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#1 Love Song in 1993 ‘I Will Always Love You’

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In 1993 Blake and Lisa vowed to always love each other and 20 years later – they still do! Congratulations to the Russells, who have a love that keeps them smiling.

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Blake Lisa Russell

A Happy Little Girl Who Has Brought Much Happiness With Her – Celebrates Her First Birthday – Miss Layla Simpkins!

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1 yr  Kaylee

Update on Katie from Katie

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KatieFROM KATIE:  “Thanks everyone.  MRI showed a torn disc between 3 & 4…no surgery at this point.  And so far, pain meds don’t do much of anything other than make me tired and itchy! I will let you know what I hear, I just want to go home!”


Understandably, Katie wants to go home to the comfort of her family.  She is full of meds right now, and they haven’t completely cut the pain, so we’ll see if they let her go or not.  Being a patient patient may not be one of her many fine qualities, but knowing her strength of persuasion, I imagine she’ll be home before too long.  Don’t overdo it Katie, take time to heal!

UPDATE ON THE UPDATE:  Power of persuasion won out and Katie is home, getting lots of TLC !  She is in our thoughts and prayers.


Book Club: Little Lord Fauntleroy by Frances Hodgson Burnett

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 Now that I can get thousands of books on my ipad, I find that I am enjoying reading bookssome of the old classics, like this one.  I don’t use the word ‘charming’ very often, but I will to characterize this sweet story.   I’m not sure how kids would respond to it today, they seem to be jaded early,  but it would be a good one to read to them and discuss its deeper meaning.

Little Lord Fauntleroy

summary from

Following the death of his father—an Englishman disinherited for marrying an American—poverty-stricken lad Cedric Errol is called upon by his cantankerous grandfather to assume the family name and title. Cedric travels to Dorincourt, where he must transform from a poor city boy into a young man fit for Earldom, and while trying to win the heart of his grandfather he must also stay true to himself.

Like A Little Princess and The Secret Garden, Little Lord Fauntleroy upholds the goodness of children as a way to solve problems in the adult world. A traditional rags-to-riches story, Little Lord Fauntleroy was as popular in his time as Harry Potter is in ours. Velvet Lord Fauntleroy suits and collars were sold in stores, and the magazine St. Nicholas, in which the serialized version of the story was told, was highly anticipated each week a Fauntleroy chapter appeared.

Guacamole? Ole!

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