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The artist couldn’t resist . . .

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How’s this for a little furry companion?

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Baby Pygmy Marmosets

Pygmy Marmoset BabyBaby Pygmy Marmosets are some of the cutest animals on this planet, they are so small and furry you can’t just but help to break a smile at their appearance.

If you are interested in Baby Pygmy Marmosets as pets then be prepared to spend plenty of time caring for them. They require constant time and care, be prepared to spend a lot of time providing emotional support if you plant to raise them.

Baby Pygmy Marmosets are considered babies till they are about two months, when they can start to move on their own. The survival rate of baby Pygmy Marmosets is only 67% for the first six months of their life. A staggering figure of nearly 80% mortality rate in pygmy marmosets occurs within the first two months of their life.

Baby Pygmy Marmosets require constant feeding every two hours of baby human food to be adequately nourished.

You will have to let them ride on your hands to stimulate their natural environment where they hang on to their mothers.


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stillmanWriter/Director Whit Stillman as quoted  in the New York Times Magazine:

“I don’t like to say I’m pushing 60 . . . I prefer to say I’m pulling 59.”

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