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Word of praise from Ruth Welch Finley

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Ruth Finley“When I think about the Lord…….all that HE is, all that HE has done, what HE is presently doing…….this old world loses its grip – not only the sadness and sorrow of this world, but the pull of the gold and glitter.

HE is altogether lovely and more than enough! HE rises higher and higher above all else that could beckon. HE slips under me as my ROCK, providing stability and guiding my next step.

My day begins with awe-inspiring sense of HIS Extravagant Presence.”

Lovin’ Summer and Lovin’ the Beach are These Lovin’ Cousins – Friends for Life.

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Fresh from the beach, all scrubbed of sand are: Patrick Borland, Will Borland, Layla Simpkins, Kaylee Simpkins, Katelyn Borland.

They are the smartest, cutest, funniest and grandest children of all – if you don’t believe me, just ask grandparents Sidney and Linda Simpkins or Larry and Linda Borland.

Linda's grands

Many prayers, blessings, will be said over these little ones.  We add ours with love.

Lessons Learned From Children

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Today is World Friendship Day.


It is a very good idea to have friends in the world, isn’t it?  Much better than having enemies, of which we have plenty.revolving_globe_colour_wht_1000

I don’t pretend to understand the delicate and intricate interweaving of international affairs, how we manage to keep some on our side when they seem to be so easily persuaded to turn against us, but I know it involves money and diplomacy.

My experience with peacemaking and friendship has been largely formed from my years as a teacher. Observing children at snack time, I became aware of the least popular child increasing in popularity according to how appealing a treat his mom had packed that day.  The saltier, the sugarier,  the better to draw temporary ‘friends’.  For a few minutes even the unlovely was given attention as uninvited ants at a picnic.  Unfortunately, when the treat was gone, so were the ‘friends’. The ants lingered longer than their opportunistic counterparts, but none stayed beyond getting what they wanted.

I felt sorry for those unfortunate kids who, desperate for acceptance, fell  for the offering of friendship, split their desirable treat, and then got a swift rejection as soon as it was consumed.

Let’s pray that our international friends, our allies, will be there when we need them and that wisdom and true friendships will prevail.


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