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“Just Being Jana”

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I walked onto the deck ahead of my client. She pointed out the landscaping in the back yard. I moved closer to get a good look and glanced down at the flower pot on the rail. Upon a second glance I noticed a snake hanging out of it…. As I tried to fly backwards to no avail, I took out the chair, the client and the dogs waterbowl before being stopped by the back door. My client said “oops” and grabbed the rubber snake out of the pot. “I put that in there to scare off the birds…. I guess it works on Real Estate Agents too.” she said giggling. I feel we bonded…..


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Cocktail Avocados . . . New to Me!

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cocktail avacados

Cocktail avocados have two major distinguishing characteristics. They are shaped like a small cucumber and they are void of the usual central avocado pit. The fruit’s skin is thin, deep green, speckled and smooth. The flesh is quite like most avocados, smooth, creamy, pale yellow with a lime tone closer to the skin. The fruit, which grows to about 3 inches in length, is entirely edible. 


Avocados evolved as a species from animals eating the fruit and “distributing” the seeds. Avocados have been growing wild for at least 13,000 years though they have been cultivated by humans for about 9,000 years. The cocktail avocado evolved as the result of an unpollinated flower on a Fuerte avocado tree. It is a subtropical fruit originally cultivated in Chile. The cocktail avocado is among hundreds of varieties of avocados that rarely find themselves in an actual supermarket, rather they are grown in limited production throughout South and Central America as well as California, where you will find them at farmers markets during the Winter months.

Coffee filters, not just for coffee any more!

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How’s this for a good idea?  Put coffee filters in the bottom of your flower pots to assist in proper drainage.


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