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70 years and counting . . .

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Why, oh why,  am I showing you a part in my hair?Photo on 2013-05-04 at 08.19 #2

Because it is not a part, it is a scar.

Seventy years ago, when I was just eight months old, in my mother’s arms, we had a car accident.  I was the only one injured by glass.

The scar, as you can see, is about two inches long.  Imagine that on an infant.  It was terrifying to my parents and siblings. Blood was everywhere and of course they were afraid I would die.  I was taken to a doctor quickly and he  bandaged my head  ( my sisters called the large bandage my crown).  I’m not sure if I was given meds or not, but  I got lots of attention, and I’m sure I enjoyed that.

How did it affect me? Well, I was an average learner as a student and consider myself still hanging on to average as an adult.  So, if the injury affected my cognitive abilities I am not aware of it, but then maybe I wouldn’t be, hmmmm.

Anyway, it is a visual reminder to me that my life could have ended before it ever began, but for some reason, I was spared.  There is no way to comprehend these things since I was no more worthy to live than any of the children who pass early in life.  Why did Betty Carolyn, my third sister, die at eight months instead of me?  Maybe she would have been a better person, more accomplished, kinder . . . but we’ll never know.  All I know is I could easily have joined her in Heaven, but instead I survived.   

She is the sister always missing in our group pictures. I am not rushing it (everybody wants to go to Heaven but no one wants to die), but I am looking forward to meeting Betty Carolyn some day. 

A Reminder From Nature

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4445_1085726067908_2330781_nWanda Hogue posted this photo today with the comment:

“Crazy Arkansas weather BUT I still have my first yellow rose this year!” — at Hogue Home Sweet Home.



Thank you Wanda, your beautiful rose serves to remind me that we still can have beauty after the storms of life.  It is a reminder of hope, recovery and restoration. 

Don’t Ignore Swelling of the Legs

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According to AARP magazine:

The big worry about swelling of the legs is that an accumulation of fluid(called edema) in the extremities can be caused by a number of conditions, but the one that concerns doctors is heart failure, when the heart can not pump as much blood as the body needs.  When that happens, blood backs up in the veins, causing fluid to accumulate in the body’s tissues.  

“Swelling of the legs, especially if it is persistent, should never be ignored,” says Gordon F. Tomaselli, M.D. director of the division of cardiology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore.  Heart failure is suspected when both legs are affected and the patient also has shortness of breath, fatigue and chest tightness.

It might also be a vein problem known as venous insufficiency, which can also cause swelling.  Normally, valves in the leg veins keep blood flowing back to the heart, but in those venous insufficiency, these valves are weakened, causing a backup of blood. “If valves are the problem, swelling usually goes away when you lie down,” Tomaselli says.  Compression stockings can help.  Swelling can also result from hypothyroidism (not enough thyroid hormone.)

Want Heart Shaped Cupcakes? Try this.

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 Cottage House shares this little fun thing to do:

cott house marble to make hart cupcakes

Simply place a marble in the muffin tin next to the cupcake paper  and wa-lah!  A heart shape.  I haven’t tried it, so if you do let me know if it works well.

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