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Prayers for Katie

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KatieMy great-niece Katie is a vivacious, talented,  and energetic young woman, mother of four.  (You may have seen earlier posts on this blog about the specialty cakes she bakes.)

Always multi-tasking, today she was making one of the beds and suddenly felt an excruciating  pain in her back that knocked her to the floor.    Unable to get up or to be moved because of the intense pain, she was forced to go to the hospital.

It has been several hours now and she can not get relief from the pain, no matter what drugs they give her. The last word is that an mri is being run.

If you have been through a similar experience, as I have, then you know what she is going through, and you are able to empathize with her completely.

Hopefully by the time you read this Katie will be home and feeling much better; but knowing it takes time to recover from a back injury, even for a younger person, she will still be needing our prayers, so please add yours to those of her family and friends.  I’m sure Hannah, Jack, Tommy and Benjamin will be praying for their mom, along with their daddy, Joel.

Feel better Katie! We love you.

Necessity – Mother of Invention – Grilled Cheese Sandwich

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ATT00065I should try this before I pass it on, but here’s someone’s suggestion for making a grilled cheese sandwich in a toaster on its side. 

I can see this happening in a dorm some place.  Watch out for hot dripping cheese kids! What a mess this could make.

Okay, so one day when I was toasting bread, I remembered that I had scheduled this post, and turned the toaster on its side . It started smoking!  Yikes!  

Enough experimenting for me .  So, I don’t recommend this little idea, but will keep it here in case it works for someone else.  The toaster pictured doesn’t look like an ordinary toaster to me, so maybe someone was just playing cute with it.  Oh well, just a bit of nonsense on a Tuesday, okay?

Emmylou Harris, Gillian Welch and Allison Krauss “Go to Sleep You Little Baby”

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Now Pop!

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A man placed an ad in the classifieds:

“Wife wanted.”img853

The next day he received a hundred letters.They all said the same thing:

“You can have mine!”

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