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Wild Beauty and Power – Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary – Join Them on Facebook

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” House of the Rising Sun” . . . Sing it, Brendan McFarlane!

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How many times a day are these broken? More than we could count, but they will not change, they remain written in stone!

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What Was in The Mail Today ‘Marm?

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All of these political ads . . . 

Photo on 2013-02-26 at 21.16

Really, I got all of these ads in one day!

 They are large, colorful, slick, mean spirited, accusatory, and very expensive political ads. It was a waste of ink and trees to send them to me, because I’ve already voted!

 I’ll be glad when this city election is over!

What would you ‘grab and go’?

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What is the most important ‘thing’ in your life?  

No, not people, not God, but what ‘thing’ is the most important?  If you had to grab one thing and go, what would it be?

In some parts of the world people have so little, there would not be a big decision as to what they should take and what they should leave behind, but we are spoiled with riches.  

What would we take if we had to choose only one thing of all our possessions.  I’m asking you but I’m not sure myself what it would be.  Guess I’ve given us both something to consider this day. 

Book Club: apologize, apologize! by Elizabeth Kelly

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And you thought your family was a mess?  Read this book and you might realize it could have been worse.  

Apologize, Apologize! takes us into the perversely charmed world of the Flanagans and their son, Collie (named after his parents’ favorite breed of dog).

Collie comes of age on Martha’s Vineyard, trying to make sense of his wildly wealthy, hyper-articulate, and resolutely crazy family members: a philandering father, incorrigible brother, pigeon-racing uncle, radical activist mother, and a domineering media mogul grandfather (accused of being a murderer by Collie’s mother).

As Collie searches for his place in the world, he suffers insurmountable loss and grapples for bravery as he struggles to cope with people he has no choice but to love.  


A Centenarian Crosses the Line . . . I’m Impressed!

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In 2011 Fauja Singh, at 100 years of age, became the oldest person ever to finish a marathon.  

He set a world record by crossing the finish line in 8 hours, 25 minutes and 16 seconds.

Nine younger whippersnappers finished after him.


News boys (Newsies) St. Louis, MO. It was 1910 and they were puffin’ away.

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Oscar’s night for the pretty people, and the billion rest of us.

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images-3Did you watch the Academy Awards? A billion people , worldwide watched.  Amazing influence and power.  How much do movies change us?

 I had only seen one of the nominated movies, ‘Beasts of the Southern Wild’, which was very good, but I had only heard about the others.  

I’m not a big movie goer, unlike my son who is a film buff and sees all of the nominated, including the nominated short films.  If it hadn’t been for him I wouldn’t have seen the one I saw.  Sometimes he sees one that he thinks is good but will advise me against it knowing I don’t like certain things in excess – like bad language or violence. He can look at them more objectively, from a directorial/writer point of view since that has been his interest for many years.

Profanity and obscenity are major turnoffs for me,  so I am better suited for cable watching on stations that clean them up for consumption by someone like me. Some of the movies are so laden with the f word that they have quite a job making them G rated.

What is the fascination with that word, and why it is so widely used?  I’ve asked before and I ask again.  Although I do not hear it, and have never heard it from people in my private life, it gets thrown at me in books and from the movies.

I consider it an intrusion into my psyche, and it makes me angry that it can be placed into my subconscious where it might one day emerge from my lips, shocking myself and others. I pray that will never happen.

People who control what we view, who manipulate our thinking to meet their agendas, will have to answer for every bit of it some day.  When the greatest critic of all hands down His judgment,   little Oscar and the beautiful people  may not be so golden, so desirable, after all.

What Hasn’t Changed All That Much in 100 Years? The Iron

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 The Iron

Let’s face it—there simply isn’t a way to make ironing wrinkly clothes any easier. Yes, you’ve got electric plug-in irons today rather than stove heated ones, and you have that neat little button on top that shoots out sprits of steam but, beyond that, ironing is still the same tedious art form it has always been. In some ways, it’s even more of a challenge today, with that always-too-short cord getting in the way or failing to reach far enough. Even the professional dry cleaners haven’t changed their methodology all that much; the chemicals they use nowadays may be different but the process—and the results—are still the same. toptenz

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