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World’s Largest 3D Painting

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Guiness World Records has proclaimed this the world’s largest 3D painting, located at the Canary Wharf in London. The piece was created by British artist Joe Hill of 3D Joe and Max as a promotion for Reebok Crossfit.

The gigantic painting measures in at a staggering 1,160 square meters or 12,486 square feet! Cheers on the accomplishment Joe, you’re all kinds of awesome!


Photo by Paul Hackett/Reuters 

Social Seating – Berkeley Art Museum

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Social Seating Berkeley Art MusemNext time you’re in Berkeley, California, drop by their art museum and you’ll find some super sweet seating smack dab in the middle of the its large atrium.

Merging multiple disciplines including art, architecture, and furniture, BAMscape is a free-form seating environment commissioned by the Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive. 

Installed for a two-year duration, it’s a place where visitors can lounge and watch film screenings, live performance and multimedia events.

Coolest part?

Aside from being an open, relaxing place to study, BAMscape hosts wireless Internet and integrated outlets for powering laptops! (Any way we can get these in airports, too?)

What are these elongated orange slivers exactly made of? Architizer states, “Lightweight and comprised of 93% air, Bamscape2the rigid foam structural substrate is laminated with thin layers of painted plywood.”

We still miss him, don’t we?

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handsome EP

He was a bright light that burned out too soon.

Excess will do that to a person, won’t it?

But here he is young, healthy and just as handsome as a man can be.  

The 14 year old me sure was crazy about you, boy!

The 70 year old me thinks about you almost as a dream that was just too good to be true.

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