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Club Adds New Member – Freddie A. Jones

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Freddie J.

The women of  ‘I Can’t Believe I’m 70‘  are pleased to announce, as of today, that Freddie Alexis Jones has joined the club! 

FAJ(Some of the schoolmarm sisters maintain Ms. Jones looks much too young to really be out of her 60’s and want to double-check her birth certificate, but other than that they are excited to have her as a member in good standing.)

Those who know Freddie assert how fortunate it is to have her as a part of any group. They know she has much to contribute – from her years of working in the medical field, to her strong faith as a Christ follower.  

They are sure she will reach the club’s #1  goal which is  to mature gracefully, intelligently, and energetically, while trusting God each step of the way.  

With Freddie’s outgoing personality it is certain she will bring a wonderful spirit of friendship and good humor. We schoolmarm sisters who are leading the way down the calendar’s rosy pathway assure you, Freddie dear,  that 70 is the new 69 . . . so have no fear! You’ll do great!

Happy Birthday Ms. Jones . . .  and welcome to the club!

Sleep Studies Show . . .

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Studies show that the best temperature for sleep (if you’re wearing pajamas) is a nippy 60 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit.

This helps cool down your core body temperature, which brings on sleep.

In fact, people with certain sleep problems tend to have a warmer core body temperature just before bed. If you do, try taking a cold shower before curling up in a cool room.


And then again . . . I personally like to have a heated microwave pad against my back at night time, eases me into sleepy time as I read.  The room temperature, however, I prefer cool. How about you?

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img457A very well-known ‘do-it-yourself’ furniture store set up a customer assistance department.

The first call they got was from a lady who had purchased a wardrobe early that morning. She explained that after assembly the wardrobe had crumbled three times when the public transport bus passed in front of her house.

The store sent a technician over to her place. He reassembled the wardrobe – which was on the second floor – and then went into it to observe what would happen when the bus, which was due a few minutes, went by.

The phone rang so the lady went downstairs to take the call.

Just then her tired husband came home from work. Hearing his wife on the phone, he trudged on upstairs where he found the wardrobe; on opening one of the doors and seeing the man inside he exclaimed

“What the dickens are you doing in there?”

To which the guy replied

“I know you’ll never believe this, but I’m waiting for the bus!!” 

A tip for avoiding the drip.

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