strength and encouragement.  One day she won’t need him to hold her hands in the pool, she will swim away from him, but she will always need him.  He will be the standard by which she compares all men.  

God bless all you Dads who are making a dedicated effort to be there for your wife and kids.  May you lean on the One who has the answers when you don’t.  He is the One on whom you lean, He holds your hands.

Adding beauty wherever we can (and credit, too).

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A tree stump is not only ugly but sad looking, reduced to an unattractive clump when it once held such beauty.  That is why I like this idea.  I guess it is like making lemonade from lemons – use what you have to make something better. I’m not sure who deserves the credit for this picture, or I would give it.  We have such a sharing frenzy these days that proper credit is often lost. 

Skip one meal a day and pray for this country . . . if not 40 days . . . then some days. Fast or not, pray for our nation and its people.

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Dear Mare . . .

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From the Desk of R.E. Boy

Security Guard, Faithful Companion

Dear Mare,

Neighbors Junior and Bubba have been bragging that you might get one of their kind as a replacement for me.  I know they can not be telling the truth – those high falutin felines never could be trusted.  

Now I am not one to put down another species, but Mare, come on, you need SECURITY, not a warm fuzzy fur ball running around scratching and purring!  

Even though I would love to come back and continue my guard duty status, you know that my assignment at the Western University Veterinary College is important and too demanding  . . . I just don’t have the time.

 I think of you often and hope that you will find a proper canine companion one of these days .  But, ah, um, don’t forget me, okay Mare? I still want to be your #1 dog!

Your Forever Pal,

Ralph E. Boy

Looking Grand in 1897, but who are they?

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Who were these lovely young  women? Why were they gathered and posing together in 1897? What do you think?  I’m not sure where I got the picture, but I’ll keep searching for the answer.  It is simply labeled Arkansas 1897.

What’s your best guess?

Autumn Leaves and Mama

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When Pam Liebhaber, from my hometown, posted this picture on FB, it brought back a memory to me that I shared with her.  To be honest, it has made me a little homesick.  Not just for the Autumn Leaves, but for Mama.

“Beautiful. My Mama knew how much I missed Autumn in Arkansas, so one year she gathered up a shoebox full of leaves and mailed them to me in Los Angeles. I probably cried.”


Book Club: Italian Lessons by Peter Pezzelli

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 I like to read about other countries, do you?  I like the sprinkling of  Italian words throughout this book,  makes me wish I could speak the language.  It is so colorful and rich (like their food.)

 My time in Italy was very brief.  I was young and on vacation from teaching in Germany when my sister Norma and I went to Rome for Thanksgiving break. (She and her family were stationed at an Air Force Base a few miles from the Army Post where I taught.)

We had a wonderful time.  Books like this make me want to go back again, as I thought I would when we threw those coins in the Trevi Fountain.

The writing may not have been as smooth as some of my favorite writers, and maybe the story line was a bit predictable, but it had a nice comfortable feel to it, and it didn’t give me bad dreams for reading it at bedtime.


Along with Italian Lessons, Peter Pezzelli has also written: Francesca’s Kitchen, Every Sunday , Home to Italy and Vira Mirabella.  

Purrrrrrfectly wonderful, our feline friends.

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line drawing by Mary Taylor

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