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An old song of faith. Grab the guitar and play along.

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He Set Me Free
recorded by The Louvin Brother
written by Albert E. Brumley

Once like a bird in prison I dwelt
C                           G
No freedom from my sorrow I felt

But Jesus came and listened to me
                    D7     G
And glory to God He set me free

C                  G
He set me free yes He set me free
                          A7         D7
And He broke the bonds of prison for me
G                  C        G
I'm glory bound my Jesus to see
                    D7     G
For glory to God He set me free

Now I am climbing higher each day
C                       G
Darkness of mine has drifted away

My feet are planted on higher ground
                     D7       G
And glory to God I'm homeward bound

repeat #2

Goodbye to sin and things that confound
C                          G
Not all the world can turn me around

Daily I'm working I'm praying too
                     D7    G
And glory to God I'm going through

repeat #2

A thing of the past, at least in my town.

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milk del.

When I moved to Los Angeles in the 60’s, door to door milk delivery was common, as was the Helms Bakery truck driving through the neighborhoods.

Now of course we have ‘convenience’ stores within reach and supermarkets open 24/7, but still, those familiar vehicles were nice.  Kinda like ice cream trucks for adults. 



Norman Rockwell’s Schoolmarm

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N. Rockwell

When I first came up with name for my educational blogging, it was an impulsive –  “Call me The Schoolmarm.” The site I was writing for continues to use my writings after almost five years.

After I began writing for myself on this website, I kept the name, not giving much thought to the connotation of a schoolmarm.  Unfortunately, the name often brings images of tight lipped spinsters with hair in a bun ready to lay you out for the slightest imperfection.

That’s not the image I want to portray, of course.  I’d rather the name bring back memories of a kind, favorite teacher, one such as painted by the great Norman Rockwell.  The kids obviously love Miss Jones as they wish her a happy birthday.

For all the teachers out there, who do their best to be compassionate while keeping  control over their young charges, blessings on you!  It isn’t easy to be a schoolmarm, is it?

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