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Lainey and Eden, Mommy and Daughter, Cherishing the Moment

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Eden & Lainey Thwing at 26 wks.

Eden at 26 weeks fills the home so completely that Lainey and Ryan can’t believe there ever was a time when she wasn’t there.  Congratulations to the Thwing family.

Napoleon In competition with natural forces . . . the river won.

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From the Dept. of Arkansas Heritage . . . a reminder of the power of nature.
1074890_605518122804093_28996505_oThe town of Napoleon in Desha County was located at the confluence of the Mississippi River and the Arkansas River. It was hoped that its location would make it a major city comparable to St. Louis or New Orleans, but the town was badly damaged during the Civil War and then one flood after another washed the town away within ten years of the war.

Pacific Ocean at Manhattan Beach CA Pier

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Mary’s Day: Gardening, Sleepless, Prayer

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maryeWhen did people start referring to their backyards as their ‘garden’? I’ve always thought of a garden as a space set aside for flowers or vegetable/fruit to grow and the yard was a grassy area. But by my own definition, my backyard qualifies as both – since I have grass, plants, flowers, and trees growing and a tomato plant making a last minute effort to produce. So, I’ll say I have been working in my ‘garden’.

It is a good way to get exercise, healthy to touch nature and get dirty, and the work is usually beautifying. Over the years back problems have restricted the amount of my physical labor.(pay a gardener or pay a doctor) so I leave most of the work to Eduardo, who is quite capable. There are areas, however, that he and his men seem to ignore, and those are areas I have been tending.

I like the work, but my knees don’t, nor does my right elbow; they want to complain loudly, as they did in the middle of the night. That is the time the enemy of our soul loves to grab hold and taunt us with unresolved problems. He wants to make us relive the past with regret or enter into the unknown future with anxiety.  He is the ‘Father of Lies’ and he catches us at our weakest every chance he gets.  

Thankfully, we have a stronger One on our side, and He steps in to fight our battles for us if we call on Him, as we do now:

Our Heavenly Father, we need you 24 hrs. of the day to help us deal with the pressures of life, with those things we understand and those we don’t.  Please dear God, comfort our hearts and bring peace to our midnight hours and give us sound, restorative sleep.  We love you Lord, In Jesus’ Name, Amen

From Nancy Pemberton – “Please pray for the country of Zimbabwe”

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“Please remember the country of Zimbabwe in your prayers. The elections are tomorrow, July 31st. Pray for safety for everyone, for a peaceful day, and that God’s will be done in this beautiful country that holds one of the seven natural wonders of the world – Victoria Falls, shown here. Pray especially for the future leaders – that they will honor God and the people He has given them to govern. May God bless Zimbabwe.” 

Mark Pemberton’s photo shared by Nancy Pemberton

Congratulations to Diane Deal Tollefson

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Congratulations Diane, I know how you love your VW!


Diane Deal Tollefson holding a few issues of the latest “hot VWs” magazine where, on page 62, Dean Kirsten wrote about and photographed her 1955 “Rare Vintage Oval Ragtop VW”.


An exceptional photo shoot at the L A County Fire Museum in Bellflower, California….with a 1951 Seagrave engine that was once part of the Inglewood Fire Department, Jim and Diane’s hometown.


BTW I have a picture of Diane with her VW ‘back in the day’ but it is a TIFF and I need JPEG, so hope to get one I can share of these two classics!

Young Elvis . . . What a Handsome Boy

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Oh Yeah, You’ll Want S’more . . . S’mores Dip, That is!

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954625_206652486157445_331023901_nS’mores dip!Ingredients:
1 cup of milk chocolate chips
2 tbs of milk
1¼ cups mini marshmallows
Graham crackers for dippingDirections: In a medium sauce pan add chocolate chips, milk and 1 cup of your mallows. Mix continuously over medium heat until melted and smooth. Using a rubber spatula, scrape chocolate mixture into a small casserole dish. Top with remaining mallows. Place dish under your oven broiler for approximately 60 seconds or until the top has started to brown. Dip your graham crackers and enjoy!


From the Dept. of Arkansas Heritage: The CSS Arkansas

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 (June 16) CSS AR by R.G. SkerrettOn this day in 1862, the CSS Arkansas, the most effective ironclad on the Mississippi River, battles with Union ships commanded by Admiral David Farragut, severely damaging three ships and sustaining heavy damage herself. The encounter changed the dynamic of warfare on the Mississippi. Learn more at the link:


Terry Greenberger’s upclose photo – inhale the sweet fragrance.

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